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  1. I seem to remember a half-giant race with natual psionics from the 3.5 DnD psionic book. Does anyone remember them? I think if you took something simular to that, made them into a coastal/island based culture, maybe add some twists like having them be a very reserved, non-aggressive, maybe matriarchal society, you could have something interesting.
  2. Sorry Here's the full text of the answer from Tim Cain.
  3. They already shot that idea down. They decided the cost of those type of animations with clipping avoidance and whatnot wasn't worth it with a limited budget.
  4. I'd love to see novels set in the PE world. I'm nearly as stoked for Chris's novella as I am for the game.
  5. Don't let it get you down, just a bit of a misunderstanding. It's the internet, sometimes things get a little misconstrued. I think we got both sides explained out now. Don't sweat it.
  6. Yes, his intention was just to try to tighten our little order who have been chatting with each other and maybe expand it a little, but I see how it can been seen that way. We probably should sit down and figure out what the best way to communicate to the group without doing so in a way that causes any potential conflict or negitive vibes. <3 for the feedback
  7. Actually, unless I'm mistaken, paypal is still open. If so you can still join. Add $8 to your pledge and post in the OO thread at the top. There isn't any OO elitism or anything that I've seen, just a few people getting a little over excited. The group was never meant to segregate anyone, just add a little incentive to pledge a little more to the game. In the end, we're all just fans trying to help as much as we can.
  8. I think it would be cool if you could upload your own portrait into the game. That way you can make your own, or grab one from one of the older games, or whatever you want. As for the actual avatar character creator, hopefully it's pretty deep. Lots of people love to spend hours with those.
  9. They've done a good job so far at being familiar but with some twists. I'd bet the same thought will go into the monsters.
  10. Until we get more info, I'll probably going to end up leaning towards starting a Godlike Rogue first. It depends on how the godlike actually look, I could go human or orlan. I'll also give heavy consideration to being a cipher or a chanter. It'll probably take me an hour or two staring at the character creator before I decide what race/class combo speaks to me most.
  11. Usually the ending is what ends up defining the story for me. There are plenty good stories out there, but the ones with the great endings are always the ones that burn brightest in my memory. My favorite endings are usually the ones are when something BAD happens. Something that makes you whisper "oh my god" and want to stop reading/playing/watching. Maybe good still wins out in the end, but at what cost? This could be the death of a major character that the player/reader has a strong emotional attachment to, or something catastrophic that the heroes couldn't quite prevent happens. Maybe the character the hero has been trying to save for the whole story dies right in front of them (or maybe the hero has to kill them his/herself). Or perhaps the hero just flat out loses? Whatever it is, I like endings that elicit so much emotion that you're drained at the end.
  12. They had a good sense of humor about it. The only real offensive stuff I saw was some of the racist stuff and the targets of the comments just laughed about it. I'm sure they're familar with the things that come out of the internet enough to take it with a grain of salt.
  13. That was actually kinda mild from what I've come to expect from the internet.
  14. They'll send an email here soon asking that sort of information.
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