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  1. Then I would suggest retrying but adding a /userva setting - start at a relatively low value like 2500 (which would allow processes access to 2.4GB memory). If that fails, then shortage of pool-paged memory would be the next possibility. See Memory Management - Understanding Pool Resources for more on this - you will need to install 3 items to diagnose this: Debugging Tools for Windows (included in this SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4.0 - to install the Debugging Tools for Windows as a standalone component, in the SDK installation wizard, select Debugging Tools for Windows, and cl
  2. Sorry to hear of those problems - but there is another switch noted in the comments to the blog entry that is supposed to avoid most likely issues, /userva=xxxx, which fine-tunes the memory allocation. The problem you describe seems very unexpected, since activating the /3GB switch alone should only restrict PAE and reduce the shared/non-shared kernel memory pools. I'm currently using it on WinXP myself. Are you running any software that affects low-level disk reads/writes like encryption?
  3. PC games software on CD/DVD doesn't tend to have regional restrictions (with a few exceptions, only Quake II springs to mind) however any physical copy you buy is going to contain the Steam version, which being Steam, has its own longevity, privacy and security issues (Obsidian will release a DRM-free disc to Kickstarter supporters as noted here, but that won't be done until most of the current bugs have been fixed and doesn't seem likely to be made available to non-backers). If you want to avoid potential DRM issues, the best option is to purchase from GOG. No physical items, but no need
  4. DirectX 9 initialization failure was the cause reported in your logs. Since you mention your system being a new install, it's most likely you don't have DirectX 9.0 installed - download and run this DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010) to fix that. This would be necessary for any other games using DirectX 9.0 too. Edit: Your OpenGL setup looks to be problematic too. Check that you have installed recent Catalyst drivers for your AMD graphics card.
  5. Have you tried the /3GB fix? PoE's memory usage will increase as you progress further, so you've likely now hit the 2GB limit for unmodified 32-bit systems.
  6. It might be worth giving MSI Afterburner a try - don't think it has a frame limiter but it does provide fan control and the ability to increase fan speeds once certain temperature thresholds are reached. That should provide better cooling though at the cost of more fan noise. A laptop cooler is another option to consider - these are fairly cheap and can help lower temperatures.
  7. I'm running PoE on WiinXP SP3 also and had no issues at first. However memory consumption does increase as you progress further into the game and I found it necessary to apply the /3GB modification after gaining the stronghold. That may not apply in your case, but it seems best to be forewarned. Aside from that, PoE seems to run pretty well on WinXP.
  8. Welcome to the forums Magnify, According to your log, the crash happened due to a graphics hardware error (with the UnityGfxDeviceWorker thread actually crashing). The first thing to check for is that you have the most recent graphics drivers for your GPU.
  9. Thanks for posting the DirectX file - that has highlighted two possible issues. You don't seem to have proper graphics drivers installed for your Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 (no date is given) so you should get the latest Forceware drivers from Nvidia. Secondly, your audio drivers are dated (2009 vintage) so updating these might be a good idea also. The file also shows you are running a Polish 64-bit version of Windows, so the output_log.txt file should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\output_log.txt - the full path can vary dependi
  10. Why bump a thread when a solution has been given to you? Did you even try it? If it didn't work, then actually saying so would be the appropriate thing to do - not just bumping and expecting others to psychically determine your issue. If the fix didn't work, then read the MUST READ... thread and follow the instructions there.
  11. Are you running anything that creates an overlay on the game screen? (e.g. Steam's overlay, MSI Afterburner on-screen statistics, etc). Try disabling them if so. Otherwise, that just looks weird. Aside from trying a graphics adapter update, there's not much else to suggest, aside from a reinstall to exclude the possibility of corrupted files.
  12. The default location for the output_log on Steam versions of PoE should be C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\output_log.txt. The "MUST READ..." thread gives details on getting a dxdiag file (the DirectX Diagnostic which provides thorough details of your system). Save this file somewhere where it will be easy to retrieve like in C:\. To attach a file, click on "More Reply Options" under the quick reply box to take you to the full reply screen. There will be an "Attach Files" section with 2 boxes, each with a "Choose" button to their right. Click on the
  13. Game performance is pretty dire given the simple graphics provided, but an R9 280 shouldn't be having such issues. Have you tried updating your Catalyst drivers and ensuring you are not using them to force/override any options like AA?
  14. Pshemcio1, Please review the MUST READ: How to Report an Issue sticky thread. You need to post the output_log.txt files and dxdiag.txt files in your next post to give anyone here half a chance of finding the cause of your problem.
  15. Won't work for those who choose to contribute to Tor (a volunteer-run network) by running an exit node, since Nexus would prevent account creation via direct connection also. As such a "self-respecting gamer" (me, I'm more the self-abusing type...), you'll no doubt be aware of all the other modding forums like Spellhold Studios, Gibberlings3, PocketPlane or the Chosen of Mystra who offer mods for download without requiring payment or membership. And who have been doing so for longer than the Nexus. Tor is an important privacy tool, not only capable of frustrating TLA agencies but also making i
  16. See http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-182-windows-32-bit-crashing-occasionally-or-on-specific-area-transitions/ for a fix.
  17. Unforunately, Nexus do not allow account creation for those who use Tor (and presumably other online privacy tools). Now that is their perogative, but it does confirm the post title as correct - mods on Nexus not being freely available. And their method of pushing premium accounts is really just as sleazy (though not illegal) as the behaviour of some "free" download sites. Not Obsidian's fault, but a plea for any modmakers out there - please provide mirrors using sites that don't require accounts. Also some of the BG2 modding forums should be willing to provide hosting.
  18. If you have 2GB RAM or less, the /3GB modification should still work but instead of crashing, you will experience slower performance as more memory gets paged to disk (as noted by peddroelm). The setting affects the amount of virtual memory a process can use which is "real RAM" plus "pagefile on disk". If you do encounter noticeably slower performance with PoE, consider a RAM upgrade as your first priority.
  19. See http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-182-windows-32-bit-crashing-occasionally-or-on-specific-area-transitions/
  20. A better option in my view would be to have 2 sets of autosaves - area autosaves and combat autosaves (plus possibly a third - plot-critical autosaves). In the meantime, consider using a file versioning utility to keep backup copies of old autosaves - Aphar Backup is my suggestion (Dutch webpage, but software works in English) since it is free and light - all the other choices I've found require .NET Framework but these include AutoVer, Yadis Backup (both free also) or the commercial File Hamster. Using one of these can save future grief with PoE and other games (though you will probably nee
  21. Bienvenu chez ces forums DraktharZakath, No errors reported in output_log.txt, graphics drivers look up to date but sound drivers are 2012 vintage - given that you are using an HP notebook, your best chance of finding a later driver would be to check http://www8.hp.com/us/en/drivers.html However if the problem always happens after 10 minutes, then it is most likely due to high temperatures - either the graphcs card or the CPU. Try using MSI Afterburner to check graphics card temperatures and CoreTemp (64-bit) (32-bit users can get their version of CoreTemp here) to monitor CPU temperat
  22. Welcome to the forums Dudill, Your drivers look up to date and the output_log isn't showing any errors. If the problem only happens when saving a game, then that suggests a disk issue - try: Checking your disk(s) aren't getting full - in particular the disks used to hold temp files and the User folder; Check your Event log for any errors or unusual messages relating to your disks; Run a Chkdsk to check for any disk errors. Another possibility is if you have backup software that runs continuously. While this is normally a good thing to use, the PoE save system seems to create (and then delet
  23. Please post the dxdiag file anyway - it provides key information about your software and hardware setup which can help others to identify known issues or conflicts.
  24. Welcome to the forums Yuri89, Check which version of Windows you are using. If it is 32-bit then you may need to change startup settings - see Windows 32-bit: Crashing occasionally or on specific area transitions. Otherwise, please run a DirectX diagnostic (see here for instructions), save the results and post the dxdiag.txt file created in your next post.
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