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  1. I managed to reproduce the bug with another character I rushed through on Story mode. Basically, what happened is that I killed Mokeha in Satahuzi, which prompted the Storm Speaker to attack me, but I didn't kill her, I sneaked past her. Which means she couldn't be on the beach, but I'm also thinking since I didn't kill her, any failsaves about the ship relating to her death don't trigger. I'm going to try to kill her with my main character to see if this will jolt the proper triggers. EDIT: When I killed her, the NPC which is supposed to spawn instead of her spawns and I can continue. Maybe look into her spawning if the Storm Speaker is hostile and not only dead for a later patch or something.
  2. The new patch didn't fix it. Is there a console command I can use to skip this dialogue? I really don't want to restart and maybe run into this bug again.
  3. Since GOG Galaxy's verify/repair has never worked for me and I have to uninstall, download and reinstall the game for that to happen, here's a link to the output log. If nobody can recreate the bug, I'll do it of course. EDIT: Tried removing Eder from the party and his dialogue still triggers, even though he isn't there, but I'm not given the choice to set his class. I tried this using an earlier save before going to Vilario's.
  4. When I completed everything at Port Maje and the governor told me to go back to the ship so his men can get it repaired, the dockworker triggers Eder's intro dialogue and I get the option to set his class again. This loops and I can't continue. I only have 2 mods installed, Enhanced UI and less xp. I don't think they should affect it this way, but who knows. EDIT: Disabled them and loaded an earlier save, same thing. Couldn't upload my save game using the forum uploads, so here's a Google Drive link
  5. Pretty much what it says on the tin. When I enter combat, at one point the drivers crash, the screen flickers black, then they recover and I have to close PoE2. The game is obviously unplayable like this. This is a new problem, as I didn't experience this before patch 1.2. My video drivers are up to date. The output log says "d3d11 has failed to create a buffer". The game doesn't start at all if I try to force d9 from the shortcut, trying to force it through GOG Galaxy starts the game, but it still crashes with the same error message in the output log. EDIT: Turns out it's not only combat, it crashes randomly with graphics set to low with the same error message, but also with "d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture" in the output log. My graphics card is an AMD rx460 if that makes any difference. EDIT2: So, after extensive googling, I found what the problem was. I also had an unrelated problem that made this issue worse. If anyone else is having the same issues with d3d11 in any Unity engine game, you should enable V-Sync, that is what fixed it for me. output_log.txt
  6. "Sub-classes don't have unique passives" is kind of a cop-out, though, if that's what they are thinking. Why shouldn't sub-classes have unique passives? I was already skeptical of the whole sub-class thing and now I'm even more so. Yeah, sure, it's a slippery slope after that with arguments like "why doesn't MY sub-class have uniques?", but that's not very serious and a bit whiny. It's much worse that they are removing options that were already there, especially ones as interesting as the Skaen Priest one, rather than adding some more for specific sub-classes. I would've made the sub-class effects passives that you can pick up along the level-up process, but eh, that's neither here nor there.
  7. Prey on the Weak can be a passive that you can pick up on level 3 and can be greyed out if you are a multi-class Rogue, like when you pick a passive from another class and the same one is greyed out on the other. The solutions are endless, the desire just has to be there.
  8. Why would it be bad? If you mean bad for newbies, the game clearly states that multi-classing is an "advanced technique" when choosing whether you want it to multi-class or not.
  9. Like I said, they can just apply the highest sneak attack bonus, not have them all stack. I'm disappointed in this because a lot of cool combinations are not available. Like a Devoted/Skaen Priest would be essentially a Rogue/Fighter/Priest triple-class-like build. I tried a Devoted (Stiletto)/Skaen Priest in the beta, but it doesn't work very well, while the reintroduction of the baby sneak attack would be a step in the right direction. A Skaen Priest/Rogue multi-class has a lot of overlapping abilities and it just seems a waste to do it. I really don't see a problem with just not stacking the Skaen and Rogue sneak attack bonuses.
  10. Like the title says, it seems like the Skaen baby Sneak Attack has been removed. Why? I waited until this update to see if it wasn't some sort of bug, but it seems it isn't. If the concern is stacking it with the Rogue's Sneak Attack, then make it so only the highest Sneak Attack bonus is applied.
  11. I wouldn't say Baldur's Gate was hardcore, it was considered a watered down system trying to cater to a wider audience even back then. It was still good in its watered down state, however, even if I personally would've made it turn-based, and is now plaguing gaming 20 years later with devs trying to emulate its style, but distinctly even more watered down. There is no chance Obs will turn Deadfire into a hardcore game, so I say let them make the best game they can on their own terms. This is why I don't bitch about resting anymore, I recognize that it's pointless and is there for no reason, but surrender myself into the calming waters of acceptance and not caring. They want to make a game without any strategic thought whatsoever? Go, do it, make the best damn game ever with as many watered down elements as you please, but it better be really good.
  12. The difference is that there isn't a very specific damage threshold that you have to reach or else it will make your characters useless. Unless you slippery slope it and say "the damage threshold is downing the mobs to 0 HP" which is lol. Dealing damage is also not as limited as Pen buffs. Penetration forces every build that wants to do damage to stack Penetration as high as the highest AR enemy in the game, making every build the same in this regard and leaving very few opportunities to deviate, and automatically shooting subclasses with free access to Pen (like Devoted) up. There is no such thing with dealing damage. It also uses up the very few spells per encounter casters have on buffing Pen or debuffing armor. If there is some spell or mechanic that you have to automatically use in every encounter, it should be removed or baked into the spells/abilities.
  13. A lot of good observations here which I won't repeat, but I will mention what I think is causing all this confusion and some of my thoughts. All of these are from the perspective of PotD, I don't think the system makes sense on lower difficulties, just like in PoE1. 1. First and foremost, PoE 3.0 isn't some kind of pinnacle of combat design like the popular narrative here seems to suggest, quite the contrary. While it is much better than 1.0, there are some fundamental issues holding it back. It's too fast due to the ridiculous microsecond recovery times, which means too many things are happening too fast and it creates an unstructured and chaotic battlefield, necessitating mobs frontloading everything and spamming stuns in a futile attempt to control how many actions you perform in any given time frame. The action time shouldn't be able to be changed by anything, it needs to be consistent across the board and throughout the game. Without this, it creates all kinds of issues with encounter and class design, the almost mandatory nature of the Priest, the Cipher's focus being outside of all the other mechanics and many such things. However, this might be a controversial opinion, and I hope it is, but I think Deadfire's system has much more potential than the jumbled mess of P1. The recovery time is much more reasonable and the limited casts per encounter create a situation where you can't spell spam your way through encounters. Which leads me to the Empower mechanic. 2. I think it's far too late to hope that resting is not a vestigial element that is trying and failing to appeal to grognards, not being restricted in any way means that I'll talk with the assumption that everyone will rest after every encounter, just like Josh Sawyer said people are doing and forcing his hand to remove per-rest abilities in the first place. The most obvious problem with the Empower mechanic is that it's only truly useful for spellcasters and the only thing that makes their spells land with some certainty and damage. This creates 4 scenarios, none of which are good - Casters can only keep up with martial classes if they use their Empower every battle. Why have Empower in this case? It's an unnecessary and automatic button to press, just buff spells to compensate and be done with it. Casters can keep up with martials if they don't use Empower. This obviously makes spellcasters overpowered when they do use it, inverting the current situation. If resting is somehow limited, which it won't be, and spellcasters can keep up with melee, spellcasters are still a bit more overpowered than melee in certain, few situations. If resting is somehow limited and casters can't keep up with melee without Empowering, then there would be no point to taking casters at all. Lugging baggage around that can only hope to match melee twice in a dungeon is not very lucrative. The Empower mechanic itself is not very well thought-out and it doesn't affect melee in the same drastic way, if at all, making it impossible to balance casters and melee while it exists. Since it's far too late to remove it, I suggest finding some way for it to affect melee in the same radical manner that it does casters. 3. The lack of spellcaster sustainability compared to melee. I have read Sawyer's post where he thinks spellcasters are face-meltingly awesome and their damage is fine. This might be true on difficulties below PotD, the problem there being that the fight is over before any spells can go off. On PotD, however, the issue is different - the very limited damage potential casters have performs proportionally worse due to the higher HP of enemies, even if they Empower a spell. Melee can go on damaging forever, casters can't. And you can still make an optimized melee-heavy party where the fights will be over before spells can go off. This requires a lot of tweaking of numbers and casting times across the board to fix, but I think it's the most realistic thing to hope for for now. I don't think that the spells should cast much faster, however, and I'd like to see them make it work with the slower casting. The casting times of some spells should be faster, though, like single-target debuffs and summoned weapons Some general things I agree with and I'd like to mention - too limited spell selection, forcing you to always choose the best spells each time; ship combat being repetitive and dull, but I don't think it will be changed significantly, what I hope for is that it isn't mandatory and that it doesn't gate powerful items, islands, encounters, talents and whatever else it shouldn't gate; too limited talent selection and the skewed advantage of passive talents compared to active ones, which compete with themselves for limited resources; Penetration needs to be extensively looked at, as it stands now it will either create a necessity to stack it in builds and rote automatic tactics that will see spellcasters always unloading their Pen buffs at the start of combat OR it will be a non-issue and pointless if they lower the enemies' AR across the board. That's it for now.
  14. I was absolutely sure from the beginning that the ship combat is going to be a tacked on and repetitive mini-game that only wastes your time. And surprise, surprise, a tertiary gameplay system that doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the game (gameplay-wise) turned out to be repetitive and tacked on. It would've been much better had the sea battles been a handful of scripted scenarios where you control your party and manually use cannons and boarding techniques while the ship crew fights the other ship's crew, maybe ending with a party vs party duel with the other captain. Kind of like NWN2's final battle at Crossroad Keep where all the upgrades you've built and people you've come across help out. Anyway, I wish we can opt out of the ship battles entirely. I also sincerely hope they don't "gate" powerful items or story-related talents behind this thing, yet hope is a cruel mistress. I don't think anyone needs or wants this sort of devilish manipulation, i.e. be forced to grind it so you can have access to them.
  15. I don't have it in my products page. I assume it's not "distributed" to everyone yet?
  16. Spiritual Weapon was hitting for ridiculous damage because corrosive damage (spiritual weapons have a corrode lash) in general was bugged. They've fixed that so Spiritual Weapon should be fine now: "(FIXED) Corrosive damage is calculating incorrectly." Skaen's Spiritual Weapon also one-shots mobs. I did 250 damage with a crit once, but in general it does 100+ damage. Unless it does Corrode damage as well and I just haven't noticed.
  17. I was expecting more significant changes, like casters in general or at least the fixing of game-breaking bugs, like Spiritual Weapon hitting for ridiculous damages. There's also no mention of Skaen Priest's missing Sneak Attack, are they supposed to not get Sneak Attack anymore? That'd be lame.
  18. That really wasn't pessimism, I just think they weren't working for a while due to the holidays and that's why there hasn't been an update yet. If they are ready to release it on April 3rd, great, but considering the state of the classes and combat in the beta I think they are maybe rushing it out the door a bit fast. We'll see what's going on when they do drop the next beta update, I guess.
  19. Keep in mind that Christmas and New Year's were last month and they probably had a fairly long vacation, so I'm not expecting an update this month due to that.
  20. The wording is confusing IMHO, it is unclear whether what was said was "casters are going to be able to get more than 2 more spell casts per encounter per level", or "casters are going to be able to pick more spells". Would you be able to clarify ? I think he means they are going to be able to pick more spells, not get more casts per encounter. Otherwise he wouldn't bring up grimoires and their spell selection.
  21. The problem is that it's not humanly possible to process everything happening so fast in PoE1. At least on PotD, lower difficulties don't really bring out PoE's myriad of combat problems. The game played almost like a hack and slash alla Grim Dawn, but with 6 PCs, it was maddening and unmanageable trying to understand who is doing what and when if you weren't on slow mode.
  22. They have already said they are going to re-implement general talents.
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