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  1. Started a Stalker: Clear Sky playthrough as I really have to finish that game. Was immediately reminded why it was the worst of the three as well (badly implemented ideas from CoP with a worse atmosphere than SoC)


    The Guns of Icarus guys sent out Skirmish Mode keys to Kickstarter backers today so I guess that is where my game time will mostly go this weekend.

  2. I doubt the game "bombed" but at the same time those impressive numbers they are showing don't really tell us anything. Just throwing one "statistic" at people, without giving the whole set of data is useless. All we know now is that over fourteen million battlenet accounts have had a copy of D3 tied to them. Every number they show other than that comes without context - no idea how the whole population is spread among the quarters, no outliers etc.

    Hell, Steam achievements show more than that :p At least there you can tell exactly how far how many customers progressed in a game. And then you get 90% getting through the tutorial, 80% gettign through chapter 1and only 60% making it half way through any given game (my numbers totaly made up), while games with launchers have inflated "time spend" counters as what is counted is how long the launcher has been on, which people keep running to patch or maybe forget to turn off after playing.


    So, good for them (blizzard) with the sales.To the rest of their posing: *shrug*


    Wasn't there some point where you could get D3 for free when preordering some WoW expansion or somesuch (or get a lot of game time when buying D3, much more than the game price) either way that surely would inflate those numbers "slightly" with a lot of "sales" that aren't (or not really anyway).

  3. Finished up that Stalker: SoC playthrough. I need to find a mod that makes those guns you only commonly get near the end available earlier... I think I fired a total of four shots with the Gauss Rifle :(


    Also I still want to fire this baby (screenshot from CoP):



    Come on admit it, you know you want to! ;)

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    Call of Pripyat was excellent. The atmosphere more than made up for the buggy and anticlimatic endgame.

    Agreed.  Overall, it's my favorite entry in the series.



    I'm torn between SoC and CoP and in all honesty when I feel like playing Stalker I usually reach for my SoC discs for some reason. I guess the superior storytelling trumps the superior game mechanics for me. Now SoC with CoP's mechanics...that would be super awesome.


    Call of Pripyat was the Stalker game with the least amount of bugs... Great plus. But after so many years, I burned out so hard from the prior Stalker games, that I was unable to finish CoP. It just bored me to death close to the end.


    Yeah, the ending wasn't exactly strong but at least it was better than Clear Sky's; which I never finished as I got fed up when I reached the NPP... Main reason for that is they had the bright idea to dump a load of guns in your inventory when you arrived there, since I am always balancing on the weight limit this meant I got gunned down while I was trying to dump stuff from my inventory to be able to take cover. One of the single most stupid things I've run into in games to date tbh.

  5. Josh was asked about his comments on BG2 a few weeks ago and what in particular he didn't like about Baldur Gate 2's implementation of quests and he responded,



    * Being flooded with quests in Athkatla - To be honest, I don't think is a controversial opinion! I've seen many other players say the same thing. BG2 has a crazy amount of quests, which is great, but the density in Athkatla was a little too crazy. I think those quests should have been spread out or staggered in some other way. PE is going to have more of an exploration focus than BG2 (though not as much as BG), so I believe that will help spread the content out more.


    I have been thinking about this for the past several days and while I can understand the reasoning behind what Josh said, I think that I may partially disagree with him in terms of whether it was a bad thing or not.


    Firstly, I would have to agree with the sentiment that compared to Chapter 2, the rest of the game felt fairly linear and less complex and that this detracted from the game. The following chapters were less fun than being able to mess around in Athkatla. However, at the same time, this doesn't detract from the fact that the multitude of quests in Chapter 2 was sort of fun and kept the player engaged and in fact may show that Chapter 2 was probably doing something right and the rest of the game was unfairly juxtaposed to a well-developed chapter.


    You had the same freedom once you got out of the Underdark, unless you suffer a serious case of completionist's syndrome and really *have* to complete every single quest before heading off to the Asylum.


    I don't think I've ever completed all the quests in Athkatla before heading off and I doubt I even did the same quests on each playthrough (though Nalia's keep was a staple) I also didn't feel like I was flooded with quests, more that Sigil, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter were some pretty dead cities, which might also be due to the fact that those entire cities are mapped while in Athkatla you only get to visit certain (parts) of districs, which imo worked a lot better and resulted in a city that felt much more alive.


    On that note I really dislike it when quests are stricly tied to a chapter (well, sometimes it makes sense of course, like Telos in KotOR...), this forces you to either complete everything before furthering the story or missing out on quests because they'll be gone if you do further the story... This is what I "read" when there's talk about "staggering" quests, I don't like it, it forces me to play a certain way and pits my "omg I wanna know what happens next" against my "noooo, must do all sidequests" and that sucks :( (DA2 was horrible in this respect)


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  6. Attempted to finish a Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl palythrough I still had lying around. Managed to fight my way into the NPP twice without picking up the decoder... Apparently I pick the thing up, manage to get myself killed without saving, reload, fight my way through Pripyat and end up before that damn door without the damn item. :(


    So, after that I decided to start on Warhammer 40K: Chaos rising, I'd finished the main game but never started the expansion, fixing that now :)

  7. They're trying to take the best parts of both, but the main inspiration is the first one. Most of the KeeperKlan community that this project sprang forth from agrees that Dungeon Keeper 1 superior to the sequel by far.


    Thanks for the info and good to hear. Not quite sure what the good part of DK2 were that weren't in DK1 but I'll sure be keeping a close eye on this game now.

  8. For backers of War For The Overworld, the bedrock beta is now available. It looks good enough that it completely changed my mind about the project.


    They're obviously making sort of a Dungeon Keeper 3 (and as I've heard they have Molyneux' blessing), but the thing I've been wondering (and nobody's been able or been willing to tell me) is whether it takes more after DK or DK2... I didn't exactly like DK2, DK1 otoh <3

  9. Edit: I just don't understand why you're playing a game you so clearly hate? I don't think I've seen you write a single positive thing about it, and you have bashed it repeatedly. Why are you still playing if it's that bad?

    I don't really hate the game that much. Is it no-where near as good as KOTOR1 and 2? Yes. Is the gameplay annoying at times. Yes. But hey, if I can tell Bio/EA where the pain-points are, maybe it can be improved upon. Sadly, the worst con is the support. Which is absolutely attrocious. Issues and issues cluthering up, no attention to people, same automatic responses to everyone, harming good classes in PvE just to suit some PvP'ers wish. Nickle-and-diming. That's the major pain point.



    Welcome to mainstream MMOs. Any MMO that considers PvP anything but an afterthought is going to balance classes around PvP eventually. It's the worst when they are balanced around solo-PvP (eg. arenas...) because classes lose their identify fast that way (just look at WoW)

  10. Free to play has apparently been good to SWTOR


    I always find it interesting that this model can work.  Though I guess the subscriber base didn't change a whole lot, but the influx of F2P players has helped out (while helping populate the servers more).


    The numbers are since going F2P, that was after the majority of people that stopped playing dropped out of the game. Just felt like that needed clarification.


    On another note, bought the expansion but can't say I have much of an urge to play, dunno why, the story seems decent enough so far.


    Yeah, I am about 6 or 7 hours in and having a lot of fun with Tomb Raider too.  I think they did a great job with Lara's character.

    I'd go so far as to say - if they don't stuff up the end (and I think I'm about 2/3 or 3/4 through) - that its the best one since the original (mind you I stopped playing the games in the series about midway through 3). Its not perfect -



    I wish there was a little more historical information when you find the hidden tombs as well as the other bonuses you find in them; but it seems like the only island background you get tomb wise is the story areas you hit. Which I understand, but it'd be neat to get more historical or cultural details from hunting the tombs outside of the critical path



    - but it does most of the things it tries well and I really like Lara's character and development like you. I'm not sure how they'd sustain this game model in a second game not so greatly hinged on a pivotal point for her character, but I'd like to see them try.



    Don't hold your breath for the ending imho.


    It's a good game an-sich, but as a Tomb Raider game, I dunno. I'm rather ambivalent towards this one.

  12. Disney and EA sign multi-year Star Wars deal


    BURBANK & REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) today announced a new multi-year exclusive licensing agreement to develop and publish globally new games based on Star Wars characters and storylines.


    Under the agreement, EA will develop and publish new Star Wars titles for a core gaming audience, spanning all interactive platforms and the most popular game genres, while Disney will retain certain rights to develop new titles within the mobile, social, tablet and online game categories.


    “This agreement demonstrates our commitment to creating quality game experiences that drive the popularity of the Star Wars franchise for years to come,” said John Pleasants, Co-President of Disney Interactive. “Collaborating with one of the world’s premier game developers will allow us to bring an amazing portfolio of new Star Wars titles to our fans around the world.”


    “Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe,” said EA Labels President Frank Gibeau. “Three of our top studios will fulfill that dream, crafting epic adventures for Star Wars fans. DICE and Visceral will produce new games, joining the BioWare team which continues to develop for the Star Wars franchise. The new experiences we create may borrow from films, but the games will be entirely original with all new stories and gameplay.”


    Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.



    Obsidian loses out - again.


    And so do we. :(

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  13. If you want to play the game, wouldn't you be doing a better job of demonstrating that the preorder bonus is a bad idea if you bought the game, sans preorder bonus?


    I likely won't get it at release, unless they do something massively to change my mind, because of my aforementioned doubt. By the time I *might* get around to it Wasteland 2 and D:OS will be released. So I guess I'll get it in the bargain bin unless it gets raving reviews (that is, raving reviews from people that matter, the disqualifies most major gaming press right there ;))


    High heels aren't very practical, but people still wear them 'cause they look nice. Same reason someone would choose to wear an enchanted mail bikini that provides the same protection as a full suit of plate (which is what centurion was asking about).

    What, they want to look sexy for the orcs they're murdering? Give me a break.


    That said, the idea of a character whose power in battle is directly proportionate to how sexy she (or he!) thinks she looks is kind of awesome.



    I'm pretty sure Dream was referring to why women wear high heals irl.


    For bystanders it provides added hilarity, we have a lot of cobblestones over here, I'll leave the rest to your imagination... ;)


    This is really coming along nicely.


    I am really on the fence on this one. The concept looks really nice, but...they jumped on the "bad pre-order bonuses" bandwagon AND it appears to be designed for consoles (or at least controllers)... Getting a crippled game puts me off of buying a regular copy after release (and reviews) and the second puts me off of pre-ordering. I might hold out until a GOTY edition or somesuch, assuming they put in the stuff they cut out as pre-order bonus.

  16. This difference between the late 90s golden age and this possible "upcoming" golden age is that the "upcoming" one is a throwback to the original.  In the late 90s, it was still pushing new things.


    I'm more eager to see what new things come down the pipe with the Kickstarters, rather than promises of going back to the "good old days."


    Swen Vincke said something along the same lines in one of his interviews (iirc he actually said that a lot of innovative idea "lines" from the "last golden age" as you call it have just died and are waiting for someone to pick them up and continue experimenting with them). I suspect that once we have the "classic genres" back that the big publishers dropped because they weren't mainstream enough we'll start seeing more experimentation again. While Dragon Commander at first didn't seem like my cup of tea I consider it a start in that direction (from what I understood you plan conquest turn based, actual battles are rts but you can hop into the fray turning it into more of a fps and somewhere in there is also a lot of politics)


    Kickstarter isn't really a storefront though.


    But you are right that it doesn't guarantee excellent games; odds are there will be some stinkers that get made (and good games that don't get funded).


    I think that this way less good games end up not getting funded than with big publishers, so it's still a win in the end :)

  17. I don't normally care about "Achievements", but I noticed the Legacy thing keeps track of all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately the "tracker" window seems completely stuff :lol:


    Tacking achievement:


    0, 0, 1 - Wonkability


    Etc (not made up it really write stuff that looks like developer comments).


    I've also got achievements that have 70 out 80 completed, yet each individual component is 100% solved. That's going to be a bit hard getting the remaining 10 points ;)


    There are things that were removed after beta and never added back in but afaik still count as "requirements" to completion of certain things.

  18. The Esseles (republic) and Black Talon (imperial) are probably the flashpoints that are more story-centric, dialogue, and have potential choices that change how they play out.

    The majority of the rest are pretty much the same regardless of whether you're playing Imp or Rep - Except the story specific Revan related paired flashpoints that crop up around level 33-36.


    Although I will say it is surprisingly satisfying to finally be able to shoot Grand Moff Kilran in the face.


    I find it sufficiently lame we don't get to do the same to any of the Republic bigshots (that I noticed), I smell a bias, raaage! :(



    Shovelware is the new AAA.


    EDIT: kidding aside, I see this is a Spiders game who worked on Of Orcs and Men so I should check this out (although Cyanide wrote the story for that game).

    Of Orcs and Men has some really nasty DRM (apparently most Cyanide games do) which is why I've stayed well away from it for now. Maybe I'll pick it up when (if ever) it appears on GOG.




    I have a boxed copy of Of Orcs and Men, and it merely uses Steamworks.


    I think you've just been lucky to not hit the limit yet.


    See Steam forums here

  20. * The fighting and RPG systems are sort of like something along the lines of The Witcher 2.

    I must be one of few to consider the combat being compared to Witcher 2 to be a bad thing. How bad depends on whether you mean fighting before or after they patched Witcher 2...


    Shovelware is the new AAA.


    EDIT: kidding aside, I see this is a Spiders game who worked on Of Orcs and Men so I should check this out (although Cyanide wrote the story for that game).

    Of Orcs and Men has some really nasty DRM (apparently most Cyanide games do) which is why I've stayed well away from it for now. Maybe I'll pick it up when (if ever) it appears on GOG.


    CDP has stupid idea, CDP realises is stupid idea.


    Good times.

    It's definitely better than: <company name> has stupid idea, <company name> is told idea is stupid, <company name> goes through with it anyway,  <company name> keeps insisting stupid idea was great idea.  That scenario has happened all too often.


    Buddhists say there are 3 steps to wrong doing:


    Step 1:  Thinking about it

    Step 2:  Doing it

    Step 3:  Celebrating it


    The sooner you stop the less damage that is done.  I commend CD Projekt RED for stopping at Step 1.


    I can't resist but add "...this time" to that last sentence while pointing at Witcher 2.

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