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  1. It is a common problem. I contacted Paradox last week because my CE box had been shipped two weeks before and hadn't been delivered yet. Turns out a number of delivery addresses (among which mine) were truncated by mistake when they were transferred from the Obsidian portal to Paradox's shipping partner. How this happened, I do not know. Thing is, my CE box is likely being returned to Paradox because of the truncated address (postman couldn't find it) and Paradox is sending me a replacement. It's a bit of a bummer but I'm not particularly annoyed, to be honest. Stuff happens. Parad
  2. Mine was sent to a wrong address, they forgot to write a number and now it´s in some kind of limbo. I contacted Paradox a week ago, because PostNL just says "if you have any problem contact with the seller, we have nothing to do with you", but I didnt receive any kind of answer yet. I hope there won´t be any other problems after solving this one. It would be nice to finally receive my CE and check there are missing parts >< Edit: On my Obsidian profile, the address is right, so it´s not my fault.
  3. I´m playing Wasteland 2 right now and loving it. The background, those hilarious dialogues, the turn-based gameplay...I missed the old times with this kind of games When I can´t play for so much time then I try to ge A+ con Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, nothing better to relax!
  4. 2 hours left for me, damn download speed
  5. Let´s test the K badge Edit: Ok, I see there is no K badge yet but the pledge process is fully completed.
  6. GrinningReaper659, maybe I didn´t explain myself very well but I didn´t want to "end" any discussion. Even more, if there are more choices and well argumented opinions, better! What I wanted to point is the fact that many people thinks their opinion (gamestyle in this thread) is the only valid one and everything else is useless because they don´t use it. "When I replay a game, I make a new character so, please, remove the new game + option because I don´t use it" This is what I wanted to address before, that kind of behaviour. Sorry if you misunderstood what I wanted to say because
  7. I prefer quality but...I don´t want to explore the whole game in few hours. If quantity has quality, the better it will be.
  8. Agree with JOG. Just adding wandering people is enough to eliminate that "dead" feeling from the cities. Footsteps, random conversation, people shouting,.... Reading books talking about huge cities, full of merchants, markets, people trading or just fighting in front of a tavern, the heart of many empires,...hearing tales from people talking about those incredible metropolis, where you can find anything you can dream! Oh my god, I have reached one of those cities, I will find so many people on the streets! Oh...wait...hello? Anybody there? After hours wandering, you have counted 20 cit
  9. I would put on "Options" the possibility to choose between them, adding a custom portrait option too. My choose would be the drawn portraits (Baldur´s Gate), I never liked Dragon Age or Neverwinter Nights 2 portraits, they were so...cold, I don´t know how to explain it better. But there is no need to implement just one of them, I don´t think it´s so hard to implement both. More options, more happy customers (gamers)!
  10. That would be fine, indeed. I don´t understand why people thinks their way to play is the only valid one excluding anything else. Some of you talk about replaying the game with other character, so you don´t want the "Heart of Fury" or "new game +" mode implemented. Why? Does it matter you? Will be there any kind of impact in your new game? Of course not, if you want to play with a new character, just do it. Just don´t press the "New game +" button. Anybody else who wants to restart the game with their old characters will just hit that button and everybody will be happy :D
  11. Totally agree. Maybe in Kingdoms of Amalur you can find some of that kind of quests, but I don´t remember doing them in classic games. I never had the need of them, I always had stuff to do.
  12. In few words it would be Icewind Dale or Baldur's Gate? I would choose a mix of both: 1) giving the opportunity to create a full party as Icewind Dale does or without the multiplayer stuff from Baldur's Gate II (you can create the whole party by choosing multiplayer and controlling everyone), but you can still "recruit" people around the world or... 2) starting as a lone wolf and picking up party members as you go on the story or exploring. Choices are always welcome, there is no need to exclude anything. "I want to adventure alone and meet people willing to join me" excellent. "I want t
  13. I think those repeatable "MMO" quests are not neccesary in this kind of games, it just break the magic of the old school rpgs. Baldur's Gate hadn´t them, why should P.E need them?
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