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  1. Could have saved us a lot of trouble just saying that you were a transphobe instead of dressing it up in that whole freedom of speech cloak. Her, bigot. And she posted it. On twitter. Someday I'm going to meet a slightly intelligent bigot. It has to happen eventually, right? You could try looking in a mirror, but you might be dissapointed. Sorry, I don't normally resort to jibes like that... Her, bigot. And she posted it. On twitter. Someday I'm going to meet a slightly intelligent bigot. It has to happen eventually, right? Well that turned into ****flinging pretty quickly. How about you both take a nap?
  2. Arouet linked to a post on KiA. The post in question was pretty crazy but was downvoted pretty heavily and criticized on KiA http://puu.sh/h0PkB/937e888a70.png Arouettes argument was that KiA isn't full of sane people. The response to that thread tells me otherwise though. But honestly, can we please stop talking about KiA?
  3. If they're gonna censor this joke, then why is this child abuse still a thing?
  4. Pretty sad to see this. I'll be having second thoughts when I get the option to buy Obsidians future products.
  5. I'm having issues reading a gothic-styled font. All the letters seem to blend together and form an almost incohesive text which makes reading it a chore for me. Does anyone have a plain text version of the pre-almanac?
  6. Thanks for the link. So basically only knockdown, the unnamed group knockdown, into the frey and crippling guard? I mean, the rest could as well just be boring stats increases. :/
  7. These fighter abilities seem rather lackluster, most of them being easily grouped to "abilities regarding hitting more/harder" or "abilities regarding longevity/taking more damage"; the only interesting one for me was Crippling Guard that at least had a crowd control function. Why are there not any knockback abilities? No way of pinning the enemy down or swapping positions with them? These are also possible 'tanking' abilities and just as disciplinary... To me it would be more interesting if fighters have the option to choose a few of these just as the monks do. Maybe the problem lies in me seeing only a few of the abilities while there are many more interesting unlisted abilities, with the ones being shown just being there to show the focus of the class. This aside, I ****ing love the portrait.
  8. I remember how screwed up the release of SotS 2 was which seemed to be pushed out way too early. It took almost a year before the gamebreaking bugs were taken out and features that were promised were added in. It shows to me how pushy and forceful Paradox can be with its developer. Back then I pre-ordered the game because of my love for the original and it was the first time I got burned for doing this. By the time the game was actually decent and playable, it was deeply discounted. Now, after kickstarting project eternity, this happens. I'm sorry but as far as I am concerned, this is bad news.
  9. It could be anecdotal evidence if you stated what games with these elements you have played, why you didn't like it then and how this relates to the current game. Usually, that doesn't happen. Those statements have been made (by multiple people) in the main thread. They include world of warcraft and diablo 3 but also games like arcanum.
  10. It's not a strawman, it's anecdotal evidence. Wow, I wish people would stop yelling strawman for every _potential_ fallacy. The thing is, we don't have any evidence as of yet that this system will be any different from the others.
  11. What irks me as well is that taking crafting is encouraged by having item degradation in the game. Making a system where players who don't really want to get the crafting skill for the crafting get penalized more than the players that already like crafting and are taking that skill.
  12. Ugh. Crafting... "Crafting". One of the mistakes a lot of developers make is to add crafting to the game and then simplify it to something like "add fire damage to your sword". Nevermind the foodcrafting: "Drink milk to gain a mana buff" and then "drink goat milk to gain a slightly bigger mana buff". Usually crafting is the most boring part of the game and sometimes even mandatory, depending on the game. I sincerely hope that the developers do it correctly and don't add any mundane stuff like the examples above to the game. Considering however how simplified the durability mechanics seem, I am afraid the whole crafting thing will turn out to be as bad as it usually is. Which brings me to another point, one which Bhazor mentioned as well: Why add durability mechanics in a single player game? Normally it is a gold sink in MMO's so that the economy does not inflate (since there are an inifite amount of mobs they can farm on and gold sinks from trading via an auction house are not enough). In a single player game it should not even matter and becomes even a chore to keep going back to town and repair the weapons. A 'quest' crafting system where you have to look for parts of the artifact with a story involved in it would be a much better experience since devs can then give the item some actual personality. And if you don't want to involve writers in a questline for an item, then something as the crafting in dark souls might be interesting as well, where you can forge a weapon from the soul of your enemy (for example the fiery greatsword from the soul of quelaag, a lavaspitting arachne; or the moonlight greatsword which can slice things from afar, made of the soul of a giant moonlight butterfly) Yeah, this is basically the update I am the least excited about. Slightly annoyed even.
  13. You're just taking the few recurring arcane elements from other games but are forgetting what we had before in the DnD universe as a wizard? We already have had different damage types; - force (magic missile) - acid (melfs acid arrow) - positive and negative energy damage types - divine (i think flamestrike was half-divine, half-fire?) - sonic ... (here's a list: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=139529 ) buffs and debuffs; - mind-affecting spells like tasha's hideous laughter - prismatic spray (a bit of a random status effect) - sleep - (lesser) globe of invulnerability - 'stat damage' (spells damaging str, dex, con and stuff like that) ... utility spells; - knock (opening locked doors) - invisibility - detect invisibility - dimension door summons etc etc etc ... Nevermind the priest, ranger & druid spells... Most of these if not all were in the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games... Even temporal manipulation as mentioned by aluminiumtrioxid was already in BG (remember timestop? Yeah it was overpowered as hell.) When I play a wizard in Pathfinder or DnD 3.5, I personally found this to be quite enough and the explanation and workings on them were pretty extensive. I am happy with how it was with the BG and icewind dale games and I find that games like Dungeons of Dredmor which have silly, parodical names for the spells and abilities (like a mustache golem) to be a bit too off-putting for a more serious game like Project Eternity. Some of these suggestions even get closer to a Sci-fi feel rather than a Fantasy feel. When i see things like "molecular deconstruction" and "Radiation fields, particle beams, structural disruption" I feel conflicted and not in the right place in that world. It's mostly because I feel like I'm not playing a fantasy game but rather that it's something set in the future with implants and I'd feel conflicted to see guys still running around with swords. If they'd understand the concepts of matter, radiation, and molecules, why would they still use swords? For me these suggestions would make less sense than the elements plus whatever else they were having myths or tales about back on whenever it was based on. So yeah, I voted no because there is enough variety and voted other because the poll forced me to still pick one from the second row -.-
  14. We all expect to hear decent music in our games but most of the times, decent music just doesn't cut it. What we need is music that you really easily remember because it was more in the foreground. I can understand that there is so much music that serves as background music that doesn't distract from the game itself. However, these days there just isn't much music in games that sticks and I think that's a real shame. I'm talking about proper thematic music, not just random orchestral score #32. Everyone knows the intro in BG2 but there are also things like Waukeen's Promenade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcHnqodZoJM You can see it from the comments yourself, people looked forward to listening to it after a long dungeon. It soothes you I'll give another example where music is more in the foreground: (starts at around 1 min 10 sec) Here is that same music being used in Hawken and you can see the player just having lots of fun with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCi-U5iiUeU (Of course, it's a very different type of music that probably doesn't fit in Project Eternity but it's there as an example.) I am hoping that PE will have the type of music that isn't 'afraid' of being heard. As for the topic, do you have any memorable music to share? What do you hope to get from PE's BGM?
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