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  1. This Fall or next Spring is my hope ... I actually have started reading non-fiction again that has nothing to do with the OCD journey called a PhD!
  2. Not a lot of time for fiction, at the moment. Reading latest Time Issue by geez magazine ...
  3. Editing final chapter of PhD ... spin, repeat!
  4. Saw Logan ... my spouse's review "Stupid movie." Which in our lingo means it was great ... i would agree fwiiw
  5. Hi everyone, It has come to my attention that there is some concern about romance ... well more the tendency to sometimes making posting choices that are neither in line with the Forum Guidelines or generally constructive/civil. I will leave hopeful my visit from the Roost is enough to ensure all shall be well ... as I really do like doing nothing ...
  6. Hi RoiCohen, I am sorry for the frustration and concern. I have pinged Admin directly about your concern and the email and sincerely hope and suspect you should hear something shortly. with apology, F
  7. Hi BloodDeath, Thanks for taking the time to share this concern and challenge. As your concern also highlights the tension for OBS to ensure that conversations do not end up disparaging colleagues in the industry, I encourage you to continue the conversation by emailing here: support@obsidian.net. Once again - thank you for sharing this concern and please do follow-up with an email. with respect, F
  8. *Peeks in from the Roost in a Big Green inconspicuous sort of way*
  9. Other than the clock concern, editing is currently no longer time limited as this has not been misused as it has been previously. As I look into the time for the server, which may be out of our hands (per se), are thee other experiences about the boards that might require tweaking?
  10. There a secret economy to which Mods have access ... it's very secret ...
  11. Heya trolls, denizens, lurkers and y'all that are our community! Welcome the newest member to the Mod Squad from the midst of the OBS community: Amentep! Play nice and don't spill too much sand ... party may begin
  12. He could also rock a fedora rather well, imho
  13. http://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/leonard-cohen-dead-1.3846669 I know Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize for Literature, but I am not objective when it comes to Cohen. His art and poetry, husky rasping folk always inspired. You will be missed Canadian Bard Leonard Cohen. RiP http://youtu.be/YrLk4vdY28Q
  14. I got to lead another social media workshop ... always fun!
  15. Only if you don't participate
  16. http://forums.obsidian.net/forum-89/announcement-31-pillars-of-eternity-304-beta-feedback-contest/ And now the reveal ...
  17. Get ready ... part II is coming ...
  18. Update: If you do submit here, please share your twitter/Instagram handle so we get you a shout out
  19. https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/782246239098109952 Well, what are you waiting for? Get creative Update: If you do submit here, please share your twitter/Instagram handle so we get you a shout out
  20. Here's a couple of those crazy twitter posts about this cwazy event too https://twitter.com/Adoroable/status/781559564802097153 https://twitter.com/Obsidian/status/781191603356598273 Tweet on!
  21. These are all great everyone! Keep 'em coming ... The Guildmaster is still watching
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