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  1. Have you actually tried that? Cause it doesn't work for me. My main character always ends up in front, no matter who I place in front in the custom formations, and no matter how I rearrange the character icons. Pretty bad, if you play an unarmoured rogue archer ... Made a ]thread about it in the support section. As for tactics: I beat it by putting some plate armour on my rogue, which let her survive the fight despite being forced into a disastrous position by the game, and equipped each and every character with a slow-firing ranged weapon (arquebus, pistol, blunderbuss, arbalest). Let everyone attack wyrmund at the start of the fight, which will take off most of his HP (and a lucky arbalest shot might knock him down). Then you can swap to melee weapons with your tanks, and finish off wyrmund with spells/secondary ranged weapons with the rest of the group. Once he's down, the rest of the mobs shouldn't be too hard to kill. I'm playing on hard, iirc. Might not work as well on the highest difficulty...
  2. Must have uploaded a file for the wrong character accidentally, sry. However, the actual save needs 2.3MB of space, and the site only lets me upload 500KB ... Here's a screenshot, if that helps.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but it is infuriating either way, so here goes: In cutscenes (e.g. at the end of the "Dyrford Ruins" area, when the party moves into Wymund's room) the formation of the party is ignored. Instead, the main character is placed in front. Entering the room in scouting mode does not alter the outcome, even making another character (such as Eder) the party leader does not influence the positioning of the group. If you play a "squishy" main character (ranged rogue, wizard, etc.), you will usually end up with the main character boxed in by hostile melee characters on one side, and the party's tanks on the other side, resulting in them going down without the player being able to do anything about it, since both ranged and melee hostiles are able to immediately attack a rather fragile character. What's so infuriating about it is that the player is given zero agency - control is wrestled away from the player for the cutscene (which is bad enough on it's own ...), and a (disastrous) tactical decision is made for them without giving them any way to interfere at all. The ability to customize party formation is a huge boon when playing a fragile main character - it would be great if they could be used in cutscenes aswell.
  4. @AndreaColombo: I opened a thread for the same issue yesterday (although it's a crossbowman in my case). There's a savegame attached to it: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78515-enemies-shoot-through-walls/ Have fun with it
  5. Archer enemy (Skaen Temple Sentry) shoots my rogue through a solid wall. How to reproduce: - Load the save game - Activate stealth - Send the the party (except the main character "Anoren") into the door south of them, and attack the cultist in the middle of the room as soon as they get spotted. Don't move the main character. - Skaen Temple Sentry will shoot (and usually kill) the main character, even though there's clearly no line of sight. It doesn't always happen immediately, sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds. If you watch carefully, you can actually see the arrow fly through the wall (so there is no second sentry sneaking up from behind or something - it really is the sentry in the corner). On a side note: I had substantial difficulty uploading the files necessary to give you a detailed description. Would have liked to upload a screenshot to make things clearer, as well as the output log you requested in the "How to report an issue"-Sticky, but file size restrictions did not allow it (just ~20KB left after uploading the savegame). 5dfd48c9-54c7-42a9-9207-b80a67f506b9 quicksave.zip
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