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  1. Those work better if you include some photos of Biowarian in his door steps taken 2 am. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No no NO! They never leave the Bioware offices where they live 24 hours a day making splendid games for all the world to enjoy!
  2. The great thing about the plot I've outlined is that instead of one conversation at the start as with Atton this could be spread out over the course of the game. The PC is searching for clues as to what happened to Revan and the Exile, so bits and pieces of information can be picked up over time. Male or female? That could be information you're piecing together in T3. LS or DS? That could come up when questioning NPCs who knew them. Same with consular, sentinal, or guardian. By the time you get the coordinates of the planet you need to go to to find them, it would be possible to have a fairly accurate match to the PCs you enjoyed most in the first two game. Heck, they could even have the same lightsabers. There will like be some changes in feats and force powers, but this would be years later and they've been spending their time embroiled in a fight for survival so that would make sense too.
  3. Dang. I only live in Edmonton. I'll have to let the Bioware guys know how unfair this is next time I drop off a tear-stained letter written in my own blood.
  4. Not Big Z, he really is dead, but I'd love to see Mission back and I just posted in another thread explaining how she can still be alive assuming a DS Revan.
  5. KOTOR3 should be the third and final part of a trilogy, especially considering that KOTOR2 seemed to be setting it up. First Revan went missing, so the Exile went off to find out what happened to her, and what these "true Sith" are. Now three years later, nobody has heard from her either, and a reformed Jedi council is concerned. Meet the PC. A former padawan who went into hiding and gave up all things Jedi at the time when bounty hunters were fetching high prices for bringing in Jedi. Leading a quiet life as a simple merchant or farmer (this doesn't matter, and would depend more on the starting planet), everything changes when she comes across a battered T3 (he and HK-47 should be in each part of the story, much like C-3P0 and R2-D2 have been in the films), leading into events that would bring her back into Jedihood and to the search for Revan and the Exile. One of the things I like about this is that instead of eventually building a lightsaber, she can instead go on a quest for the one she discarded. Of course all the dialogue options for the sexes and alignments of the two missing Jedi/Sith would be in the game, but the faces can also be selected with the PC coming across a damaged datapad and needing to point out which pictures are whom. The can be new planets, but some planets would need to be revisited in the search for clues. To keep it reasonably fresh, maybe have different areas of the planets be searched to find certain NPCs. All this leads to the final planet or two where the PC finally finds Revan and the Exile who have been fighting the "real" Sith, but mostly just surviving during these years. Instead of there being a "Chosen One", the PC instead completes a trinity that finally turns the tides of this hidden war and this is your final party as you complete the game in a very grand way. Not that I expect many people to agree with me on this. We all have what we like in a game and I know some suggestions I've read sound good and others I wouldn't care for. Another thing I wouldn't expect people to agree on is that I'd like to see Mission Vao brought back as an NPC who knew Revan (there should be NPCs from both games brought back who knew the main characters ). This would add replayability, because depending on whether Revan was LS or DS, Mission would have a different story. With the LS Revan, Mission would still be Mission but grown up and so more mature. The Mission we all know and some of us loved. With the DS Revan, Mission would be different. Darker. This is someone who was betrayed by someone she loved and trusted. Someone who forced her best friend to kill her, but that was Revan's mistake. Zaalbaar struck her down but wasn't behind it enough to make it a death blow, or even deliberately avoided killing her. Revan, after killing Big Z, was in too much of a hurry to get out of there and to the Star Forge to bother making sure Mission was actually dead. Taking damage in the battle above, a Republic ship lands to make repairs and finds the unconscious Twi'lek, saving her from bleeding to death. In the years that pass, Mission's rage continues to grow. She becomes a bounty hunter in the hope that she will one day find Revan again and exact her revenge. She sees her chance when this new Jedi/Sith comes along and needs her help as someone who knew Revan. But that's just me. I know there are people who will hate this idea.
  6. Urgh, we will be. The CRTC has given them approval for propagandizing Canada.
  7. I don't know about the whole Hitler Youth thing, but I did enjoy his work as Cliff Clavin on "Cheers".
  8. And so easily recognisable because of the black hats they wear. What if it turns out that it wasn't a terrorist? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oops. J/K If I see any of these: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Five guys in the same outfit, a uniform of sorts you might say, carrying the same make of gun. Seems to fall under the Geneva Convention to me. A bunch of Arabic looking men with guns. Not in uniform or clearly marked, and no indication of what side they're on. Pro-US, not terrorists? Anti-US, terrorists? A man clearly in uniform, though with his face covered. Wearing an indentifying headband. Geneva Convention! More covered heads, but all wearing the same clothing... a uniform of sorts. Two of whom are wearing headbands that... that... indentify? Geneva Convention.
  9. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The first one was a reward to families after the fact, and was not promised beforehand which makes it a different matter. The second quote... Ooooh, words! Ooooh, he wasn't upset over the attacks! Of course, as a supporter of the Bush regime I can see how words would upset you. They certainly piss off his administration.
  10. So what about me is making you sick? That I want terrorists punished under law, or that I don't think the best way to get the murderers of innocent people is to kill many, many more innocent people? Invading Afghanistan after the USS Cole would have been even more of an obscene overreaction, but of course it was Clinton's fault. I'm sure conservatives are still scrambling to find some way to blame World Wars 1&2, the Korean War, and Vietnam on Bill Clinton. It also scares the hell out of me as a non-citizen of the US that I would have no rights, which of course means that if I ever jaywalk there I could face the death chamber. That of course is crap, because even non-citizens have rights in criminal court, which is why terrorists have been given a new designation. As for it being an attack outside of the US, I have to assume you're no longer talking about Sept. 11 but now going on about, what, Afghanis fighting against foreign invaders?
  11. Silly me, thinking only nations could commit to war. How about Tim McVeigh? Previous to September 11, he committed the biggest act of terrorism on US soil. How was it treated? He was tried in criminal court. Alabama wasn't bombed because they harbour white supremists. New York wasn't invaded because he was born there. The only difference other than sheer number of dead was that McVeigh was an American citizen. He killed more Americans than likely anyone in Guantanamo, yet was afforded more rights after his capture. And. He. Was. A. Terrorist. I find it interesting all the stuff you think I never saw. I was glued to my television all day watching everything that happened. So unless you were in New York watching it all in person, you didn't see any more than I did. The only reason I can think of that would bring about such a bizarre assumption is that you must think that everyone who watched the events that day must want to turn the desert into glass, but wrong. I watched the criminal act play out and wanted those who were responsible hunted down and brought to justice. Instead I've watched the United States slaughter many more innocents than were murdered that horrible day.
  12. I believe that Christianity is wrong and gross, but I don't hate or reject Christians. There is nothing contradictory in that sentence. I refuse to accept gravitational theory and believe the only reason we can't float is because leprechauns are holding us down. I also refuse to accept aerodynamic theories and believe the only reason airplanes fly is a placebo effect, and once everyone accepts the truth all airplanes will crash to the ground. The evidence in favour of evolution is so absolutely overwhelming that the only reason not to accept it is willful ignorance. The concepts of a flat Earth and the universe revolving around our planet were biblical, but they have very few adherents left today. Those that do still believe in a flat Earth with the universe revolving around us are rightly scoffed at for willfully disregarding all evidence. I know a large part of the rejection of evolution comes from a need to people to somehow feel more "special" than they already are, "special creations of God", as if a god that rushes through things is more special than a god who takes its time. I don't know why so many Christians have no problem accepting the concept of their deity being immortal and powerful enough to create the universe and all its inhabitants in six days, but have issues with the concept that maybe that same deity might have the patience to take billions of years to do it. Not only that, I wonder why they don't have issues with God doing such shoddy work, what with leaving us fairly useless appendices and spines that are poorly suited for bipedal walking.
  13. I guess this man is a freedom fighter right? and this was a legal attack agaist a enemy? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmmm... How to deal with criminal acts... Hmmm... Let's see now, I'm not an American citizen, and so if I were to commit a crime in the United States, not only would I have no rights, neither would anyone in my home country who knows me. Sounds about right. And hey, if my crime was big enough, bomb my country! Bomb Canada! And you know what? I once spent a week in Spain, so for good measure bomb them too! Terrorism is a criminal act, and the proper response is to treat it as one and to try suspect in criminal court. That said, I have few issues with going into Afghanistan because the government at the time had strong connections to Al Quaeda and was likely hiding bin Laden. However, the US government then essentially abandoned the country to the warlords by leaving a very small force behind to then go into Iraq, which had a government with no ties to Al Quaeda and was no threat to American security. Never mind the fact that most of the Sept. 11 highjackers were Saudis, a country that is America's ally. But that's wandering off the subject of Guantanamo and terrorists. No matter how many people they kill, terrorists are murderers. A criminal offense. By giving them a different status, you are making them more than just criminals. Another thing... Nice appeal to emotion with that picture of the WTC being hit. Out of curiosity, how many people in Guantanamo were involved with that? When Afghanistan was invaded, how many of the "enemy combatants" were just Afghanis fighting back as best they could against a much stronger force?
  14. Thats because terrorists do not follow the Geneva Convention. Terrorists violate every freaking rule in that convention. So they cant have legal POW rights. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  15. Er, I was just expressing my sympathy that nobody is carrying it down there yet, jerk.
  16. Master Vash is the dead female jedi in the Sith Academy on Korriban <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (w00t) LOL... Not only did they call her a him, so did I, and I thought she was dead in the first place, so how could you kill someone who is allready dead... LOL (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Considering how many times NPC's in my KOTOR2 games referred to Revan as "he" when I chose the female Revan, I'm not surprised by this. In fact, it helps explain a whole lot...
  17. For once I'm feeling bad for Americans in that they don't have anyone carrying the series yet.
  18. Well, sorry about that. I hear it's pretty comfortable as far as POW camps go. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Except it's not a POW camp in that POW's are afforded certain rights, and the detainees at Guantanamo aren't being afforded, and the US government has denied them POW status, instead referring to the detainees as "enemy combatants." However, I'm sure it's pretty comfortable as far as concentration camps go. Probably not by much though.
  19. Two episodes down, and this is turning into a really great incarnation of the Doctor. I'm completely loving it so far!
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