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  1. Did anyone else feel that the game looks too much like Baldur's Gate? I mean literally, even the mouse cursor is the same?? Don't get me wrong I am as excited about this game as everyone else, but it's just that I was hoping the game to be inspired by the old BG type games, but stand on its own feet as a new take on the genre like Divinity has done. Now to me it looks like Pillars of Eternity is a BG sequel made 10 years ago.
  2. So you guys have seen this? http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-03-18-paradox-publishing-pillars-of-eternity-obsidians-explanation
  3. I have decided not to back another kickstarter funded game, since almost every project I have backed have not been able to keep up with their promises.. In almost all cases, the release date are (purposely?) way too optimistic and systematically every deadline is missed, and features are most often underwhelming to what have been promised in the beginning in the campaign. I payed 100 pounds for the Elite Dangerous beta in the good faith of playing it on february, but the schedule is now way behind in the alpha and I don't expect to be taking part in the beta before April. People a
  4. I'm so glad that this game is going to be real time with pause (was saddened to see Torment becoming turn based). Because of that I just upgraded my pledge to get Beta access..
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