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  1. ok i've given it a few days of playing and goofing around in the game, so far i like it, combat isn't too bad, it's a little clustered and allied pathing needs a bit of work but overall it feels solid. the overall party pathfinding is good, since they can find their way from one end of a dungeon to another without getting stuck. not sure if this one is a known issue but i finished the dungeon where we find the skaen cultists, took the non-violent path and was allowed safe passage out, had the dungeon key quest item which did not unlock the door at the top of the ladder, and in the process BBRogue had been killed (if they are maimed and then die again i guess its permanent). so since i couldn't unlock the door and had no one who could attempt to pick it, i entered the dungeon to go back the way i came... and the rogue is back in the party, but BBPriest is kicked out. all 5 party members are now alive and well, but BBRogue's odd resurrection had bumped BBPriest from the party. I also don't really like the method to level up. its fine for a single level, but if you gain multiple levels its kind of lame to select your skills, press done and then do it again. generally i've really been enjoying the game, i like the look and feel of the game, the UI needs some fine tuning but i like it overall, I like the resource based rest system, i actually like the limited character inventory with being able to place items in stash but having to rest to access it. I also liked character creation and the different backgrounds and areas your character can be from. as a first impression of the progress on the game, its shaping up excellently. I can't think of anything else but will post is i find anything interesting and fun or extremely broken
  2. ya know, i hate to say it but i really do agree with the OP... yeah the internet is a proto-post-apocalyptic wasteland and there are more of the bandit hoard than us civilized folk... but sometimes ya just gotta call people on their **** even if it means leaving a comment saying "well those people were douches and we're sorry they're alive". i know i'm sorry they're alive.
  3. i played through borderlands 2 as axton and rocked some faces... waiting for friends to finish the game so we can all NG+ together... so i started playing torchlight 2 which if you liked diablo 2... its a cartoony diablo 2... i really like the art style so it works for me. but recently i decided to play baldurs gate 1 and 2... prolly go back to torchlight 2 after that, but i'll prolly play new vegas cause i've had it since launch and i have yet to actually complete a single playthrough... thats my fault for the hardcore survival mods i put on cause i spend more time eating and sleeping and drinking water than i do missions and quests.
  4. right now its all about pimping the idea and perks and bonuses... once the kickstarter campaign is over we'll get real updates, but right now they gotta sell it... even though the goal's been reached, still got a few more days to be able to make dat money. not using facebook as part of the marketing is a silly idea... hell i avoided facebook for the longest time... but that is now literally the only way i can get ahold of anyone... yes i need new friends. but really social media in general and facebook specifically is a fantastic resource they would be silly to avoid. i wanna see some real content update type stuff as far as world lore and things... but i can wait until the pimpin phase is complete.
  5. people should be able to save and play however they want, its single player so its not hurting anyone elses experience. i don't know why anyone would save in the middle of combat, cause if you mistime that save and you're losing, reloading probably won't help... as a personal rule i don't save very often but there are times when auto save has made life less annoying. recently i reinstalled BG1, so i had minsc in my party, i ignored going to save dynaheir for too long cause i was actually on my way to the gnoll fortress when i zone into one of the random encounters with some winter wolves, in the middle of the damn fight minsc decides its a good time to attack everyone cause we didn't get to the fortress fast enough... in the mean time the 2 winter wolves + crazy minsc manage to gib not one not 2, but 3 of my party. gone, permadead. so it went from just having to kill minsc to losing garrick, jaheira, and imoen... that means it would have been down to me and khalid from nashkel to baldurs gate cause we killed edwin and i don't remember where xan (further north i think) is off the top of my head, an i think i killed the crazy dwarf dude too... all because of some crazy winter wolf luck mixed with minsc randomly going full retard. so what'd i do? i reloaded the autosave because a loss that devastating wasn't fun or challenging... it was frustrating. maybe if this were my first play through i'd deal with it and move on, but i've played through these games a couple times since they were first released. sure i could have just dealt with it, but i didn't feel like it, i know there were moments in my multiple play throughs where i've just let party members die and said "sucks to be you", but not that time, i reloaded the autosave, still had the wolf encounter, only minsc didn't go all crazy n stuff, and the wolves did not gib anyone. the encounter still took the same amount of time, roughly 30seconds and did not diminish or increase the challenge. we then made it to the gnoll fortress where halfway up the stairs minsc wigged out about dynaheir and we killed him... he is still dead, and dynaheir has taken his place until she goes all crazy too. maybe i'm a case against save scumming since according to that logic i ruined the experience... well i don't need a random roll ruining *my* experience. sometimes i'll play a game and keep reloading to do everything 100% a certain way, sometimes i'll play it fast and loose and let whatever happens happen, somtimes i play very cautiously, other times its once more unto the breech dear friends. whether i can save or not usually doesn't factor into that, but if i run into something that kills me and i forgot to save, i'll try again... if the game would not let me save to preserve the experience, then i'll just play a different game.
  6. I have to say I agree with this. In the spirit of the thread, I don't want to see design by committee or democracy. I'm backing to have Obsidian design the game. Based on my thorough enjoyment of their previous titles, I will defer to their expertise in the creation of the game. I don't want them to fall into the trap of trying to please everyone, because as the adage goes, they'll end up pleasing no one. i whole heartedly agree with this statement... also things i don't really want to see are cartoony graphics or gigantic weapons in the style of warhammer or 90's jrpg's. The cartoony graphics have their place, just not in this setting. Also i like goofy humor but keep the pop culture references to a minimum please. i also do not want to see the standard chosen one scenario... though i still love how fallout 2 had you as the chosen one but the rest of the world was like "who the hell do you think you are". so that is not outside the realm of something i'd like to see but thats not the point of this thread. its also been mentioned a million times but level scaling... or at least not on a one for one basis... god i still can't play dead island partially for that reason and partially cause i think its a crap game with fun concept. I love the chainmail bikini's in the right setting (not gonna lie), but if this is truly going to be a mature game, then this is not the setting... i know you guys can make the girls attractive without them spilling out of their armor. i'd also not like quests to lead my by the hand with my magical compass of objective finding... if it was that easy why didn't the quest giver do it. also... fetch quests, i don't mind them to limited extent. but i tried playing risen until i got to the conclusion that the whole game was a giant fetch quest ala "here player go get my boots of wandering, i left them in the cave of many monsters" or "you have to find the 27 pieces of armor of invincibility and then when you're done trek all the way back to me for a piece of candy"... seriously those kinds of quests make me wanna stab the quest giver... or put that quest in the game so i can stab the quest giver.
  7. woo name on kickstarter is Jonathan-Chevalier of the Obsidan Order... it was longer but there's a 40 char limit
  8. I am so happy a project like this has finally come around... you guys have some good timing, cause I have a bit of disposable income to help support a project like this... not that I don't enjoy replaying BG 1 and 2, or torment or IWD and the list goes on, and its nice to see a really new rpg on the horizon.
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