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  1. Well, for the record, in spite of my general distate for orchestral music, I quite enjoyed the trailer music for what it was. The opening chorus really have that western european feel to my ears. Personally love the use of sound more than the music itself - again the bells and wind at the end - can't wait to ear more, especially in situ.
  2. The poll offers a pretty narrow and limited overview as it is stated, sadly. I'm willing to bet Baldur's Gate is first right now because it offers the most complete package, though each and every elements that compose it, taken on their own, would probably be deemed inferior by many - if not most - when compared with other games from the list. It doesn't have the best combat, user interface, dungeons, gaming implementations of narrative elements, script, or writing, but it does everything well enough and it does *all of it* well enough. My personal favorite dream version of P:E would p
  3. PS: the use of perks and Achievements in this game was all sort of brilliant by the way. And that's coming from someone with a high distaste of Achievements.
  4. I find the game suffers from a design standpoint of its merging action/twitch-reflex-centered and RPG/stats-management gameplay. The first problem created by this is the difficulty curve: it only goes down (which kind of makes sense contextually if you're doing a rookie run, or had Obsidian been able to keep their original storyline - Mr Thornton 's getting better at the spy thing). The more you play, the less challenging the game will be. In a "pure" RPG, the growth in skills - stats and verbs - from the main character(s) can be matched by the opposition to create more interesting cha
  5. Thanks a lot for those. Fo some reason, could never get the streams to start at the time.
  6. Again, I resent the idea that not wanting live instrumentation equates not caring about music (which was coded in the very questions of the poll, no "No, it will detract from the overall quality of the music of the game" option there).And again, glad for you all who are getting what you wanted. Hopefully we all end up satisfied by the end product.
  7. Pledge retracted ! Oh, who am I kidding ? Happy for you all. Still spamming friends about the project. Mad I can't seem to watch those streams though.
  8. I can't find a source anymore, so maybe it's just me having imagined things, but I was sure I remembered someone from the team mentioning changeable portraits would be in.
  9. If it brings nothing to gameplay, and/or doesn't feed and inform the narrative, then I would be inclined to fill it in the cheap exoticism folder myself. To each his own I guess. Hmm if you say so. It builds the world. That adds a lot to gameplay in the sense of making it more believable and interesting. Yes, inventing a language is cheap exoticism. If they do not inform gameplay and narrative, or do not have the implications they raise explored, those languages are insignificant - What do they bring then but local color ? I understand how it can be aesthetically pleasing, t
  10. The screen is lovely, but what made it great was showing it to friends and see the smile on their faces. One sure thing, it sure brought them some backers. Deservedly so.
  11. I read that as "will the beta be DNA protected ?" for a second, and my mind went blank. Likely, but probably too early to tell, isn't it ?
  12. If it brings nothing to gameplay, and/or doesn't feed and inform the narrative, then I would be inclined to fill it in the cheap exoticism folder myself. To each his own I guess.
  13. I don't know, as a linguist myself, I tend to be ambivalent on the whole idea. While it can be incredibly fun as a side aspect (decoding that made up notation system in FFXII and seeing the message displayed by traps was smirk inducing), it also tends to be really shallow in how it ties to the game and choice mechanics - overall it makes for good easter eggs, but is rarely used in ways that provide actual depth. I find the current onomastic approach of the game map, where the etymological name of mostly each place is displayed in English to be blunt but satisfactory (if it is indeed th
  14. Thanks! I'm happy with it turned out too. Oh yeah, the sound work at the end was probably my favorite part of it. Great work on that.
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