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  1. no, not if it takes a party slot. Otherwise, why not.
  2. Those are orcs, right ? (I mean the barbarian and the wizard, not Rob )
  3. Guys, I think we all missed the point. Forton is indeed the new comic relief character. He's to Bruce Lee what Cohen the Barbarian (Discworld) is to Conan. Forton will complain about old age, the lack of commodity in the wilderness, back problem and then suddenly punch in the face the conceited young adventurers around. right ? right ?
  4. More on that : So there are two kinds of gods :" those of the Pact" and "those who hunt." The Progenitor and the gods where utterly opposed at first. Until they realized that souls could be strengthened by the events in Life. so the Progenitor and the racial gods agreed on the cosmic wheel of reincarnation in order to augment themselves. The "gods of the pact" do not consume a soul when they gain one, they depleat it from its power and throw it back in the reincarnation cycle. On the opposite, "those who hunts" simply devours them, hoping to reach such a size that they could at last dev
  5. Cosmology : first draft All souls find their origin in a Greater Being. In a cosmological event, that Being got "fractured" and lost parts , tiny dust-size , sparkles of itself, that becames souls. All those fragments try to rejoin with the original part. But they cannot. Because the gods wish to gather as much souls as they can in order to harness the power inherent to souls. Most racial gods (affiliated to a particular race) made a pact : they would gather the souls from a race. But some other gods, more chaotic and greedy, chose to size with no one, and hunt souls whereever they ca
  6. I totally agree here. Obsidian, you have yet time to trash that NPC and create something better.
  7. If souls are central to the design of PE, make every races different in regards to how their souls "work" or what becomes of it in the afterlife.
  8. I'd like to have some timed quests (but certainly not every quests) It adds a sense of reality : some matters require urgency and are more important than other mundane tasks
  9. Mages and clerics are all about spells. Their gameplay depends on how spells work. I trust Obsidian to offer a good variety of those. Fighters in IE games where quite boring : select target, swing weapon until it dies. I hope they get much more possibilties in form of combat maneuvers, tactics, and so on. ( Trip, Stun, Bull Rush, Sunder, Disarm, Fencing techniques, "Special moves", ... )
  10. Mount & Blade : Warband. Despite all its flaws, a very enjoyable game.
  11. I loathe eastern monks in western settings (which PE is , obviously, with all those pseuso-celtic names) D&D added monks to catter to the masses, but I think it's a horrible design. I'd like to see monks as portrayed by Sean Connery in "The Name of the Rose" And if you really need to have a bare-handed fighting class, call it the "brawler" .
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