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  1. Hey guys! I just created over 20 characters and I just dont know what to do anymore. I am looking for a character in heavy or medium armor dealing a good chunk of damage with his melee weapon and the ocassional spell/ability. The character should be able to take a hit or two without dieing instantly. (Short: no Glass Cannon, no Tank, Good damage, Fun abilities) I play on hard and I dont really like min maxing tooooo much (no ultra stupid characters etc.). What class would you prefer for my needs? My thoughts: Fighter: first few levels low damage, no fun abilities, pretty much out. Chanter: dont like Cipher: played one once, liked it. dont know how to build it as described above :-/ Druid: also played one, was ok. Paladin: Sounds like exactly what I described above, does he have offensive abilities aswell? is he a good frontline damage dealer? Ranger: no idea if that would work for me, comments? Barbarian: dont think we will ever become friends Rogue: just too squishy for me :-/ Wizard: haha... no
  2. haha ok that helped. weird thing: I created the driver profile when the problem first accured to see if that would help. :D thanks!
  3. it's turned off already edit: turned off tesselation completely and it almost fixed the issue. now the area is in the right resolution again except for places with lightsources (torches, lamps, glowing weapons) edit2: only helped in the endless paths, the Bedroom for example is still blurry as hell
  4. right now it seems to be every new area I visit. cad Nua lvl 3-5, the stronghold upgrades I buy etc.
  5. Hey there! for some reasons some areas I visit have a very low resolution and look incredibly blurry. I am playing on highes resolution. using the "msaa 0" command didn't fix the issue as well as updating graphic card drivers, restarting the game, resting, travelling, etc. I also forced multisampling and 0x AA in my ATI driver settings. It's always the same areas. Any ideas?
  6. Just FYI: I now tried the Fighter, Paladin, Monk, Rogue and Barbarian. And I ended up playing a Melee Cipher in heavy armor :D That's pretty much how I always imagined what an offensive paladin would look and feel like. Deals some serious weapon damage and has awesome abilities to controll the fight. Love it. Next will propably be something more casting based, Druid or Wizard I guess.
  7. Thanks guys! Sounds good, I was thinking paladin or barbarian as well. I would like to use a big fat 2 handed Weapon and deal damage (without instantly dieing by the bad breath of my enemies...) What stats would you recommend for a beginner? I used to play Baldurs Gate with hundreds of mods for harder combat, so I am not a noob by far - just new to Pillars ;-)
  8. Hey guys! I just bought the game and can't decide what I should pick! I played the monk for quite a bit, but it's too annoying to babysit his abilities 24/7. Don't get me wrong, I like having some abilities to use in combat, but I dont want to have to use them as auto attack . So I was thinking I want some kind of melee character to dive into combat. What would you suggest to take?
  9. If this really was hard, then combat is NOT fine!
  10. I actually like this pretty much
  11. Installed BG1 (ToSC) + BG2 (ToB) Big World Setup - at least I have my pencil drawings there xD. No seriously, so much fun to replay the good old BG Trilogy with those fantastic mods. Actually I might not even play PoE, I am really having a blast right now :D
  12. I would, but I dont think they would just ask the community to do the sketches xD
  13. I personally just think that more spells should be "per Rest" and only very few spells should be "per Encounter". That way choosing spells wouldn't be so much of a nobrainer and make People think of if they want to really waste that spell or not.
  14. I see your point, I dislike the overall inconsinstencies in PoE (UI, Portraits)
  15. Another final thought: The sketches in the Item descreption made the weapons a lot more awesome. The ingame Weapons look all kind of similar because of the isometric view. There is just not much detail visible for the player. the item sketches in the IE games gave the player a very good idea of how to imagine the weapons and items the characers are currently using.
  16. I would not be so sure. There will be many items in the game. To draw all the different sketches propably would take Kaz and Polina a month. I agree it would be an impactful touch and i realy hope they delay the game a few weeks in order to do it, but it's not trival. Well they just have to have one generic sketch for each item time (scimitar, longsword, dagger, mace, chain mail, plate mail, robe, hood, helm, goggles, etc etc..). If there is time, then they can add sketches for unique items (robe of the magi, etc etc). If there isn't enough time for unique item sketches, at least some generic sketches would be nice. exactly this. we know there is a budget and time problem. but we dont ask for something impossible. The IE Games reused many item sketches for trivial items and that can ofc be also done for PE (to a much greater extend if budget and time are to short).
  17. Even in plain sight the are hard to see. http://youtu.be/V2iHWFiedC0?t=42m30s Check out that guard, it looks like he's a ghost of some sort. ps: No character shadows? even in BG1 all NPCs had shadows :-/
  18. Is it just me or are the NPCs a lot harder to see than in the infinity engine games? It looks like they almost blend with the background :-/ Imho all characters should stand out a lot more clearly.
  19. I dont like the Item Window either. Their is no point in displaying the same Weaponicon again, we already know it. Why not these super cool pictures like in BG? The whole point of the UI in BG was to give the player the feeling that he is actually THERE reading a scroll/book/note. It always looked like the Text you are currently reading is in fact the original physical thing. This made me feel like I am actually living the adventure. in PE: nopes, just some obvios Computer Item-text.
  20. So.... watching many streams and BB videos on youtube showed that most people cant find a fitting portrait for their character. OK, so there is a portrait for every godlike and the aumauauauaua (think thats how its written), but other than that there are very few portraits. There need to be a lot more portraits so people can choose better fitting ones.
  21. Still dont like the inconsistency between the portraits. One does have a background, the others dont. some are a lot more detailed / look less scetchy. Please rework all of them!
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