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  1. Whedon's like a battered spouse "oh it's alright, just fell down the stairs".
  2. So it's a civil war? More like a circular firing squad.
  3. Seems the DC meetup was a metaphor for GG itself. People having fun until they get disrupted by SJW sociopaths who are doing the same things they pretend to condemn.
  4. As a fellow sh*tlord-kin I find this amusing.
  5. I believe Sensuki must share most of the blame for failing his Codex brethren in how the game turned out. It was nice knowing him.
  6. The Gods being synthetic creations of ancient animancers dosen't really affect much I'd think. They still grant boons to followers and can make your existence hell if you cross them. I convinced that Euphoric Fedora atheist to let me destroy her soul if she wanted to renounce the gods in any meaningful way. Woedica stealing all those souls to fuel her own power was monstrous and Thaos needed to die for doing that.
  7. World class trolling there. Also, "demisexual"?
  8. lol SJW's are now driving women out of Geek culture? What a world.
  9. I am white. Doubly excellent then. All of us then can be grateful for your pearls of wisdom, black and white and play our appropriate parts in your morality play, to better demonstrate what an enlightened Gutmensch you are. Thank you for this opportunity.
  10. Excellent then that we have a solid Gutmensch like yourself to keep the whites here in line.
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