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    Okay, just puttering around on steam and I note the assorted AC4 dlc. Seriously? They're selling "Time Saver DLC".. that, shows you where all the collectibles are, gives you resources before they become available in the game, and.. let you build stuff without having to go to the trouble of playing the game and finding the plans..


    The mind is boggled. "I'm going to pay £40 for a game, and then I'm going to pay even more money because I don't want to spend my time playing that game..."


    Now I'm feeling like a crotchety old gamer who doesn't understand the current generation.

    Wait, you're surprised about this?  This is the direction that gaming is headed and has been for years.  I estimate we're only a year or two away from games coming out with a special edition you can buy for a cool $20 more where you don't get the game at all, but instead you automatically are awarded all the achievements so that you can show off your SKILLZ and your ePen1s can grow.


    As sad as that sounds it wouldn't really surprise me... I once heard someone slamming a game because it was "too long", so it took him "too long" to finish so he could move on to the next game...


    I died a little that day.


    Where does GoG come from? Seriously, it drives some people utterly bonkers (and I'll admit it tweaks my inner autist's nose*) and has never been used officially yet half the population of the internet seem to use GoG rather than GOG. Why? It's clearly Good Old Games, GOG or- after a couple of wines, a meal and a nightcap- gog.


    I'm baffled.


    *He just rationalises it as standing for 'GoG of Games', since he likes recursive acronyms.


    (little o's in acronyms are used only for 'of' or 'or', anything else should be capitalised, hence why it should not be GoG)


    It's probably just because we have so many games that have a lower case o in the acronym, so it looks more natural.  WoW, PoP, CoD, etc.  It's not really something I notice much.


    Yups, that's why. It should indeed be GOG of course. (though I do like recursive acronyms)

  3. Wow, Torment actually got more backers than eternety project. I'm a bit sad that more people were interested in it than eternety, because for some reason i never liked the concept or lore of the Torment world.


    I wasn't even on Kickstarter when P:E was announced so I missed the KS campaign, I did back via PayPal though.


    Now disregarding preferences in combat. For those of us who will try to play the game with as little combat as possible, a vote for "turn based" is probably the way to go:


    b) the player will play all party members themselves -> no party AI needed -> the devs can spend more time on other cool stuff

    I generally tend to turn off any party AI other than the most basic, *especially* for casters.



    Personally I voted RTwP for three reasons:

     1) I've had heaps of fun with the combat in many RTwP games (BG series, comes to mind, but also, IWD and DA:O)

     2) PS:T was RTwP. PS:T also had an atrocious UI (which for me killed much of the enjoyment of the game, and not just the combat)

     3) There are a quite a few turn based RPGs coming up (Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin, Deathfire: Ruins of Nevermore), not so much RTwP (only P:E afaik)

     4) So far I've enjoyed RTwP more than pure TB, though my experience with the latter is more limited (HOMM & Shadowrun Returns mostly, though judging by the WL2 footage it looks similar to SRR's).


    EDIT: typo's

  4. ... they're not really Good old games anymore, they're just Gog.com now. A platform for DRM free releases, not just old games. And they've been that for at least a year.


    And most of us have been blissfully ignoring that fact and will continue to do so. Because acronyms are just better and GoG is just fancier than Gog...



    I think they may have been future proofing for release on next gen. That's what the game feels like, because now there is limited functionality to menus and hotkeys. I mean why would they even bother with gamepad design for something as complex as a space sim?? I always use joystick/keyboard combo.


    You'd think they would have learned something from The Witcher 2...


    Shame the release is so shoddy, the easier-to-get-started aspect really interested me as while I loved the idea of X3 (I rather enjoyed EVE) I found getting into it just too time consuming.

  6. Only going to be released in february 2014 (but might be worth keeping an eye on) but Divinity: Original Sin is going to be rather two player co-op focused (including two main characters and an actual co-op dialogue system, which I'm really interested in). Combat will be turn based (which imo seems like a good fit for a co-op game).


    On a another note I personally thought BG2 co-op was rather annoying, me and my co-op partner rather quickly ditched it and went back to single player. But ymmv of course.

  7. Because I'm an idiot*, I've decided to finally try out Dead Space!


    *2 am and I'm weak to horror games


    Dead Space 1 is by far the best (well, never tried 3 since I can only find it on Origin and Origin sucks pretty hard). DS was a reasonable shooter. Horror game? Not so much.


    It seems to be really hard to make a franchise out of horror games and keep them good, F.E.A.R. was lightyears better than both 2 and 3, DS1 is much better than 2 (and from what I heard 3 is even worse), pretty much the same deal with Resident Evil...

  8. Since Misery is apparently a mod that requires modding to work properly (no thanks, my entertainment I prefer to work without having to hack on it) I've picked up my Metro Last Light playthrough again. Not a bad game by far, but I doubt I'll be replaying it once I'm done.

  9. Picked up my Stalker: Clear Sky playthrough and finished it. Ending is pretty meh (and buggy), reminded me why I never finished it in the first place ;)


    Considering starting CoP again next, maybe with that new mod if they managed to fix the savegame corruption.


    Or...I could go back to the billion other game playthroughs I still have lying around...

  10. Mixing Metro Last Light and Shadowrun Returns currently. Kinda have to force myself to pick up SRR each time I quit out of the game, not being able to get out whenever I want due to the savepoint system is a real downer.


    Tried Neverwinter because a friend plays it. Seems like just another WoW-type MMO so far.


    Looks like I know what I'm doing July 31st:




    As if I needed another excuse to fire up Call of Pripyat again.



    Okay that is impressive, its like they have taken the best mod's for the game and incorporated them into one. That's some good development skills :bow:



    Hmm, so I know what to do once I'm done with Clear Sky, this looks pretty damn sweet!


    Given the company's history I'm quite confident in Larian's management of Divnity: Original Sin's budget, more so than pretty much any other KS out there.


    Well, even though Divinity 2 was kind of flawed and broken until the recent (?) update.



    I wasn't talking about their released games history, but more the financial troubles they've had at various stages. (eg. at one point Larian was basically bankrupt and Swen had to lay off all but 3 or so employees...stuff like that tends to teach one how to handle money more carefully I would imagine...)


    He also talks about this and their tendency to feature creep (and knowing is half the battle :) )

  13. I wouldn't be surprised or upset if they pushed back the release date of Project Eternity.


    In fact I hope they do if it helps the game be more coherent and polished.


    For instance Larian Studios has decided to push pack their latest game Dragon Commander (twice I think) to incoporate all the suggestions and AI fixes that have taken longer than hoped for. Of course they tend to be perfectionists so I am not surprised. Also I believe they also pushed (or will have pushed) back D:OS especially with all the funds from the KS campaign to incorporate all the backer items (summon names/background, messages, etc.)


    So in short, as long as the pushing back of release dates isn't like ... ahem.. Duke Nukem Forever.. ahem.. I am fine with it.


    Hmm, I thought they specifically said they weren't going to delay D:OS to incorporate extras but rather add them later as patches. Not that I'd mind terribly if it got delayed anyway.


    On that note: in last update I think Larian said they're already *way* over the amount of quests they'd planned for the Kickstarter, so while I won't be shocked if they don't make the release date (I mean, if they just keep adding quests without paying attention to the rest... ;) ) I have some faith they will be able to actually make it when they have 4 months to do the KS extras, tweaking mechanics and fixing bugs. :)

  14. Went back to the Divinity 2 expansion. Haven't felt like there has been much of a challenge. I've used most of the skill books to increase Wisdom and Mind Read. I'm gaining levels at a crazy rate.


    The expansion is pretty easy. Too easy probably.


    Still plodding along in Stalker: Clear Sky with Guns of Icarus Online and GRID2 on the side.

    I think I've given up entirely on SWtOR, got the expansion tried to get into it, but the only way I can call the SWtOR experience is "meh" tbh.

  15. Started a Stalker: Clear Sky playthrough as I really have to finish that game. Was immediately reminded why it was the worst of the three as well (badly implemented ideas from CoP with a worse atmosphere than SoC)


    The Guns of Icarus guys sent out Skirmish Mode keys to Kickstarter backers today so I guess that is where my game time will mostly go this weekend.

  16. I doubt the game "bombed" but at the same time those impressive numbers they are showing don't really tell us anything. Just throwing one "statistic" at people, without giving the whole set of data is useless. All we know now is that over fourteen million battlenet accounts have had a copy of D3 tied to them. Every number they show other than that comes without context - no idea how the whole population is spread among the quarters, no outliers etc.

    Hell, Steam achievements show more than that :p At least there you can tell exactly how far how many customers progressed in a game. And then you get 90% getting through the tutorial, 80% gettign through chapter 1and only 60% making it half way through any given game (my numbers totaly made up), while games with launchers have inflated "time spend" counters as what is counted is how long the launcher has been on, which people keep running to patch or maybe forget to turn off after playing.


    So, good for them (blizzard) with the sales.To the rest of their posing: *shrug*


    Wasn't there some point where you could get D3 for free when preordering some WoW expansion or somesuch (or get a lot of game time when buying D3, much more than the game price) either way that surely would inflate those numbers "slightly" with a lot of "sales" that aren't (or not really anyway).

  17. Finished up that Stalker: SoC playthrough. I need to find a mod that makes those guns you only commonly get near the end available earlier... I think I fired a total of four shots with the Gauss Rifle :(


    Also I still want to fire this baby (screenshot from CoP):



    Come on admit it, you know you want to! ;)

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    Call of Pripyat was excellent. The atmosphere more than made up for the buggy and anticlimatic endgame.

    Agreed.  Overall, it's my favorite entry in the series.



    I'm torn between SoC and CoP and in all honesty when I feel like playing Stalker I usually reach for my SoC discs for some reason. I guess the superior storytelling trumps the superior game mechanics for me. Now SoC with CoP's mechanics...that would be super awesome.


    Call of Pripyat was the Stalker game with the least amount of bugs... Great plus. But after so many years, I burned out so hard from the prior Stalker games, that I was unable to finish CoP. It just bored me to death close to the end.


    Yeah, the ending wasn't exactly strong but at least it was better than Clear Sky's; which I never finished as I got fed up when I reached the NPP... Main reason for that is they had the bright idea to dump a load of guns in your inventory when you arrived there, since I am always balancing on the weight limit this meant I got gunned down while I was trying to dump stuff from my inventory to be able to take cover. One of the single most stupid things I've run into in games to date tbh.

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