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  1. I am having the same exact issue I can't complete the game because of this.
  2. I have this same exact issue. This is extremely frustrating. It also crashes if I try to talk to my squad.
  3. If your cpu doesnt support win7 how can it support poe? Jesus xp support ended last year, that should have been your queue it was time to go hard or go home, most of the customers i worked with in tech support did the same (going to 8 to their dismay) Thanks for the update - I run WinXP on my gaming system (Core i7 920, 24GB RAM, 2 x 580GTX graphics) and was concerned at its omission from the system requirements. As for those wondering why I and others are sticking with WinXP:Lower memory/CPU usage (typically 200-500MB less than Win7); More configurable thanks to XPLite and nLite
  4. Someone had something similar to this, when he was testing someone else's corrupted save file. when he loaded it up he couldn't save, or even make new saves, even after a system restore lol
  5. That would be kind of frustrating that the wurm is only on $50 kickstarter preorders, I didn't know that when I did my $20 pledge :|
  6. Well the entire point is to get his feedback, either post or current. If it was all about the game, we could go look anywhere on youtube or vimeo or whatever. A picture lp could work, but it wouldn't be nearly as exciting if he wasn't either riffing on it, or talking out loud the thoughts going through his head while he plays it.
  7. I want to see videos of this. Why would I want to see 10 minute clips on youtube? We're looking for your commentary not some pictures.
  8. When do I get a cool ~kickstarter badge~?
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