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    Are you going to play Dragon Age: Inquisition?


    I don't know is the honest answer. I'll see if there's a demo. If it veers back to DA:O territory enough then perhaps.



    Manage thy expectations!  That's how I enjoyed DA2 for multiple playthroughs--I knew it was never going to be an old-school RPG and thus it was quite fun.  Demand that things be that which they are not, and you'll always be disappointed.


    DA2s combat was terribly consolized and I endured it more than I enjoyed it. It seems DA:I is going in the same direction so I'll probably pass this game up at release unless it gets rave reviews from sources that matter (iow, not your average gaming journalist) and get the "Ultimate Edition" in some Steam sale well after launch (assuming my plate isn't filled by lots of awesome crowdfunded games of course).



    DA:O was a piss-poor game in a rather dull setting, compounded with a horrible story, repetitive combat and seriously unbalanced classes. Not to mention how it basically required you to bring a healer and a battle mage to be effective, while only providing you with two NPC mages, who, by the way, hated each other's guts.


    So, no kidney stone fetish is necessary for a proper explanation :p

    Mages were broken when DA:O was released, once certain powers were brought back in line it was possible to play through the game without them (I think I went dual wield swordsman + Alistair to tank + Shale to offtank + some rogue).


    It's amazing how incompetent Bioware is at writing dialogue, despite being one of the longest lived RPG studio's. Why are they trying to pigeonhole everything into categories (Noble/Clever/Direct), and arbitrary categories at that? Why must there be three response options, and always three? There can be situations that call upon only two dialogue options, or maybe half a dozen. 


    The fact that they had to add explanatory tooltips to dialogue choices is rather telling.

    I considered the dialogue wheel and it's limitations adequate for the Mass Effect series, which I've mostly considered an interactive movie. I think it's rather sad that the voiced protagonist and dialogue wheel have infested so many other games that would likely be better off without it.


    It worked for ME and it works in select other games with "fixed" protagonists (eg. Batman games...) but usually when playing an CRPG *I* want to define the main character and his/her voice is the voice *I* make up in my head. Voiced protagonists and the limited options expressiveness  wise (there often are multiple options that lead to exactly the same result in RPG dialogues, but the *way* it is formulated each time matters to me as player) that a dialogue wheel bring force me to play someone else's character.

  2. KotOR2 is the biggest disappointment I've had in my gaming career, due to being totally awesome but only half finished (I'm aware of the restoration project and I'm not taking it into account as it's a community effort).


    Vampire: the Masquerade: Bloodlines was the biggest positive surprise I've had in my gaming career so far. That game has such a great atmosphere.


    RTwP is the best balance between the button mashing that tends to be RT combat and the slow tactical bore that tends to be TB combat.


    The worst thing about PS:T is not the combat, but the UI and most of the problems people have with the combat can be traced back to the atrocious UI.


    Bad UI (or more generally UX) design kills more games than mediocre cliché ridden stories ever will be able to. I can play through a clichéd story with clunky mechanics (as long as it's well told), but if I have to constantly fight the game and UI it's game over (The Witcher 2 says "hi").


    The importance of the story to make a good cRPG game is wildly overrated compared to the presentation of said story to the player.


    Nobody has managed to make wizards actually work well in a RT combat system.



    Hmm, I think I might have to change my name now.

  3. At the moment I find myself enraptured by Warframe. In the weeks I've played it I've managed to get to Mastery Rank Six, thereby unlocking the gamebreaking Soma.


    Also, given that it is a free-to-play game, I'm pleasantly surprised it hasn't been invaded by Brazilians who can't speak English yet.

    It's mostly Russians in Warframe. Usually when you find a host that's unplayably laggy its a Russian (at least if you play in EU TZ, US TZ seems to generally fare better) that is assuming you play on PC (but who in their right mind plays shooters on consoles *trololol*).


    Fwiw, Warframe is a pretty fun grindfest. I made it to Mastery Rank 10 (ready for 11 but my laptop is too slow to do the test, or play Warframe in any "real" fashion, so it'll have to wait until I have access to my desktop). I'm still bummed they removed the Infested from planets as they made for pretty fun long solo survival/defense matches.


    And the Soma has pretty much lost its king of the hill status, while it's definitely an "easy" (aka good allrounder) weapon there's many many more viable options since Damage 2.0 and I've stopped grabbing the cliché Rhino (or Trinity) + Soma combo for "hard" stuff (if I'm feeling lazy I often grab the Ignis nowadays...)

  4. rockpapershotgun's 1st several hours impression article made me laugh, tho, re: some of the tortured dialogue.




    Were these encounters, these play-lets, of any interest, this would likely be pretty enticing. But instead it’s all bluster, people telling you how utterly important everything is, because the Grand High Priest Of Cliffaffle Poplington has sworn his enmity to the Wolf Queen Of Qqqqqqqb, which will likely cause the Ancient God Robert to rise from the Tombs Of Fort Backalick, raising the terrifying forces of BasingStoke. As hard as I try to concentrate on what they’re saying, not only my eyes but my entire brain glazes over, until I realise they’ve all stopped speaking and the little arrow on the map has moved one building over. Actually, I needn’t make up my own barely-parodied versions – here’s a genuine sentence from the game:


    “The ritual tore the veil between Nirn and Oblivion, allowing Mannimarco to begin stealing the souls his master needed to power the Dark Anchors and initiate the Planemeld.”


    Well, NDA is still up, so can't really say much. But gotta agree with the RPS article. Maybe it picks up after, at least Bester seems to like it. If I get another invite I might force myself past the early bit and maybe my opinion will change.


    Just finished Metro: Last Light. It's like Metro 2033 but simply better in every possible way(Story, Gameplay, Visuals, Controls...). A very enjoyable experience from start to finish. Highly Recommended! I also replayed Bioshock: Infinite and I liked it a little better this time around. I suddenly found the whole quantum-physics-themed-story to be entertaining.


    I thought the opposite - overall - in regards to Metro: Last Light. Much preferred 2033. The stealth was even poorer in Last Light than in 2033, the plot was completely pants-on-head retarded, (particularly anything involving Anna, who you make love to after having maybe five minutes total of actual face time with her - I quit and then uninstalled maybe fifteen minutes after that), uh...I felt like the gunplay was about the same, except more hampered by the even more ridiculously easy stealth, so I never used a real gun against anything mutants at any time, anyways...Khan went from a wise old man to some crack-smoking hippie "duuuude"...Miller and the other Rangers basically became your archetypal American meathead soldiers...I was very unimpressed, overall.


    The final nail in the coffin, though, was that (quite frankly) idiotic love-making scene with Anna. Maybe it was just me, but I would've shot her before doing what Artyom did with her. If you're going to make a tsundere-like character, please spend more than literally no time at all to transition between "you are a worthless sack of crap, I laugh at you with my thick Russian accent, ha ha ha" and "oooohh, artyom-san, I missed you soooooo much, I've been so worried about you and oh how I missed you! now come make love to me in this disease-ridden hell-hole...".


    When that...Communist, was it?...held her hostage as leverage against you, I immediately shot at him. :) The completely psychotic things you can do when you're being forced into impossibly railroaded situations not of your liking!


    Just finished Metro: Last Light as well. And yups, a lot of things make zero sense if you think about them even the slightest bit. And yeah spending (much) more time around Anna would've made that entire "relationship" thing make much more sense.


    Also wasn't too fond about the weapon modification thing, given how rarely you encountered places where you could modify your weapons I just ended up using pretty much the same weapons throughout the entire game (even more so than in the previous game), as I didn't want to sacrifice my familiar setup for something that might not work too great past the next point of no return. Some weapons are only encountered much too late in as well (and I'm not about to drop loads of dough on a gun of which I have no idea how it will perform). But maybe that is just me...


    As for the stealth, I preferred it over the Metro 2033 system where you often had no idea how visible you were and often were 100% visible to enemies even in very dark corners leading to some pretty frustrating levels. That said, I feel they might have gone overboard in the other direction with the watch. Still, I rather they retain the new system than go back to the 2033 system (or lack thereof)


    Overall I enjoyed the game, still have to play through the DLC levels and considering the stealth wasn't quite as frustrating as in 2033 I might actually replay this at some point to get a totally "no-kills" playthrough (think I killed one guy I shouldn't have, /sigh, got the same in Deus Ex: HR at the helicopter defense and a few dudes eaten by rats, at least that's my assumption, in Dishonored)


    I am, of course, referring to War of the Overworld which aims to replicate the Dungeon Keeper (mostly 1, with the non-sucky bits of 2 added) gameplay. They lost the rights to the Dungeon Keeper franchise due to that pathetic excuse of a game above or this would have been Dungeon Keeper 3.


    What? They never had the rights in the first place. It was a fan-made sequel until they decided to become legit developers and had to drop the franchise. It has nothing to do with Dungeon Keeper Mobile - this development happened before Dungeon Keeper Mobile was even announced.


    Anyway, as an early access backer I'm still on the fence on War for the Overworld. All it's done successfully so far is make me want to play the older Dungeon Keeper games instead. It looks the part, but it so far doesn't have any of the charm - they are playing it far too straight.


    Hmm, I must've been misinformed then, I read they were fine using the name until that Mobile thing came around. My apologies.

    That said I'm curious how it will turn out, can hardly be worse than that F2P thing.


    I probably still know all Dungeon Keeper levels by heart, so even if the urge to play is there it'd probably be a short stint. Maybe I should get my hands on the Deeper Dungeons, though I remember mostly frustration with that.



    I did find it interesting that they put Kotor2 over Kotor1. I always had the impression the latter was more popular.

    KotOR2 is certainly better in pretty much every way (which doesn't mean that KotOR isn't a good game, of course).

    The main problem with KotOR2 is that it was released unfinished and stayed that way until fans fixed it. Something I'm still bitter about (sue me).

    Which reminds me that I should really give the restored version another try (I couldn't get it to run last time I tried, which admittedly was a while ago)

  7. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-02-05-dungeon-keeper-review


    New Dungeon Keeper game sucks apparently.


    Does make me want to replay DK2 (or play DK for that matter, never have)

    Phew, I thought you were talking about the *real* new Dungeon Keeper game for a while, not that pathetic offshoot. Glad I'm wrong and the review is about the pathetic offshoot. (yeah yeah, technically it's probably the other way around, gameplay wise that's how it is though)


    I am, of course, referring to War of the Overworld which aims to replicate the Dungeon Keeper (mostly 1, with the non-sucky bits of 2 added) gameplay. They lost the rights to the Dungeon Keeper franchise due to that pathetic excuse of a game above or this would have been Dungeon Keeper 3.


    Oh yes, website's here. Game is in Early Access on Steam currently and it's starting to shape up. Still seriously alpha though but it's stable and it actually feels like Dungeon Keeper (though the voice acting is sort of "meh" imho, hopefully that's just temporary)




    TESO beta invites are out. Check your mail. I got mine hehehe. The beta starts this Friday.

    Wasn't able to participate in the previous one I was invited to, seems like they don't do second chances ;)


    Keep use posted, I'm curious how this one will turn out (though, since it's a MMO, my expectations are rather low ;) )



    If you already gotten invites, aren't they still valid. Only people who didn't get invited previously got new ones this time around I think. The mail I got says my account and characters are still there.


    Not that I'll be able to participate this time due to being out of town, but still.


    Just got an e-mail, seems the previous invite is indeed still valid. Nice! Bethesda is imho good at making worlds that are fun to explore, if they at least carried that bit over to TESO it might be worth picking up.


    Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to take a peek.

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  8. TESO beta invites are out. Check your mail. I got mine hehehe. The beta starts this Friday.

    Wasn't able to participate in the previous one I was invited to, seems like they don't do second chances ;)


    Keep use posted, I'm curious how this one will turn out (though, since it's a MMO, my expectations are rather low ;) )

  9. Ideally, you should be able to drink potions during battle, but it should be fairly time consuming and you either can't move while you're performing this action, or your movement rate is severely decreased (try drinking something while running full speed, it doesn't work too well).

    Wasn't this how it worked in the first Witcher? While not as epicly slow as mkreku's description of Gothic it was still something that left you vulnerable for the time it took Geralt to drink the potion.


    As for shattering the vials, I always considered them to be some sort of metal/steel containers rather than plain glass, otherwise the way he wears them on him would probably result in no potions after a battle, whether he used them or not... ;-)

  10. Well, that's another thing Bethesda does really well: DLC. I had no idea it was DLC as it's so embedded within the game that I totally didn't notice (I bought the game with all expansions already applied in a Steam sale).

    True that. They generally provide plenty of hours for their price, especially compared to the stuff many of their competitors dare charge you for. Otoh one could hold them responsible for introducing that idea as well *cough* horse armor *cough*



    I've picked up Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning during the sale this weekend. I remembered not being particularly impressed by the demo. I also remembered people saying the demo was kinda bad compared to the full game.


    I'm level 11 or so now (arrived in Didenhill), game's not too bad, though so far I'd only give it like a 6/10 or so. Pretty average on all counts. It often feels just like an offline MMO, in the way the quests are delivered and how they play out, how combat works and how the world "feels".

  11. Been playing a lot of Skyrim, and I must say that I don't understand why you guys complain about the bad writing.


    I would agree if someone had ever said "the writing ranges from mediocre to excellent" because that is what I see. I have not yet seen any really bad writing, only writing that's not remarkable in any way or writing that makes me take notice (that's what I call good to excellent writing).


    I was out wandering the wilderness the other day and happened upon yet another random dungeon. I walked in, ready to fill up on loot when I saw a ghost at the entrance looking in. When I got closer, the ghost started talking to me, telling me to turn around and go away. The ghosts name was Katria and I told her I wanted to press on regardless. She reluctantly agreed and asked if she could tag along. I thought it would be fun to have a pet cloud hovering behind me so I said yes (I usually never take companions.. ever).


    So I'm sneaking around this really cool place (awesome architecture), not much fighting going on, and this ghost/cloud girl keeps whispering little details about the place as I explore. I ask her how she died and she said she fell. A while later we happen upon her body and she explains that if only she had fallen one foot to the left, she would have ended up in the water and survived, but alas, it was not to be.


    Together we traverse the dungeon (it's a vertical kind of maze-like structure) and at the end we solve a puzzle. Turns out the prize is a lot bigger than that one dungeon though. In fact, on her cold body there was a journal that describes three other dungeons that I have to raid to get everything that is needed to make her happy. Two of them I've already raided, but we agree to meet up later when I have all the pieces of a key (I think it was).


    A few hours later I end up at the final dungeon with all the pieces needed and sure enough, there she is. So we open the final dungeon and fight/chat our way through to the end (some really cool set-pieces here). The prize is a choice of several different types of items I have to forge myself. When that is done, she is free to step into the light and she happily does, disappearing from the game forever.


    When she disappeared, I actually felt a sting of sadness. It was just a random dungeon I stepped into, but it turned out to be a little adventure together with cloud girl. I must say I appreciated that little story/piece of writing. Not bad at all.

    Most Skyrim quests are pretty bland. The one you talk about here (part of the last DLC iirc) is easily one of the best, if not the best, quest in the game. It's also the only quest I remember where I actually gave a damn about any of the NPCs (RIP Katria).


    Now don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoyed Skyrim and put many many hours into the game and while I'll disagree that the writing was bad per se I wouldn't call most of the writing "engaging", at least not in a way that "sticks" (if that makes any sense)


    Though the fact that their character writing (Serana was pretty good for a Bethesda character as well) was becoming better near the end does give me hope for the next Elder Scrolls game.

  12. Aye, the D:OS alpha is very alpha for how close to their release they already were. But with Larian feature creep is a given so yeah, no surprise here either.


    As for the Styx game, will it have similar draconian DRM (limited activations) to "Of Orcs and Men" (reason I didn't touch that game on release, since removed though from what I heard) or am I allowed to get excited?


    thing is, that most mmos do have a sense of complete stagnation

    the point is not balance, it is to differentiate classes in more aspects than just their combat skills.

    let me put it this way. i play GW2, i have 4 characters, each has 2 of the 8 crafting skills and i get their levels up 5 for each at a time. that allows me to farm the materials and have self made gear for all every 5 levels (crafted gear is in 5lv increments for those who dont know about the game). i do not need the rest of the players of the game, unless i plan to participate in group exclusive events like dungeons.

    now if certain non combat related stuff were class based the thing would change. if only warriors could craft melee weapons, only guardians could craft heavy armor, only rangers could craft bows and so on, including that no class could gather materials that were not relevant to it's crafting skill, no player could become self suficient about his gear. it could also be used in dungeons: the engineer could operate a machine that cleared a path that avoided enemies. a thief could disarm an alarm so that no new enemies will spawn and so on

    Except that, to a degree, in an MMO you have to afford the ability to solo because there will not always be somebody to play with you at all times. Multiplayer content can be the focus of your game, but you have to design a majority of your content (mostly of the leveling persuasion) around only one player being around at any time.


    This is why most MMO's are endgame focused... because endgame is the only time you can guarantee there will be a large segment of your population twittling their thumbs. Although City of Heroes added layer after layer of things to the midgame and was built around alts.


    Out of all the MMO's I've played EverQuest 2 (EQ2) kept me interested the longest (aside from WoW, which was my first and as such has a bit of a special case). The reason I quit playing that game had less to do with the game content than with the utter lack of attention the developer (SOE) had for the game and the constant taking away of features to make the game more easily accessible to new players (read it became more and more of a WoW-clone)


    I really liked EQ2's ability to "downscale" high level characters (forgot the actual name for it), it worked reasonably well too (except for the fact that it didn't account for out-of-date content, iow high level gear had certain stats that simply didn't exist in the early areas), the real great thing about it was that it actually benefits both the low and the high level characters so it happened very often that when a "lowbie" couldn't find a group there would almost always be a bunch of high level characters ready to jump in to help.


    The fact that there was just a huge world to explore also helped, it wasn't until the last few expansions that there were multiple areas to go quest in, there were even just "adventure packs", which contained more same-level content with only cosmetic rewards but that had fun storylines. It is entirely feasible (and likely) to hit max level in EQ2 and not have seen more than half of the "world map" and up until the end I kept discovering new quests, dungeons etc, some of which even "ancients" (just made this up, but I mean players that had been playing since the beginning) had forgotten about.


    You could, and I often did, alone or in group, just go out to an area and see the sights. Sure raiding with people is fun, PvP (world or otherwise) can be great fun if you're into it. But there needs to be more to the world than being guided from area to area doing the same old quests following a singular storyline ending with getting a group to fight some bosses, same as everyone else.


    There needs to be stuff to discover and the discovery ought to be a reward in itself, not the subject of random achievements ("find all the hidden stone tablets with bull**** written on them"). I remember grinding reputation with factions just to acquire some cool looking (in *my* mind anyway) garb for my character and most of those factions weren't exactly the "endgame" factions. I recall trudging all over entire continents just to acquire a certain title, not because that title signified some awesome boss kill or some exclusive "achievement", but because that title was awesome in itself and *fit my character*. Or even to get some furniture for my house.


    This generally sounds silly to the "modern" MMO-crowd, I mean, why put effort into stuff that doesn't give you XP or 1337 gear. Right? Yeah, I didn't think so either.


    I guess the TL;DR, MMORPGs need to become RPGs once more. Maybe then I'll find one I can care about once more.

  14. Restarted in X-COM after reading a bit about managing panic levels and doing much better now on the $$$ front. Quite enjoying the game though the incredible randomness of combat can be rather annoying. Then again, haven't really encountered any "hard" enemies yet afaik (the Hulk guys are the biggest baddies I've seen so far)


    Probably going to dabble in Divinity: Original Sin's alpha some more later as well (already made it past character creation (such as there currently is), which is further than a bunch of guys got. Also: "It's gonna be awesome!"


    - "I used to be a lone wanderer like you, then I took a plasma shot in the knee."


    - [iNTELLIGENCE] So you took a plasma shot in the knee?


    I laughed way more at this than I should have.


    Mainly because it's not that far from the reality of a lot of the dialogue.


    Now combine this with a voiced protagonist for Fallout Effect 4. I'm sure someone can work a dialog wheel into that! ;-)

  16. I don't get it. One of the points of crowdfunding is transparency and getting feedback from the community. Whether or not to go turn based is a big decision, and one that would make people pretty angry if they just decided it by default. It have gone completely the other way, with a majority voting against turn based combat. Do you really think that the decision was set in stone and they would refuse to rethink their systems? I don't think so. They wanted to know what people thought before hitting a point of no return.

    If they'd announced they were going turn-based on the KS page they wouldn't have received anywhere near the amount of $$$ they did.


    While what they did was "valid" in respect to what they said (or didn't say) they would do I consider it rather "tasteless".


    Combat is only mentioned twice on the KS page and there certainly is no mention of either TB or RTwP or any other system. Based on the textual information on the KS page it was perfectly reasonable to expect Numenera to have a similar combat system as PS:T, but with the kinks worked out. Instead it gets a radically different one.


    Whether it will be an improvement will remain to be seen but I'm very sure they lost quite a lot of fans/future backers with this farce.

  17. Anyone want to recommend some Dragon Age: Origins mods?  I plan to run through the game again after I finish Drakensang 2, so I won't likely be playing it for at least a week or so.  I've played the game several times, but I've generally stuck with vanilla.  Now that Nexus Mod Manager works again, I'm looking to compile some mods in preparation for the playthrough.  I'm not looking for mods that radically change the balance of the game or ones that will change all characters into sex bombs, though I do welcome subtle model or texture changes that still keep the same basic design of the characters.  Anything that adds new content (as long as said content won't radically make my characters overpowered) or improves textures (character or otherwise) without radically changing the characters (except Sten, I'm not against radically changing him) is welcome.

    The only mod I used was the one that placed a missing part of the Elven Chain-mail where it should be able to be found, though I don't remember which part it was but afaik it was never fixed by BioWare, so without the mod that set is impossible to complete.

  18. Yeah, that's what I though.


    What irks me about the ending though...


    ...is that her me and Lyons were arguing about who should go in all the while my GHOUL companion is just chilling out behind us.


    I mean why not just send in the guy that's immune to radiation and get it done.



    Actually none of the companions is willing to do it, not even Fawkes (the super mutant) or the robot...as such it is slightly odd that Sarah Lyons *is* willing to do it.


    On the subject of the ghoul, doesn't exposure to heavy radiation (or prolonged exposure to radiation) increase their chance of going feral? (would be one way to RP that if it's true)



    Easy to miss the Dark Brotherhood questchain? The only way it could've been made more obvious is if they stopped you and handed you a flyer... How obvious it is to find and join all the secret-y organizations is one of the things I found rather irritating in Skyrim. It seemed a lot harder to pull of in Oblivion at least...


    I know of only one way.



    You have to accept killing a teacher for a kid in Windhelm who is trying to summon DB or something



    To me that did not seem like an obvious path to get there.



    Well, it's broadcasted all over Skyrim... (spoilers about accessing the Dark Brotherhood questchain below)


    ...that a young boy is trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. So to me it seemed like the most obvious way to start the related questchain. The one thing I did miss at first was that I had to sleep before anything really happened. There's not much reason to sleep in Skyrim if you are a Vampire, except for speeding time along...



    I'm 8 hours into Skyrim now and not a single bug so far. I have no idea why you guys call this game buggy. To me it looks very polished.

    A lot of them got fixed, but it's still a good idea to grab the unofficial patches though as suggested above by WDeranged, quite a lot of bugs only show up later even though they are *caused* early on, and by the time you run into them it's too late to fix them. (for example there are many unfixed bugs related to the randomly generated generic sidequests clashing with major questchains or DLC quests, which obviously only show once you get to that point).


    And afaik the achievement to acquire all Daedric artifacts still breaks very often, depending on the order in which you acquire them (it's one of two I don't have for Skyrim, even though I should have received this particular one). Of course, assuming you care about these things.


    The game is much smoother and prettier than I had imagined. I have no idea how they make it look so good, yet run so flawlessly (I don't think I ever go under 60 fps).

    You might want to look into ENBSeries and other graphical mods, the Skyrim defaults even with maxed out settings and high-res pack really don't bring out full the potential of the game. (I also really liked the aMidianBorn retextures of various things in Skyrim, mostly armors and weapons but he's worked on other things as well)


    I've killed my first dragon, but I failed to report back to the jarl yet. Too much to see and do everywhere! Oh, and the game sure as hell isn't too easy for me. I've been wandering around exploring and some of the enemies have kicked my butt. Brutally. Not at all like Oblivion.

    Difficulty is fairly brutal early on, but once you get some essential skills under your belt for your chosen playstyle it gets much easier very quickly.

  20. Some of the side quests are better and longer than the main story in Skyrim. Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood especially. I would recommend looking up how to joint the Dark Brotherhood as it's easy to never get and is (imo) the best story in the game.

    Easy to miss the Dark Brotherhood questchain? The only way it could've been made more obvious is if they stopped you and handed you a flyer... How obvious it is to find and join all the secret-y organizations is one of the things I found rather irritating in Skyrim. It seemed a lot harder to pull of in Oblivion at least...


    Personally started playing XCOM Enemy Unknown for the first time now (without the expansion). Looking like good fun so far.


    Oh, and I also don't own Dark Souls. Game doesn't quite appeal to me (hack-and-slashy lootfest that's hard for the sake of being hard; at least that's what I gathered from what I read about it anyway), it apparently being a terrible console port that needs lots of fixing to be playable doesn't exactly help convince me it's worth my time, let alone my money.



    If a game becomes boring after a while, it's not because it is too long. It is because it's not good enough.

    I rather take a game that I enjoy for the full 15 hours it offers than a game that takes 80 hours to finish of which I only enjoy the first 40 hours before it starts to get boring.


    Everything can and will turn into **** if it just keeps on going and going, no matter how much you like it.



    I think that I would take 40 hours enjoyment over 15 hours even if it means that I don't finish the game. But I understand that some people don't like leave their games unfinished, in which case I also would pick 15 hours enjoyment option instead of 40 hours of dullness.


    Personally I'd say a good game is never too long. If it is it's just not a good game. (it might be "decent", but "good"? Nope). I might call the first half (or x percent) of the game good (or great), but I'd never call the entire game "good" (case in point: KotOR2)

  22. I've played games that are too long, with Dragon Age Origins at the top of that list. :p

    I probably should have specified that said person considered the game he was playing to be a good game.


    Also I didn't really consider DA:O to be too long...on my first playthrough, then the lack of sidequests and the railroaded "Go find allies." got rather annoying (not quite as annoying as the snorefest that was NWN1's OC though, nor quite as retarded as having to go catch some escaped critters)

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