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  1. Well at least you can play the game with performance issues, my comp just restarts after loading save. Total disappointment.
  2. Ok this is going to be an unpleasant post. Buys game Game Crashes Buys new Graphic Card Game Crashes Buys windows 10 and a new SSD Drive Game Crashes By game crashes i mean the whole PC restarts. Congratulations on making that possible. Now today was an epic of epic failures. When entering old city ruins beside the crashes game also deleted my recent saves so i had to replay whole map again, and I thought well maybe there was a corrupted save game that caused it to crash when entering that area. And no i don't have cloud sync enabled. Replays the whole map and then again when entering Old City Ruins same thing. This makes me believe this is an unfinished product. I have no idea what your testers were smoking when they green-lighted this for sale. My giving you crash logs and stuff has no effect. Because I believe you know the problem but don't know how to fix it or don't care. This is a poor poor experience and this is not how business is done. Also I'm not the only one experiencing this judging by the posts on the net. Crash log does not exist since computer restarts, save game is too big to upload even when ziped. Go figure.
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