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  1. If he's like me, I still don't understand how ship battles work -- I've always boarded, and I'd have to stop and learn how they work with cannons ... Haha, for sure i know how ship battles work. But killing enemies is just more fun then sink them.
  2. What about Concelhauts Visage? Was it +PL or +% Corrode dmg? Cant remember and iam not at pc :/
  3. Its possible doing it solo. Have done it by myself 2 times. Clicked the switches random until it works. Just try and error. Good luck ;-)
  4. You might read it in my thread about easy stealing. I fixed and corrected my statement. I thought loot could be random but its fix.
  5. Iam standing next to any enemy, pause the game, hovering with mouse cursor over my opponent, push my hotkey for Soul Annihilation (bind on Q), damage is applied (while game is paused). ---> Damage is spammable this way. I hope this bug will get fixed very soon :D Edit: Sorry, wrong forum ;/ pls move
  6. try to wait 1-3 minutes till your black screen turns to running game. i got the same problem. this way i "solved" the problem^^
  7. Cleared 1.1 Solo on PotD with Paladin/Cipher without cheesing. Only trouble situations in scripted events when 5+ enemys surround you. Stacking armor + stacking passiv heal + borrowed instinct + soul ignition + desintegration was the way to go
  8. Is the item in the box permanently generated after the first time you visit the shop area, or does it change with every load? Anyways, amazing find, you can easily save 100k and get some op gear right in the beginning. As i can see, the item is permanently generated. I haven't noticed any changes so far.
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