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  1. Would be great if whatever method PE uses for recording our accomplishments could be transformed into trophies that we could mount in the stronghold. Like heads of vanquished boss-type creatures, or relics or some such. This would be a cool feature for the completionists out there who want to see their great hall complete.
  2. Totally love this suggestion! This adds to role playing. Give us choices of how our stronghold will develop, which, in turn, might benefit some of our party more than others.
  3. As long as we have the option of playing a Dhampir, sure, lets bring in Vampires! Seriously though, it totally matters on how its implemented. If we have vampires, I want at least one ancient, completely insane, suped up with bizarre powers vamp that might kills its offspring as easily as it kills others. I don't want a bunch of human looking goth suckers. Either make them ultra cool and interesting with a tight vignette around their inclusion or leave them out. Same with werewolves. A mediocre, half-hearted inclusion would be worse than a waste of time.
  4. I need internal consistency, not realism. I especially don't want every aspect of combat to totally mimic our understanding of medieval combat. I like having the option of having an overly enormous 2 hand sword, for instance, with special moves and the like. I don't need my dragons to look aerodynamic - I will believe their wings will allow them to fly even if they weigh too much. But there's clearly a limit which, if surpassed makes us lose our suspension of disbelief. Context matters. So surely someone in a market will have some money worth stealing. Someone should be visible to me
  5. It's his own fault for starting his post with a weird, erroneous tangent about the X-COM. After that his credibility was shot and nobody truly cared about his concerns for PE, given that they were built on a faulty premise. No, that is what everyone is latching on too without actually coming up with a coherent argument against what I said about worrying about unfun game mechanics. Maybe I made a mistake with xcom, got a buggy game, or who knows. But that is how it is acting for ME. Still, that is just a distraction from the argument itself. Wow, the bizarre chest thumping in this
  6. I generally agree with this post. I far prefer having a special set of armor or sword or whatever that I end up kkeeping for a big chunk of the game. If I'm aways switching my gear every couple of levels it really takes away from my connection to the characters. That said, I do take issue with some of the posts that games like Skyrim are totally gear dependent. There's nothing that says you need to take the crazy crafting route to develop dragon armor and the rest. Roleplaying is the duty of the player, not the game. If you think your half-orc brute should be collecting daisies and
  7. The problem with Patrick Stewart in Oblivion was that there were like 5 minutes of Patrick Stewart in Oblivion. And on all the trailers. He was perfect for the role and is still memorable years later, as was Sean Bean. I see no problem there.
  8. Just to be contrarian, I loved me some Patrick Stuart in Oblivion. Or Sean Bean for that matter. I`d definitely pay extra for high qualityvoice acting, but i agree it doesn't have it be a big name. If it is, it better be recognizable to be worth it. Annd some AAA games like Skyrim are truly stellar. I think many peoplewill like both those and games like we hope PE will be.
  9. Mass Effect 1 started out good (issues with the game engine, inventory, and annoying planet exploration asside) and ME2 continued with uping the stakes, fleshing out the world, adding in new characters to care about, and showing the results of some of your actions. ME3 (ending aside) started failing from the beginning because unless you had the last ME2 DLC you lost out on plot context with the Reapers (they're here and already destroyed one system and we blew up a Gate? When did this happen?), some of the major choices from ME1 like the Rachni queen were completely irrlevelent (she lives and
  10. I want a character driven story in the context of large scale, world impacting events. Best case is the character interactions lead to wonderfully written, self-contained vignettes that make some impact both on the larger goals and in the development of, say, a companion. For a model, none do this better than the mass effect series (don't talk to me about the horrid ending though), especially ME1. Never have I cared about my companions and character more than that series. Edit: regarding gray choices, like which dwarf to name king in DAO, for instance, i hate it when I feel that I hav
  11. I almost get the sense by the question that the designers want eveyone to enjoy or at least use all the elements developed. If so, why? Why would it be a bad thingif only 20% of the players like the lore and convos? People will always player RPGs differently and enjoy different aspects.
  12. I loved the interplay in DAO,and would usually choose my party based on it. I really hope Eternity takes that approach, especially if there is only 8 companions.
  13. I want a cross between BG 1 & 2 and DAO. I loved the immersiveness of DAO and the environments especially.
  14. Fire arms imply lotsof other technology innovations, and pretty much leave the medieval feel out. If you have fire arms, why not cannonballs? And if you have cannonballs, why build castles any more? It just doesn't work as well anymore. I want fire arms in a steampunk world, not in a medieval one.
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