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  1. Those aren't very functional weapon designs, they look more like ornaments than real weapons. But they look awesome. Metal armor isn't very functional when facing fire but I don't see you complaining about that. They don't look awesome, they look more like toys in my eye. Metal armor works fine against bursts of fire, but against constant fire there is very we suits what one can wear that it will protect its wearer against continuously rising temperature. So against fireball steel armour is pretty good, but middle of inferno there is not really anything what one can wear so tha s/he can survive long period of time. What is the meaning of chasing the full realism in an unreal world ?
  2. Those aren't very functional weapon designs, they look more like ornaments than real weapons. So it's not easy weapons. These are examples for the rare and unique weapons.
  3. I think that the weapons should be not only functional, but also beautiful.
  4. Что-то типа : Я просто засуммонил волка и понеслось ? )))
  5. На первой картинке нежить какая-то, кости торчат ) На второй больше на элементаля похож.
  6. They must have only one item of expenditure : The creation of the best RPG in history.
  7. In the example of the Arcanum, just shows the relationship of, and in the Fallout ability to predict the reaction to your dialogue.
  8. It is only about dialogs. For example Cipher predict the reaction of the NPC on your every word. And the NPC for example, may be offended, when they heard from you disparaging remark about religion.
  9. Yes, there is such a problem. Wrote simple sentences, hoped that the translator cope.
  10. As at the expense of emotions in the game ? In Fallout 2 was a skill that allows to define the emotional state of the interlocutor and his reaction. In Arcanum was the spell, showing how to you include the surrounding.
  11. I don't think it is too difficult to implement. For example in the Sacred , different characters start the game in different locations.
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