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  1. My new book

  2. Anything is possible. I am currently talking things over with folks about ways to expand the brand. One of the ideas that came up involved lots of short stories about PoE. I think it should work to build short-story modules that plug-in to the game. Building around short stories using primarily existing assets would combine the best of both worlds as well as reduce expense and build time. Short stories are usually jam packed with content because so much has to be said in a short framework, sorta like the original tweets for aspiring novelists. These could both expand the brand, and service and maintain the ever-hungry existing customer base, while we await the next major novella-length or novel-length installment expanding the main game.
  3. My thought is that romance certainly has a place in storytelling. This is not to say every tale's plot should entail a romantic interest, but having same would open potentials that would be missed by some of us. That said, literature and related arts benefit from discipline, structure, and natural limitations. A Sonnet, for example, or Haiku, are exemplary of this principle. In Pillars of Eternity the designer is the storyteller. It is for the storyteller to craft the plot and furnishings. I am quite invested in storycraft. Ultimately there are two ways at least to approach the question. On the one hand options are good. On the other there is merit to limiting options, especially when the number of options actually gets in the way of the story you are trying to tell. I makes sense to me to provide for, yet for now leave out, the romantic complications. Then later, when the game is robust and has had time to mature, perhaps provide the feature whole and complete as a purchasable module, one among hopefully many.
  4. You know, now that you mention it, I vaguely recall having had to set up more lore-type selections when I first began testing so long ago. I bet that is what the problem was. This time through character creation I got to the point where other games leave off and assumed I was finished. I'll check to be sure tomorrow, and if that wasn't the problem will check back in here to this thread griping and moaning the way I should. Oh, bummer about the Ranger. What a shame.
  5. So I'm a backer and I play tested awhile back and the game was fine for that stage of development, but my attention wandered to other games. Just launched a new game in Pillars of Eternity intending to catch up on where the game has gone, and there was enough change to require a new character and a new game. Unfortunately once I went through and created a decent elf ranger and gave him a name I finished character creation and my only available option was to exit out to the main menu once more. I couldn't even save the character. The 'done' button was grayed out. There wasn't a 'next'. What am I missing? How do I launch a new character into the game, or what did I fail to notice? Any ideas?
  6. I seem to have been informed, and am a backer. I'm not seeing a pressing issue here, only people somehow invested in casting stones.
  7. I'm more interested in actual arguments than toxic populism. The perceptions of the many are not invalidated by our numbers. For starters, Amazon became big because there is a huge market for good tales well told. Similarly the rest of your assertions are easily dismissed, but spending more time on detailing them will only give you an unneeded ego boost. One question: how redundant is " illusion of false dichotomy"?
  8. ...depends on the bug, really. Each is unique, and will vary in complexity, integration, and dependencies. Some can be fixed by automation (global update), some must be meticulously hunted down and exterminated by hand, often with obsidian arrowheads and flint knives.
  9. Perhaps it will feel more like I am guiding a character with a class when I start out alone, gain the beginnings of a story, of a life as it were, and must gradually discover/gain my companions one at a time, but in the backer beta it feels more like I am managing a generic party than guiding a character.
  10. Would that my BB guys didn't get stuck with no apparent way to unstick them. Save often!
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