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  1. After some looking around I found more people who had a similar problem when using the 3GB switch. However, it seemed all of those people had XP. So I decided to take the risk and try the 3GB trick on my vista. Thus far it seems to have worked. My pc boots normally, that's already a big plus I could return to my stronghold and haven't had a crash yet. I will definitely keep your other suggestions at hand for when/if I run into problems again. Thanks!
  2. That is not without risk. It doesn't magically increase memory, but instead reallocates memory normally only used for internal processes. The 3GB switch can destabilize some things. I did this on another computer, a windows XP, when Crusader Kings II failed to create save game files, making it pointless to play. After editing the boot.ini for the 3GB trick windows refused to boot properly, either getting stuck on an infinite CHKDSK loop or getting a "failed to load personal settings" error and kicking me out. It didn't even let me boot windows in safe mode. Fortunately, I had another compu
  3. Looks like a weapon glow in the wrong position. Do you have a fire enchant?
  4. I've had this happen too, about 2-3 times. In the same zone even. Party in 1 room, enemies in the other one, tank moves through door to pull and back into my room to bottleneck them and somehow someone hit my mage before any of the enemies even get close to the door. It only happens once per fight, as if at the very start of the fight they don't see the wall, but then later have to look for a new target.
  5. After having met the dragon on the 15th level I can still go upstairs and leave my stronghold. But after having left the stronghold area the game crashes when I return to it. Tried it several times, tried coming from different zones, always a crash. Some more testing revealed that I had the problem long before the 15th floor. I don't have any saves left before I was on floor 12, but I already had the problem there. It could be a memory issue since I have a 32 bit computer. I used to have a similar issue where I could no longer return to Copperlane in act 2, but that got fixed in 1.04 (t
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