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  1. Very nice update. One thing that caught my attention - you have only mentioned weapon specialisations... Is there an option (like in the AD&D/IE games) to choose a weapon *and shield* specialisation? Or do the fighters automatically gain the ability to use one-handed weapon(s) together with shield without specialisation? Are there any special uses for the shields in PoE? Can you perform attacks with them? Also - Nonek was right about the fighter(?) lady portrait. It's a great artwork but the face seems a bit skewed. That's because the lips are too wide, try to cover the corner of her l
  2. Speaking of UI, have you guys decided yet which way will you go with the layout? IWD- or BG-like? Or will it be customizable so we could choose either. edit - typo
  3. Very informative update Are you using any kind of mocap? Or are these keyframe only animations? Boox is right, the Revenant animation looks weird because the pelvis/center of mass doesn't move relative to the ground, to make it more natural the pelvis should move up and down, rotate and swing side-to-side as the weight is shifted from one leg to the other.
  4. It would be nice to see some remakes of classic gladiator helmets in the game. They look rather intimidating.
  5. It's more or less ok on the first two screens imho. The reflections are weird on the last screen though. Looks like an inside of a nuclear reactor illuminated with Cherenkov radiation. I think that making it way darker would add a bit more realism. Also, 3d water surface tends to look slightly more natural and life-like when two layers of displacement noise are mixed, one with a fine grain and the other of slightly higher amplitude.
  6. Yeah, I hope that there's a bit more to it than what we saw. I remember that Josh Sawyer said they had some problems arranging the buildings within the walled area, but I agree with you that the current layout doesn't look too good.
  7. Thanks mate, much appreciated! Funny thing though, now that I rearanged the area within the walls I kind of understand the logic behind Obsidian design. When there's just one huge fortified building that takes up so much space, there's really little you can do to to represent all the promised "components" of the stronghold. I.e. I see how they needed to cater for the needs of many e.g. botanical garden/maze/forum etc. There needs to be place for all that stuff and all of it is equally important as some people will have fun growing poisonous plants, others hone their stealth skill in the maze
  8. Hmmm, *emotionally* flat? Call me naive but I think Satananas did quite a brave thing here: he had an idea, he created something to express it, he showed it to us and took all the harsh critique very calmly. If only every *artist* did that. I kinda admire him for that, good sir. It's not about his 3d models being good or bad - usually it is by making mistakes we learn how not to make them. Satananas made his first step in 3d modelling and I hope he'll make another (bearing in mind our advice and opinions), maybe someday he'll become another Hector Espinoza? It's easy to say "that's not art" a
  9. I don't really think Obsidian will change the stronghold apeareance too much and deviate siginficantly from what we saw in the released screenshots. Maybe it's too late, maybe it's too much work for the graphics dept. at this point in the development cycle. But it's important to try and provide some constructive critique and feedback - maybe the devs will say "hey, that's not a bad idea, let's note that down and implement this stuff in the add-on or future update". Thing is, Hector, Kaz and Polina are jaw-droppingly awesome at what they do. And as pros, I'm sure they welcome all kinds of cre
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