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  1. Even though I am a fan of all game platforms, I must agree with many people here and add my support to the PC only side of things. Pillars of Eternity should be a PC game, it should always be a PC game.
  2. It is a horrible idea. OE does not need 75k (or how many backers there was) micromanaging and commenting on when they are the experts and need to work on the game.
  3. a few hard to find eggs would be great... like coming across a NPC with her Dog (Sunny and Chyenne? was that their name from FONV?), etc...
  4. Single Player - BG series (because they need to be combined) MMO - Everquest 1 - because from beta to just a year or so ago I played it heavy all the time... thousands of hours, raided like crazy... it was the ultimate adventure
  5. The team will not be that large, maybe 1/2 that at least for a while
  6. I would like to see the ending fleshed out with it talking about NPCs you have met and helped (or hindered). At least with PE, OE will not have to rush it so we get those bad endings... no publishers is a great thing!
  7. I wish I could have pledged more, like 10k, but I am happy with my 1k (plus cards, cd, and OO)... but Ill be saving a bit each month so their next KS (if they have one) I can drop 10k on it...
  8. I personally would like to see updates every two weeks in the form of a quick write up or even a picture of a new area or concept art... the update need not be PE related either but in the form of just something funny at the office. But these updates keep the backers happy that the game is being worked on (which I know it will, but some will want constant updates) and that there are no problems.
  9. Hello everyone! Like many of you I am anxious to see the game progress and excited by how the community rallied behind one of our favourite developers!
  10. I hope for our backer created NPC we can craft the history/lore behind the character, especially if a PC can talk to it.
  11. With all those player made NPCs we can see things such as mining/logging/hunting camps, bandit parties, merchants, etc all run by those NPC's... should be great
  12. They should just keep it at 13 and make level 13 the biggest, meanest, nastiest dungeon level...
  13. I enjoy romances in my RPG's and MMORPG's (if done well) and I hope PE has them. I also hope they have Gay and Lesbian romances for those who wish to go that way. I have friends (both Gay and Lesbian) who only came to game because of BioWare's Mass Effect/Dragon Age series, those relationships were simple, but at least it showed the game industry noticed that not everyone in the world is straight...
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