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  1. I was not really sure if its safe to use this. Also, it seems like it makes windows use more then 2gb of ram..but i have only 2gb ram so will it do anything?
  2. So, my pc is crap i am running on 32 bit windows with 2gb ram so i crashed alot before 1.04 now when i have to patch, i played straight for 4 hours smooth game without crash, so i was really really happy But then i went to gilded vale, and crash on loading.. tried again, crash on loading .. tried about 5 times restarting game pc everything, crash on loading .. only gilded vale... i cant basically get there, once it loaded then i wanted to enter one building.. crash, so... is it my trash pc or why i only crash in gilded vale? { btw before i was in gilded vale pretty much alot of time, and no c
  3. Hi, i have no idea where to ask this so i am sorry if this is in wrong forum, but i want to know if there is going to be some patch or something to fix crashes on 32 bit systems or i am just doomed forever? This game is just pure gold for me i really liked everything about it so far and i would really like to play it more, but.. my computer is not the best and i only have 2gb ram on 32 bit system so ... i just had to know if i should wait or just give up. { ofc talking about crashes when loading places, leveling up etc. }
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