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  1. My swashbuckling watcher has both these boots and escape and never figured this out. I feel silly now. Excuse me. Time to go 'shopping.'
  2. Really? What about locked chests? Does this mean you have to put every point you can in Mechanics? Not at all. Your party contributes too. Also Lockpicks, and other items.
  3. It's out but I can't install it... When I click to download, it launches the game instead Go to your steam DLC list and you'll probably see it greyed out but the installed thing checked. Uncheck the install thing and then check it again and you'll get the install. That's how it worked for me.
  4. The Rum is here! (On steam at least) Go get it! https://store.steampowered.com/app/821970/Pillars_of_Eternity_II_Deadfire__Rum_Runners__Pack/
  5. According to the untranslated version: One Stands Alone: +20% Damage bonus if near two or more enemies. and +1 Enemy to be considered flanked. The damage bonus just requires being near enemies near as I can tell. Because two enemies might not be enough to flank them depending on their engagement limit. Bloodlust: +20% action speed for 10 seconds per kill. Doesn't say anything about requiring multiple. So the wiki sounds more accurate than the Italian translation.
  6. Not at all. The purpose of Brisk Recitation is to build phrases faster. Not to make chants better. Turn it on when you want to cast invocations sooner or more often. Turn it off when you want to focus on chants.
  7. None of your saves should directly have it. Its made from the combined broken fragments of Whispers of Yenwood and Blade of the endless path. If one of your saves had both those weapons, you'll find the fragments in your captain's cabin.
  8. At least he has big hands. That's gotta count for something right? Its a great quality in a masseuse! The beard, not so much. It tickles.
  9. Oddly, the companion build I'm having the most fun with so far is Aloth. For RP reasons, I went battlemage (Wizard/Fighter) with him. Every odd level I make choices Aloth would make. Every even level I make choices Iselmyr would make. I kept him with Sceptre but also had him learn mace for Iselmyr since the two weapons look visually similar but function differently. Aloth still handles ranged magical damage, but Iselmyr provides a nasty surprise for anyone that tries to lay a hand on him in melee. Its also somewhat funny to me to have Aloth, of all people, handling intimidation support in
  10. You don't need to be hidden. Its the same as it is for rogues. If you attack a target that is flanked or suffering from an body or mind affliction, you'll get the bonus. I highlighted 'mind' because as a beguiler, its what you do. Deception cypher skills. So for example, if you eyestrike your target first you get the full bonus.
  11. Put the Deflection back and shift it to Accuracy. Defender should make you better at defending. If I wanted to be better offensively I'd pick another modal.
  12. Heh I got stuck in my stronghold bedroom due to that bug. Luckily the stairway transition area was close enough to the door that I had a way to escape.
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