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  1. I love RPGs where there is a medieval gothic culture 1300-1500. It will be in PE?
  2. The bottom left corner - not true! It's funny looks))) How will play in this game??? Each historical culture had their own clothes! Don't make a circus! It looks awful. Too tolerance? I'm not a racist. To be fair! Each thing must be in place. Sorry. Don't want to offend anyone.
  3. Do not overdo it with the appearance of new races. Do not make them look like Pokemon. The simpler, the better. Do not go far from the Forgotten Realms. Please
  4. In BG and IWD had full descriptions of the responses and you've seen what you want to say. Even when very many options, you can make your choice, without hints of your PC. And it is really interesting to see the result of your response. In the ME short answers, so they represent the colors. A good option for lazy and for those who don't like to read =)
  5. Pulls the sword from a caterpillar and a bottle of endurance. This is nonsense. +)) The best option - Baldur's Gate. Balanced. Skyrim - no, too many things The Witcher - no, too little things (why can not I get a bacinet ? )
  6. Nor any bonuses to people. Why? This imbalance. Strictly based on D & D of the human race. Humans should get some bonuses too based on their classes. They are the survivors! Others, too, survived
  7. I liked zooming in Sacred 1. Balanced. Not to much and not to little
  8. The dispute is empty. Who is better and who is worse ? =)) Translation needed by all equally. We can all see from the survey, who needs it the most. Developers know better than we do
  9. In NWN1 is a very good option. 3d character model is 2d portrait. This option does not spoil the atmosphere of the game
  10. Orcs hostile. Like this one. In the game they will be far and isometric
  11. Initially you need to see the 3D models of the characters in the game. Then we'll make a choice. Now is too early to discuss. and while My preference-portraits BG2 =)
  12. Yes "living world" should be implemented, but to a very limited extent (e.g. implement going to bed, but not workning during the day), to save resource The most suitable option for the isometric RPG. It's not the Elder scrolls =).
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