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  1. I Don´t know versus evil so I will make the assumption that Paradox is bigger without real knowledge. Marketing matters, even for niche games with a good amount of suipporters. I hope it works well but I think is a step backwards.
  2. So if I understand the process the stratregy guide that I bought separately as an add on will be avalaible in the backer portal only, at some point in the future. My digital pack corresponds with the hero edition and I guess that the rest of the items will be also in the backers portal. Is that right?
  3. Process completed with no problems and now I´m a happy backer. Excited after watching the teaser but not impressed with the animations. I assume they will improve in the future.
  4. Off course I want more content. And I´m not really worried if that means that the game suffers some delay.
  5. Not a fan of the UI. It looks outdated because...well it really IS outdated. A minimalistic UI would fit for a nostalgia driven but also evolved version of a IE game in 2014. I really like the Kaz scripted event picture.
  6. Have you thought that perhaps Kecaw's native language is not English? Why, exactly, should I care? In English classes in English-speaking countries, teachers correct the mistakes of their students so that they might write and speak English with more proficiency. Why do you care enough to ignore the subject of the thread just to white knight for another poster? Furthermore, what is Obsidian best known for? Exceptional writing. What country is Obsidian located in? The US. What is the standard, albeit unofficial, language of the US? English. The much lauded writers of Obsidian are writing in English. What kind of game Planescape would have been if it had been filled with unintentional spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors? So, in a return to the subject of the thread, here's a thing I don't want in Project Eternity: Poor writing. Good thing I'll get my wish. Because PE is gonna be translated to several languages, my wish is that the good original english writing don´t get lost in translation.
  7. I would like to see Justin Sweet´s portraits in PE. His work has a certain aura that makes you wander about the caracter, like if they were real people. They look alive to me.
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