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  1. People want the “big box” to put on their game shelf next to their old Infinity Engine games (in similar packaging). See: mattchat No. I just wanted the statue. They should have offered a tier without the wasted chromecase that has no game in it, but still included a statue. I feel like I overpaid for a plastic statue and a guidebook. You didn't "pay" for anything. You backed a project and received a reward commensurate with your support. That's how crowdfunding works. Please, spare me. I am well aware of how crowdfunding works and the concept behind it. I am figuring in the fact that there should indeed be overhead when I look at how much money I committed to that project. I am also looking at the relative value of the goods I received, both compared to their actual retail value (you can buy the guidebook, AND the game), and compared to other similar merchandise. In so comparing, it is quite easy to get an approximate retail cash value of the rewards received, and compare that with other similar expenditures. Long story short, they could have had just as much funding for their game by charging me less, and skipping the chromecase and just sending me the game manual and trinkets inside. Less swag to make, less swag to send, lower the total tier cost a little, and bam! done deal! I have every right as a backer to be unsatisfied with SOME of what I received, more importantly the deceptive nature in which it was couched originally. And you have zero right to stand between me and those who can hear such complaints as some kind of white knight. Obsidian is a big boy, they can handle the criticism.
  2. People want the “big box” to put on their game shelf next to their old Infinity Engine games (in similar packaging). See: mattchat No. I just wanted the statue. They should have offered a tier without the wasted chromecase that has no game in it, but still included a statue. I feel like I overpaid for a plastic statue and a guidebook.
  3. And nearly ALL of those things can be communicated to customers who are waiting and waiting and waiting. Plenty of crowdfunded projects experience delays on physical goods fulfillment. Of all of them I have experienced, those delays are actually explained.
  4. Not saying this isn't the games fault - however, I have had a similar experience, whereby only certain games would cause a complete pc reboot. Typically, if you receive a complete PC reboot, and not just an application Crash to Desktop, this indicates a problem much lower level than any software. Either operating system, or hardware. In my case, many moons ago, Far Cry kept making my PC crash reboot as you describe. As it turned out, I had a faulty PC power supply. Anytime my GPU was spiked in just a specific way by a specific use case, it drew enough current to overload the 12 volt rail of my powersupply, ever so briefly. I only discovered this by hooking up a multi-meter in-line with the PSU and watching the voltage on my 3 volt, 5 volt, and 12 volt rails. Sure enough, every time this happened I noted my 12 volt rail dropped to below 10 volts for a split second before the reboot. Anyways, case in point, its entirely possible you have a sporadic hardware issue at play. Or that your operating system or drivers are causing havoc. Bottom line, its extremely hard for software running in non-admin mode on a windows pc to cause a hardware level crash that instantly reboots. This would suggest a hardware or firmware or driver issue, in my experience.
  5. Not just PoE either, Tyranny as well, which was a similar styled game, albeit with a different take. So 6 years, 3 games, all "party based fantasy RPG.". I would gather JS wants to work on something very different from that. Perhaps he is aching to work on something like First Person Fallout, Action-RPG, something singular character focused? Who knows but him. I would want a break too.
  6. I don't know what you are "biting". Nothing I said in response was uncalled for. If you felt your words were misinterpreted, thats great and you are welcome to clarify. Their "updates" amount to very little information at all as far as timelines, and they have never given a single firm timeframe for anything. About as open-ended as they could be - at the least, with Wasteland 2, they actually announced a delivery timeframe and met it in the end, even if their fulfillment was over a half a year late. PoE:I was nothing like this, getting physical goods mere weeks after release. And their communication about their "delays" has amounted to "we are working on it" and "coming soon", which is anything but "transparent". Of course, if this is incorrect, please by all means, feel free to share this open and transparent dialogue that I have somehow missed.
  7. This is certainly the last time I will be backing any Obisidian products after this abysmal experience. I have no reason to do so in the future. I can just buy the game a year or two after release, when development is ACTUALLY done, and not worry about my physical rewards never showing up. Sorry to hear you are that frustrated, I just like giving them **** for the lack of details. I have full confidence I will get my physical copy sometime in the “soon” future. I am waiting to play the game through til I get my copy and can have something akin to the unboxing I thought physical backers would receive at launch, which needed work anyway. I played for about 2 hours at launch and my companions starting bugging out and accelerating through disposition at such a high rate that my pallegina and the new priestess acted like old enemies 2mins after being in a party together and the priestess was already trying to jump my bones. So maybe waiting for physicals and patches is not the worst thing. It's not the game per se, I am unhappy with - I know Obsidian never "finishes" a game until about a year post-release. I typically do a quick main-quest play through (which I have already done) and then wait until they are done messing about with their "balance" game that they play, and finish off the DLC before I go again. But I do appreciate receiving my physical items so I can put them on my display shelf and/or read through the books and other related items - and the lack of communication and detail is what makes it so frustrating. When my rewards for Machine of Death were delayed, the project clearly explained the situation, and delays, and why things were held up - details about the customs issues they had, about the boat shipping the merch from China being missed by their vendor, and having to catch another boat, and so on and so forth. Hell, even with Torment, as ****ty as that was, they explained quite a bit about the delays and made it the FOCUS of their followup posts. Meanwhile, Obsidian is treating the physical rewards as an afterthought in nearly all communications, as if they are avoiding even discussing them as much as possible - which lends one to think this must wholly be their fault, and completely within their control. And it certainly is a very stark comparison with PoE:I fulfillment, where I received my signed collectors edition just a couple weeks after the actual wide release date.
  8. Thanks for sharing, and I missed this - seems altogether a better solution. After all, might not want to use my blessings on the vendor.
  9. Really? Thats some real interesting revisionist viewing of your prior post. You didn't explicitly make claims about the physical goods quality, but you made some pretty cut and dry implicit claims regarding how the quality of the Torment physical goods were worse than Deadfire.
  10. This is certainly the last time I will be backing any Obisidian products after this abysmal experience. I have no reason to do so in the future. I can just buy the game a year or two after release, when development is ACTUALLY done, and not worry about my physical rewards never showing up. Considering the standard bearer for Kickstarter awfulness is Mighty Number Nine, a game whose entire breadth of physical rewards didn't show up for over a year this really doesn't strike me as bad. We know things are shipping soon and that's far more than the MN9 backers got. Obsidian has been clear from the get go about things being delayed. Oh and you can also not play the game for a year or so so it can be properly patched. Your post seems to be motivated more by a lack of patience than it does evidence that things won't be dealt with in a proper fashion. That's by no means a bad thing but the latter is way worse than the former. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Not_as_bad_as Just because worse things exist doesn't discount the bad-ness of the situation at hand. >Obsidian has been clear from the get go about things being delayed. Not really. They have not explained, they have not discussed, they have merely said empty platitudes like "we know you are waiting" and "we hope to have them soon" and "insert empty positive comment here". Lack of patience? The game has been out for MONTHS and we still don't have our physical rewards. I had plenty of patience when I didn't complain a peep until MONTHS later. I have backed plenty of kickstarters and other crowdfunded projects who have had delays of physical rewards - even those where the physical reward was the sole object of the crowdfunding, and in every case outside of PoE:II, (and Wasteland II and Torment from InXile), the originators of the project have always been extremely forthwith in explaining any delays, and why they occurred, and what the holdups were, and so forth. All we have from obsidian is "its coming" and "sorry but its gonna be great lol". Even PoE:I had some small delays, but as I said previously, I felt they set the bar for this sort of thing in how well handled it was - and WL2 and Torment were abysmal in comparison. It's obvious from your flair you did not have the experience with PoE:I to judge PoE:II's fulfillment against. If you had, I would gather you would feel a similar sense of slight. My post is motivated by the obvious lack of overt concern that Obsidian is expressing with their horrible fulfillment situation.
  11. Worse than WL2, possibly. I have no experience of WL2's fulfillment so I cannot comment to that effect. Worse than T:ToN, however, not really. The way physical goods were handled for T:ToN, and the quality thereof, was abysmal. Obsidian made a faux pas with communication re Deadfire's physical goods, but in no way are they T:ToN-tier bad. I was not speaking to quality, merely delivering upon commitments. Obsidian has already far surpassed the worst offender in delays of physical rewards after release that was Torment. As for quality of the rewards themselves: How can you speak to quality of PoE:II Physical rewards when no one has them in hand as of yet?
  12. This is certainly the last time I will be backing any Obisidian products after this abysmal experience. I have no reason to do so in the future. I can just buy the game a year or two after release, when development is ACTUALLY done, and not worry about my physical rewards never showing up.
  13. Things come down different pikes. And of ALL things, the PHYSICAL rewards would be the easiest to lock in and get manufactured EARLIER, as they don't get changed much, and they were already well established what they would be long ago. As for the game itself after all, as they have shown, they can keep developing the game itself long after release. PoE set the bar for reward fulfillment. After backing Wasteland 2 and Torment from InXile, I felt disappointed, and was happy again to back an Obsidian project. As it turns out, the PoEII fulfillment is even worse than WL2 and Torment. I get it, some people are super happy, others never even backed a physical tier. It's rather frustrating however being someone who commits a larger portion of financial backing essentially receiving poorer treatment. And now this update indicates some people might not even be receiving their physical rewards until the end of the year? This is patently ridiculous. What is the excuse here? Have they run into issues? Was a manufacturing run done poorly and they had to have them remake things? If so, one would think they would explain those issues to their loyal customers. Lacking that, we are left to have an understanding that simply they have dragged ass getting their physical reward tier backers taken care of, due to mismanagement, incompetence, or both. The fact that they have given literally zero explanation as to the delay is certainly indicative of that.
  14. First DLC going to be out before we get our physical rewards. Just lol. What a farce.
  15. Built in mod management? Color me impressed. Hopefully I will have time to check this out and give some feedback. Currently playing through Tyranny (dat steam sale...)
  16. Do you know if quest rewards scale with difficulty? I am playing one step above story mode... wondering if that's part of why? I also spent over half the game in neketaka it seemed. I was definitely selling gear... i ended the game with around 50k. by then i was starting to upgrade gear, but the game was over.
  17. Finished my first playthrough a couple days ago. Near the end of the game finally felt I had a decent enough amount of money. 45 hours in. Did tons and tons of sidequests before ever moving along the critical path as much as possible. I never felt like i had enough gold where i could afford to enchant my weapons or armor further. Am I doing something wrong, or is the game really intended to make enchantment prohibitively expensive? I only ever bothered upgrading my PC's gear because of the cost. 6000 or more copper for one upgrade when most quests gave me 1000 or 1500 copper... towards the end i felt like well now im starting to get enough money but the games almost over. Maybe i just was doing something wrong - was i wasting money having a large crew on my ship? What are other people doing? Does everyone else both enchant AND have a big crew and i just suck?
  18. Confirm fixed here as well. If you can, would you mind sharing what the cause was? As a developer myself I always find little quirky bugs like this interesting.
  19. Here is a link to my most recent savegame in which I am experiencing this bug - the quest is still active but i can't resolve it and can't talk to the prince about it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AWN6hcvOLV00Sqa2yQSMNrdHkXfQQD5t/view?usp=sharing
  20. This bug still exists. I didn't kill the queen, but I pissed her off royally and now the prince refuses to talk to me but the quest is still active.. Game Save here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18RBeLqEWmrrRgcYMc2AcbmV2waQRKT9y/view?usp=sharing
  21. How I finally got this fixed: Completely removed GoG Galaxy AND PoEII from system. Complete and total clean removal. Reinstalled GoG Galaxy Reinstalled PoE II This now enabled the checkboxes, BUT! Rum Runners checkbox still didn't show! And they were all DISABLED by default. Resigned to not care about rum runners, I manually enabled each and every one, which took forever. OK all good (except rum runners). Then I decided to try and manually install rum runners. As soon as I did the manual install, ALL the checkboxes disappeared, and my game in GoG Galaxy said "unverified". So I uninstalled rum runners, and then i re-verified the game files. FINALLY, rum runners showed as a checkbox. I enabled it, and everything is now up to date and working.
  22. Actually, now that I got everything working, its still not working for the Rum Runners DLC. I have already "purchased" rum runners via GOG, but its not actually showing or enabling or anything. What a frustrating experience this is.
  23. Spent several hours today getting my game working properly - All because I couldn't get the Critical Role pack to install. Basically, it started out with, all of my DLC options in Galaxy Client were greyed out. Completely. I couldn't enable or disable anything. The only things enabled were the ones available on release. First I tried all the documented support steps on GOG to refresh my account. Then I tried reinstalling the galaxy client. I even reinstalled the game. NOTHING. The only thing that got it working was a complete CLEAN uninstall of BOTH the galaxy client AND the game - which of course took forever due to download. After the nice clean install, NONE of the DLC is active by default. So I had to manually enable each and every DLC - which wouldn't be a big deal, except... it takes 10 minutes for EACH DLC to activate. It's not even downloading. It's just churning. Best I can tell, it is re-verifying the ENTIRE game before every single DLC activiation. This whole thing has been an absolutely horrible experience. Add to that the fact that I had POE1 on Steam, and now I can't get Gauns Pledge because of it... just ugh. It's really crappy that I can't just swap my key at this point. GOG is totally ruining this experience for me. Please, work with GOG to fix the install and activation of DLC to not be such a major pain in the keester?
  24. As mentioned in that Reddit thread, Steam's patcher simply rewrites the entire game file that contains the change. I predict GOG's patch will be a few MB. Because they are doing it wrong. Steam has diff-patching now, and has for some time. They just aren't using the patch system properly on steam. Maybe because they don't know how, or maybe because they are too lazy. IDK.
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