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  1. 1 minute ago, majestic said:

    Fun, that patch is only 1.1 GB on GOG but their download servers are giving me .3 MB/second right now. Let's party like it is 1999?

    Might want to make a backup of your current install since downgrading basically requires a full re-download.

    The patch appears to have totally broken hacking of cameras for me, I'm now locked into the "camera mode" and the only way out is to reload the game. Exact same thing happened after the reload. Will have to test on another mission to see whether it's a structural issue.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Wormerine said:

    Eh, is it? Isn't Shadow helmed by Eidos Montreal who contributed multiplayer for previous games? TR and Rise were Crystal Dynamics, and I am pretty sure, they moved to Avengers and Shadow was handed to Montreal (I don't know individual designers/programmers/writers though). 

    Wikipedia seems to point in that direction too, indeed.

    Interesting, I'm pretty sure I read 1 and 3 of the reboots were basically the same team. They sure feel that way with the return of the QTEs and the overall writing style in Shadow.

    I felt both 1 and 3 suffered from the "Hey, let's do something obviously dumb, or have another character do so, just so we can move the plot forward", which 2 didn't quite have (well not bad enough that I can recall instances anyway).

    Guess it being another studio could also explain some of the "regressions".

  3. Well, been playing it a bit on my GTX970 and it runs just fine. Not great, but fine (~30-40fps, depending on area). At least on whatever it picked as default settings for my system.

    Probably of note that while my GPU is old, the rest of the system is not, as I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5900x and the game is on a rather fast NVMe SSD. GPU prices, however, are a bit too rich for my tastes right now so the GTX970 will have to hang in there a while longer.

    Game definitely has issues (I'm sure this surprises many people), had a bunch of CTDs already, always when taking screenshots though. So quicksave -> screenshot it is ;)

    Alt-tabbing is also a bad idea as it messes things up in weird ways (eg. some controls stop working, notably had it with the sprint button, or the game starts to feel like slow motion while FPS is still fine. Stuff like that)

    Other than that the only bug I ran into was when there's random shoot-outs between cops and a gang, and you help the cops, they go hostile once they find one of the gangers corpses. Rather annoying but I'm just ignoring those events for now.

    Haven't seen anything else really weird though, aside from an NPC spawning right in my face, which, while not exactly helping immersion, probably isn't a bug either.

  4. NG+ in Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. So this is where they disable the quicksaves.

    So far it's been retreading the same path as on the original playthrough. So the lack of quicksaves is mostly annoying when you want to quit and do something else, but hasn't, so far anyway, been much of a hindrance otherwise.

  5. 7 hours ago, Keyrock said:

    Not quite the level of aplology Squeenix did after the initial FFXIV launch, where all the execs stood on stage quite literally with their heads bowed in shame, but it's closer to that than to the usual non-apology we get *cough* FO76 *cough*.  I appreciate that he didn't throw his developers under the bus and took the blame himself.

    Cyberpunk doesn't sound like it's anywhere near as bad as either of those though?

    Cyberpunk might have technical issues, but FF XIV was broken on every front (bad engine, bad controls, bad UI, bad mechanics,...).

    I mean, FF XIV's beta was such a terrible experience it took my entire guild moving to that game before I could even be coerced into playing it, and that was not even a year ago now, so almost 10 years after the beta... Talk about scars ;) (to inject some positivity: FF XIV is pretty good now)

    And FO76, well, FO4 online, what did people honestly expect when you take the worst FO game to date, take out every redeeming quality, and add some more of one of the most iconic features that is left: bugs... :deadhorse:

  6. Finished my first playthrough of Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, which took me about 5.6 hours, according to Steam. The game has been quite enjoyable so far.

    Despite the store page claiming no autosave etc. there was autosave and even quicksave, at least on default settings. Presumably added after release. And thankfully so, as I feel the Resident Evil (1) inspired save system would have been mostly annoying given the relatively slow pace.

    The story ramp up pretty slowly during the first playthrough, but the game is designed to need three playthroughs to get to the "real" ending, so should be interesting where things go.

  7. 6 hours ago, LadyCrimson said:

    Nope, nothing broke with that one either.  At least for me.  I'm sure ppl not on fiber 'net are feeling some pain.  😛 

    Are you just resizing/enlarging in an image editor or using some other process?

    Not really, my VDSL2 line wasn't impressed for some reason. There's been other mega-screenshots in the past (the Witcher 3 ones come to mind), that did take a while to load. These...not so much, for some reason.

    4 hours ago, Bokishi said:

    No resizing would just make it blurry. I'm using Nvidia AI upsampling for the mega large shots, from a base resolution of 10K

    Wonder if the fact that they're basically upscaled means they're just much more compressible, and as such easier to handle for bandwidth challenged folks on older hardware (my PC is 10 years old now).

  8. On 12/12/2020 at 4:19 PM, Bokishi said:

    Will run on low or medium 1080p. I do know someone with a GTX 970 though and it runs pretty bad on that

    *Sad GTX970 owner noises*

    But my PC is ancient by now and I rather expected needing to upgrade for Cyberpunk (CDPR appears to have taken ID Software's spot in : "new game means buying new hardware"-land)

    On 12/12/2020 at 6:57 PM, Zoraptor said:

    For anyone using a Ryzen CPU, looks like the game was compiled using Intel's compiler which 'accidentally' gimps AMD performance (no SMT usage being most common symptom). If anyone wants to 'fix' performance on AMD you'll have to do the AuthenticAMD <--> GenuineAMD trick which tells the game you're using an Intel chip.

      Reveal hidden contents


    make a backup copy of the game's exe, open the game exe in a decent hex editor, find

    75 30 33 C9 B8 01 00 00 00 0F A2 8B C8 C1 F9 08

    and change to

    74 30 33 C9 B8 01 00 00 00 0F A2 8B C8 C1 F9 08

    should work on any version, may have to be applied again after patches, if you don't know what you're doing you may have to verify integrity after stuffing up etc etc, and not my own work but shamelessly stolen off reddit


    that literally changes the flag that tells the game whether its an AMD or Intel chip, for up to 30% free performance in CPU limited situations (so practically, higher minimums and less stutter rather than 30% higher average fps). I'd laugh like a maniac if that were the reason for the poor performance on ps4/ xbone, though at least the backlash there might be enough to stop anyone using Intel's compiler.

    Heh, I thought that was fixed after that got out? I mean, I'd expect they'd get in trouble for stuff like that, legally...at least in some parts of the world...

    15 hours ago, LadyCrimson said:

    They announced they would refund console users if they don't want to wait for patches/updates, along with an apology for not showing last-gen console gameplay so ppl knew what to expect and for not making it perform better in the 1st place. I suppose that's nice of them but I'm still kind of  :lol:


    Ah yes, after they didn't give out console review copies and forced reviewers to review on PC...

    Sorry CDPR, I like you guys, better than most, anyway, but you done goofed up. Not anywhere near as bad as nVidia going after Hardware Unboxed/Techspot, but well, nVidia hit rock bottom so hard the bottom fell out...

  9. Well, since I'd  need a new PC for Cyberpunk I guess I'm part of the PNP alliance ;)

    So I've been building, of course.

    Gotta love having merged my different savegames into one, it's kind of cool to run into my own buildings from other characters in the wild.

    My first base:

    My old Khitan base, built against a large stone pillar

    Also been working on a base for my Darfari using (mostly) the new Stormglass set.
    The set has actual windows instead of just holes in the wall for a change! They look a bit like early class, so they allow light and a distorted view of outside through.



    Top-down view, hopefully giving a slightly better idea of the layout...

    Same, but at night. I like the light behind the windows, at least in as far as the draw distance actually draws it...

    Building a little village around the castle

    Map Room at the top of the left tower, took some doing to make this work with the stability...


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  10. On 12/5/2020 at 8:10 PM, bugarup said:

    I'm eyeing "Prey". Things happen in the space station of sorts and I love space sci-fi, lots of raving reviews, by the same guys who made "Dishonored" which I loved, but trailers show you wielding BFGs and going RATATATATAT!!!!! at huge monstrosities, and I'm easily bored with pure shooters even in great settings, so getting mixed signals here. Anyone here played it? Please help me out. :)

    Prey is fantastic. One thing I would recommend though it not going for a powerhouse/jack-of-all-trades build. I'd strongly recommend sticking to one "side" (you'll know what I mean when you get there, and yes, there is a third option, would not recommend, certainly not for a first playthrough). Having to make compromises to get around makes replaying the game quite a bit more interesting and really shines a light on how nice some of the level design is.

    Combat is perfectly viable, though you're not exactly a powerhouse. Each enemy does have specific weaknesses, not exploiting those is going to make combat hard, or a slog, or a hard slog, and ammo most likely a problem. First time through I did "remove" most obstacles in my way where it made sense.


    The DLC are not at all like the base game though, so I'd recommend doing some reading before getting either of those. Probably *after* playing the base game though, as researching either is likely to lead to spoilers of some sort. Neither of them adds to the base game (in fact, they both launch as standalone games), so there's nothing you'll miss out on. But an attempt at a quick, spoiler-free summary:

    • Mooncrash is a rogue lite-ish dungeon crawl thing where you just keep on going through the same map with semi-randomized item placements, and obstacles, with different characters (with different abilities), and everything resets when your last available character dies, or the timer runs out. There's some exposition here (but nothing you can't infer from the base game, from what I understand), but I didn't care for the gameplay at all, which is nothing like the base game, so I never finished it.
    • Typhon Hunter is a multiplayer only PvP thing that I imagine is pretty much dead, and, well, "Mostly negative" reviews on Steam probably sums that up.

    I don't think either of them is worth it, but that's just my opinion, of course.

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  11. Looks like Gog might happen after all. Not sure why they couldn't be more direct about it though, since they just gave standard non-answers when asked about it.

    Either way, no confirmed date yet, so likely later than Steam. But few more weeks after a year delay barely matter.

  12. On 11/9/2020 at 12:52 PM, melkathi said:

    Found this in spam from two days ago:


    Dear Backer,

    Good news! Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is coming to Steam and other PC and Mac platforms a week earlier than planned, on December 3, 2020. Why the move? There’s no reason to be coy about it  — we moved to avoid the juggernaut that is Cyberpunk 2077. 

    Wonder if backers will get their promised Steam keys, no mention about that anywhere that I could find. Sounds like Gog backers are getting shafted though.

    Par for the course for Snapshot Games, at this point.

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  13. On 10/20/2020 at 4:57 PM, ComradeMaster said:

    Well the 1st one was what you would call a 'flawed gem' that sold poorly, so I'm not exactly sure what they were thinking with this project.  It's like they're trying to take old and under-appreciated relics and try to rehash them into a market again "Guys, guys, look at this bad boy!" and hoping for a smash hit.

    Then again, I don't understand European gaming habits.  'Tis a bit alien to me.

    It worked with Fallout, and seems like Larian is also cashing in on the Baldur's Gate reputation rather successfully...

    Sales of the original games hardly matter when you have a cult classic and all you need is to be able to cash in on the name. 90% of the people buying the new game won't have played, and won't ever play, the originals anyway, so the fact that they resemble their predecessors about as well as Star Trek resembles Star Wars is entirely lost on them.

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  14. 21 hours ago, Mamoulian War said:

    I think, most people feel that way last few months 😞

    Aside from people constantly talking about the "human malware" nothing much has changed for me.

    So...where can I pick up my hermit certification?


    On the gaming front, been dabbling a bit in the Outer Worlds which I picked up now that it was available on Gog. Having a bit of the same problem LadyCrimson has: I just hike around looking and poking at things but don't really have any real drive to push the plot forward. Though the realisation that no matter what choices I make it's probably going to end badly might have something to do with it as well...

  15. Well, it only took 9 years of occasionally firing up the game, but I've unlocked the last achievement I had left in TES V: Skyrim. Namely, killing a legendary dragon, which, as a prerequisite for them to spawn, means your character need to be at least lvl78.

    I could, of course, just have cheated and gotten this aeons ago, but I just had to do it the hard way, because that's how I roll.

    (oh, and I ended up being lvl79 when I got it. Ironically it attacked me just when I left the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary upon finishing that entire questchain)

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  16. Hmm, was searching for reviews and inevitably ended up on Metacritic and couldn't help but notice early access games cannot be reviewed by users (or scored by critics). Given how the game appears to basically be a full release (going by the fact that many reviews praise how polished it is), at full price, I can't help but feel they're trying to dodge the backlash they expected to get for calling D&D: Original Sin "Baldur's Gate 3".

    Hell, a whole bunch of reviews don't even bother comparing the game to the Baldur's Gate games at all, they just straight up compare it to D:OS2. Which, while not unexpected, and certainly not after reading the impressions of people in this thread, just goes to show that using the name was just a "because we can capitalise on it" type of deal.

    Most of the people I grew up with that played the IE-games appear to be taking a "Meh, will get after reviews, or when on sale" stance because they didn't enjoy D:OS all that much. So going to assume the name dropping would only really work on those that know the IE games solely by reputation but never played them themselves. Not sure why they bothered at all, honestly.

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