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    There's other games out there designed for this kind of gameplay, check those out instead of trying to get every good feature into one game, because down that path lies madness.


    Madness? That's a little bit over the top. A MP in style of the Infinity Engine games would probably not change the gameplay in a big way.

    Of course there enough examples of games that suffered from a misguided focus an Multiplayer.

    But the Infinity games never had the problem.


    Personally I thought multiplayer in the IE games was pretty terrible.


    On the other hand. Divinity Original Sins Kickstater finished.

    If anyone wants a classical Coop CRPG then that game seems to be the perfect fit.

    All the pre alpha coop footage showed a very interesting coop focused crpg concept.

    I didn't want to play the Larian shill too much, but that was what I was thinking about when I mentioned games designed for co-op. Imho turn based combat works a lot better for this than a bunch of people fighting to pause the game.


    Has anyone heard of Mars: War Logs before? It seems to be an action RPG of some kind. Looks very cool in the trailers, but I have not heard anything about it until now (saw it on Steam).


    A former guildie of mine bought it yesterday. So waiting to hear an opinion from him.


    Keep us updated, it *looked* interesting and user reviews on MetaCritic are positive so far (as are the Steam forums), but it wouldn't be the first time all those were gamed...

  3. Wanted to try out Rift again, but apparently they locked my account after yet another security breach back when my account was already lapsing and they only allow resets by phone (because I of course don't remember my security questions)


    So I guess I won't be doing any business with Trion until they fix that. Oh well. Yet another publisher I don't even need to bother with anymore, money/time saved and all.


    I'll be glad it's over; deleting these daily Kickstarter updates form my mailbox was getting annoying.


    But you do know that there is something called "e-mail filters"? So why complaining about something you could stop on your own with just one or two clicks..... :getlost:


    I think it's a sort of hidden compliment about the regularity of the updates.


    Also I think I'm gonna add $150 for fanday after all...


    To me, in this case, they have made a bunch of moves, and have taken some out that is only accessible if you pre-order. My guess is they are probably neater than your average moves. Considering this is an action game with lots of fighting (it appears)...

    Or they made a bunch of moves, they are nervous because "games with female protagonists don't sell" (which IIRC was mentioned in an article specific to this game having to fight to have a female protagonist) and decided to create some super special moves related to SFII that will maybe encourage fans to pre-order so they can sleep at night rather than worry about the game tanking.


    But realistically - to me at least - if the game has 20 different move combinations that you can build into 125,000 different 10 move combinations*...are you really going to miss 3 more moves to use?


    As far as Jade Empire goes, there was a significant difference between the release dates of the XBox version, and the PC version. I remember because i kept holding out for the PC version, it just wasn't coming so I bought the XBox version thinking it was never coming. Then of course some time later I heard about the PC version finally coming out. 2 years is a significant amount of time for me to accept that what was added to the PC version didn't get ripped off from me in the XBox version.


    How did Jade Empire play for the PC? My wanting it then for the PC was based on how much more I enjoyed the PC version of KOTOR to the XBox version, and I bought the XBox for the sole purpose of playing KOTOR. When i finally did get JE for the XBox, I was glad because I felt the RT action suited itself better with a controller, vs the K/M of CTBw/P of KOTOR. Did JE have controller support? Fable 1 for PC just doesn't play right with me with the K/M. I've even had a hard time getting a setup with Xpadder that I'm happy with.

    I played JE on the keyboard and it was fine - but I was familiar with the game, so I'm not sure my experience is the same as someone coming in with no experience in the game at all. Really used it more because its a game with different weapons/fighting styles in each version, but IMO neither feels inferior to the other. There are plenty of other choices in the game to satisfy the player (ie Me in this case). I should play it again on PC (my Xbox being boxed in storage as it is).


    *I have no clue how the system will actually work, I'm just saying if you have a bunch of options that satisfactorily achieve the intended experience, why are you going to miss 3 moves? Unless you're a Guile, Ryu or Chun-Li player, i guess... :p


    I played JE first time with a kb/mouse and it worked great. I never even considered getting a controller (I hate those things for anything but racegames tbh)



    Weresheep is like a funny once joke. Much as a wool sweater, it will wear thin.




    Weresheep is like a funny once joke. Much as a wool sweater, it will wear thin.


    Agreed. People should start to get over it already as it's well in the process of becoming annoying.



    Oh, but it's much worse than that. It was itchy already at the get-go. You immediately get it under your skin and then you have been infected with the weresheep madness. It's like a beautiful drug with side effects that you are happy with. In short, the weresheep are a cool Larian-smitten bunch that loves a great CRPG when they see one. Beware, it's quite contagious! BAAH!



    Oh, I see the appeal. No question about it. It just seems (to me, personally) that this thing is starting to go a bit overboard, from a neat little joke to a repetitive "not-this-again" one. But yeah, BAAH.


    Oh it's only on the foreground this much due to the KS, I'm sure it'll die down quite a bit once the KS ends. Until the next time they do something, I'm pretty sure it'll resurface... ;)



    Also companions!!!!!!!!! Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  7. I'm a sucker for good narration and atmosphere. So besides the obvious recommendation of PS:T, I'd go for IWD. It's beautiful to behold and to listen to, and it just plays well. Also, it has combat that's as good as it gets in a AD&D 2e game.


    IWD2 is a bit tedious to play, does not look as good as it should - lots of garish colours, a mixture of aliased and blurred renderings, and nasty contrasts. Also, while in principle the story is interesting as far as the villains' motivations go, it never really gripped me.


    I've stopped caring for the Baldur's Gate games by now, just not my cup of tea anymore. I've played BG 1 as one of the first games and it really got me into role playing (pen and paper as well), but after a few replays it just feels stale and flawed.

    Got to admit I only ever finished BG1 once. Now BG2 on the other hand. I lost a big part of my life to that game...and I'd still play parts of it with pleasure, though the Irenicus dungeon, Sahuagin City and the Underdark are pretty much just tedious by now (especially since you're *stuck* there until you're done with them I guess).

  8. Kirill's piano concert now in HD on youtube! Enjoy one of the best composers/pianists in the video game industry! :)



    Loved how he just shook that piano version of the Update Song out of his sleeve. E-P-I-C. I'm gonna keep an eye on the guy now, since he lives in Belgium he's GOT to give concerts around here sometimes... (and if not, I'm sure I can find out where he lives, so I can go play creepy fanboy in his front yard ;) I keed I keed, well, mostly :p)


    EDIT: Off topic, this thread isn't about the Codex.

    A free bump is a free bump ;)

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  9. I was attempting to try out Age of Conan, but I somehow ended up with an US account and it does seem like customer service doesn't work on weekends. :(


    EDIT: managed to create a new EU account linked to my other one, already about to dump the game though, 3 crashes so far and I'm not even in the game world yet. Talking about a bad start.

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     (there are mechanics in EVE that have been known to be broken for over 7 years[!]).


    Interesting. Like what?



    I don't really want to turn this into an EVE discussion, especially since listing everything that needs work would give a pretty bad picture of what is actually a really good game (if you're into that sort of game, that is), but for example SOV (sovereignty) mechanics have been broken for a really long time.

  11. They have been working on it but I seem to remember rumours about it not going smoothly and then there was that whole outcry from EVE fans about CCP not giving them enough attention, so they either took staff off of WOD or halted it completely for a while.

    More likely because they needed to focus on Dust 514 imo. Also the outcry wasn't about "not getting enough attention" but about "spending time and money on non-gameplay essential stuff (clothing etc) to then sell that stuff overpriced in an ingame store" while letting core gameplay stuff that needed fixing stay broken (there are mechanics in EVE that have been known to be broken for over 7 years[!]).


    The entire thing is known as "monoclegate" (or the Jita riots) nowadays, see here if you care for more details. The playerbase has only very recently recovered from that debacle btw.


    Some of the systems they were talking about sounded novel though; A single player in each city can be elected prince and one of the perks of the job includes issuing "blood hunts" on other players which opens them up to perma-death, but if you don't manage to keep enough players happy then they can revolt and you will be overthrown. It sounds a bit like roleplaying President Aladeen from The Dictator.

    Knowing CCP the entire economic system is also likely to be very well developed. If anyone can breathe some new life in the beyond stale MMO industry then I consider CCP to be a very good candidate.



    Divinity series is simply too obscure and never left that big a mark to attract the same amount of cash as Wasteland and Torment.

    Sad but true. The quality of the Divinity series is really high but it was always more the underdog compared to the much better known D&D classics.


    I think the move to turn-based is turning some away, too. Not me personally, but just saying. I've seen a lot of comments to that effect in other forums, even from people who've played the previous games.


    Judging from what I've seen from the gameplay so far I think that's mostly due to prejudice stemming from unfamiliarity than anything else. Alas, no way to convince them otherwise without getting them to play the game I guess... :(

  13. Hello everyone! Just noticed this thread here on the Obsidian forums and I wanted to say THANK YOU for taking an interest in Divinity: Original Sin!


    I'm the writer over at Larian Studios and I first came here because of the Project Eternity Kickstarter campaign. I've always enjoyed Obsidian RPGs very much and I hope our team too will create a game to be remembered.


    So thanks very much for your support, you guys and gals are great! I've already seen some familiar names on the Larian forums. That's just awesome and you are all very welcome!


    Go weresheep! :thumbsup:

    Yess, a riddle: if you manage to translate my name (it's a slightly messed up translation of my real nick I use when it's not available) you'll know who I am on the Larian forums. As a hint: the correct translation would have been "morelooke".



    Divinity series is simply too obscure and never left that big a mark to attract the same amount of cash as Wasteland and Torment.

    Sad but true. The quality of the Divinity series is really high but it was always more the underdog compared to the much better known D&D classics.


    The trouble they've had in the past didn't help any: LMK got shelved, Divine Divinity was released before it was ready (I know I didn't pick it up way back then because of all the bugs I heard about). After that I personally kinda lost track of them until I noticed Dragon Knight Saga during some steam sales.


    I really do hope D:OS is gonna break them into the "big" cRPG audience.

  14. They should've kept the chainmail bikini.

    Naah, they should've done away with it entirely ;-)


    Kidding aside, I'm flabbergasted that they haven't got more support... I've been bugging every channel I know RPG players hang out to little success so far it would seem :(



    It saddens me that this massively awesome project hasn't garnered more funding. I mean, it's a successful Kickstarter, for sure, but, dang it, it should be much more successful. Many people, myself included, are spreading the word on various forums, and that helps, but what this really needs is some coverage from a mega giant site like IGN. I'll send them an email with a link to the hour long gameplay in hopes of coaxing them to do an article.

    That would really improve my (rather low) opinion on IGN for sure!

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  15. Trying to cram lan support into P:E is again trying to turn it into something it isn't which flies straight in the face of the entire intent of making this game in the first place. There's other games out there designed for this kind of gameplay, check those out instead of trying to get every good feature into one game, because down that path lies madness.

  16. I agree Lephys, i'd prefer that there be no loot glitter or reveal all button so that exploration is encouraged and rewarded, personally I wouldn't even want a ladder highlighting as I fail to see how anyone could misconstrue its use. However Marelooke raises a good point in his Catacomb under Aleroth example, though it's one I think that the developers could make sure never happens to a studious explorer through good design. Perhaps a toggle-able reveal all button or one linked to difficulty?

    Hmm, I might be miscommunicating, let me try to clarify more:

    I don't want stuff to be pre-highlighted (not opposed if it's an option if it's off by default, as long as I can have my shortcut ;)), that's just annoying and ruins the environments (and as a result: immersion).


    The way it was done in BG2 was nice imo, it showed you the stuff that would be obvious for you if you were actually in the party's place. No more, no less. The things that were highlighted were (iirc): non-hidden doors, chests and loot and that was imho sufficient for that game (switches and the likes usually stood out due to being attached to weird machinery).


    This option shouldn't become a crutch though, when you are running around pressing that button all the time there's something terribly wrong with the level/game design (or with the gamer, heh).


    EDIT: seems Lephys beat me by a few minutes, basically: what he said ;)

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