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  1. This is how you find my weapon: 1. Upgrade your fort, like alot. 2. Get lucky.mp3 (its random) 3. Profit.jpg (Edit: lol, what that guy above said)
  2. Most be monday or tuesday in some country by now, right??
  3. First i thought "Why not" - then i remember the blabbering in BG and how annoying it where in each battle.
  4. No problem what-so-ever to complete the info in the backer site. Used PP after the actual KS ended, so i wanna give a hand to Obsidian for not forgetting about us dropping by a little late.
  5. Anything loud and explosive can't be a bad idea... can it? I have a feeling adding a bullet projectile function would mean plenty of new work added already upon what will be there with arrows.
  6. I don't necessary dislike the isometric view. I loved the two first Fallout games. But, the feeling i felt after going from Fallout to BG was that the whole world, the camera angle i guess felt like it was a hanging painting and that everything would fall of it if the physics would get removed from the game engine. So keeping it a 3D-view like Wasteland 2 does wouln't have been a bad idea. Just my 5 cents on the subject.
  7. 2nd that MapMan. Same story for me. How much longer will the Paypal be up? Its been a more then a week since it ended now.
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