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  1. Got my Cards and Soundtrack already and shirt, mousepad and postcards from the collectors Edition are on the way and should have arrived today. But sofar did not get them so I am guess it will be here on Saturday. No sign of the Collectors book yet but at least I did get the mail from Paradox (got it today) that my Collectors Edition of the Game in on the way. (from Germany)
  2. Nope did not get my signed CE eigther sofar not even a "your goods are on the way" mail. But hey at least I got my cardgame and CD Soundtrack today . But than again judging from the mail today I gonna get the CE with the printed CD inside so I guess that is at least something positiv.
  3. Great review as always from him. Gotto admit I am pretty much a fan of him anyway but he is right with everything. Even so I will say that I liked the story a lot and it drew me in very well. Other than that so he is spot on from my point of view. Not really he did put Divinity Original Sin at place 3 on his Top 10 List for best games of 2014.
  4. I will go with GOG there is not even a single doubt on my mind on that one. Simply because I think games like this are meant to be bought on GOG. They are games on on oldschool genre and they just need to stand next to all the other classics of that period. And while I am in no way against Steam (using it for over 7 years now and have a nice collection) I am using Steam mostly for AAA games that are from the present and indiegames or simply games that are not on GOG at the moment (EU IV would be a good example of that). But sooner or later I gonna get a copy on Steam aswell if it goes on discount and I will always have my phyical copy of it so I will never have a problem with not having a DRM free version.
  5. Joe might have started out as a reviewer that was mostly reviewing XBox games but that has changed a lot since a couple of years now. So I do get how people get the impression of "hey ain't that the loud mouthed console guy that is olny review Tripple A games". But thoes times has long been gone and he did grow up not olny as a reviewer (he is way more professional now that he was say in like 2011) but he also is reviewing all sort of games down to the lesser known indie pc games. As for him comparing it to DD and DAI that was not him drawing that comparison but it was other Joe (the guy he likes to do streaming with and sometimes is beeing part of his reviews). Joe might not have played BG and IWD himself but he sure knows them. Fun fact even so DAI was ranking at number one on his "Top 10 Best games of 2014" video the third place did go to Divinity Original Sin (which IMHO most people can agree on that it was a rather solid entry to the CRPG genre to say the least). So its not like he never played a "real" CRPG. And like it or not he does have his almost 2 million subs for a good reason. Because he is known to be the type of reviewer that is very hard on the games but always fair and he is mixing in a lot of humor into his reviews. Also he has a very hard time hiding his true feelings about a game no matter if he is all hyped for it or disappointed with a game. And for that fact alone I prefer him to most other reviewers out there. If a game gets him truely excited he is more than willing to go the extra mile for it to promote to the best of his abilities. So he also does not shy away from stomping your game into the ground and rip it to pieces if it is bad or if he think its disappointing (no matter how big of a name the game has or the publisher behind it). In short him liking the game is simply great because he is the kinda guy that can get someone excited for a game simply because of how excited he is talking about it. P.S. On a more personal note I think one of the main reason why so many people like him for his reviews is because he pretty much is like the Donald Duck of the game reviewers (and that is meant as a huge compliment). By that I mean that the more excited and/or angry he gets the more hilarious he gets. Donald makes you laugh because the more angry he gets the funnier his outbursts do get. Also people can easily relate to Donald because he pretty much is your kind of "average working dude" that gets into the most hilarious situations (mostly) by no fault of its own. And IMHO the same can be said about Angry Joe.
  6. As fun and indepth as the strategy guide seems to be, the thing I would be much more interested in would be a physical version of the Almanac. Any chance we will ever get such a thing?
  7. If it actually is like that I am for the first time ever officially disappointed. So the cover art says something about Volume one. And unless something has not changed in a big way than from all I can remember the book from the CE is olny one book and not split up into volumes. So I guess there will be at least some sort of difference and if it is just in the qualtity and size of the Collectors Book. At least that is what I dearly hope cause I been upgrading my pledge mainly for that book (even so the signed copy was a nice added bonus of course but it was mainly for the Collectors Book).
  8. Actually, the fact that it's small gives me hope the Collector's book is a separate thing. Need some clarification, though. Totally agree with the both of you. It be great to get an "official statement" on on that situation. So I been doing a little digging and did come up with something from the KS site that been in some FAQ there: So for me it more sounds more like the physical version of the Almanac than the Collectors Book, plus the cover looks like the pic they put in for the digital almanac on their KS site. But than of course that is just a wild guess of mine. I surely hope it is not the slightly less quality version of the Collectors Book cause I am also one of those that has been upgrading their pledge mostly for that sweet Hardcover Collectors Book (albeit I admit that the signed copy of the CE also was a big plus).
  9. To be fair so I did put out my most optimistic guess. If I would give my realistic choice I prolly say end April early May. Reason beeing that I think olny very few people really can play one big RPG after another without getting burned out with them. I am a big rpg and strategy fan but even I can't just play both of them without getting in some mindless fun shooter action or a couple of good creative indie games in between them.
  10. Glad they did decide to give it a couple more months before they going to release it. Now my best bet would be that they prolly release it by eigther end of March or early to mid April. Releasing it Januar would be not enough time to really give it a quality polish (or at least that is what I would think). And releasing it Feburary well thats were The Witcher 3 will be getting all the attention (considering that the Witcher 3 is at the very top of a lot of peoples most anticipated game list I think that is a fair assumption).
  11. So he does. Doesn't make anything he says less retarded though. The notion alone that Obsidian has limitless time for development makes me grimace. Gotto agree with Quadrone there. On top of that the examples given by ctn2003 for not needing to care about other releases do all have a major flaw. All those games he mentioned back than had about the same budget behind them or at the very least were not worlds apart from each other in that respect. PoE and said DA3 are just not comparable. Yes PoE was one of the most successfull Kickstarter games ever (and still is) but I would not be suprised if the voice acting alone would have a way bigger budget than PoE does have for the whole game. And as much as the backers or fans of oldschool crpgs do praise and want PoE to be the next big thing (and it has a fair chance of beeing that) does not diminish the fact that the majority of the gaming masses, be it casual or hardcore, will be all over DA3 when it gets released. Weather it is because of they actually think it is the better game to PoE or because they will get caught up in the hype from all the fans and press coverage that will be all over the place does not really matter in the end. It would be downright suicide for PoE to be released at the same date or too close to it. And thats coming from someone that is considering PoE to be as close to his version of a perfect rpg as it will ever get and wants it to become the next big thing.
  12. Sounds like the same problem I am having. Are you playing the german or any non english version? If so changing the language from german to english did help for me. Dunno why that is but it seems to be a problem thats just for eighter the german version or the non english ones in general (note I did not try spanish or the others so I have no clue about the other languages).
  13. Hmm I can't see a single word that would somehow limit it to olny a part of the soundtrack. When you write "enhancing the whole game" for and that talk about the soundtrack in the next sentence than its hard for me to see how you could read it in any other way than using live instrumentation for all of the soundtrack hence "the whole game". So thats just MHO and to be honest I can be sometimes a bit of a stickler for words so it could very well be that I sometimes take things too serious and for granted .
  14. Personally I like what we have sofar but sure live music is always better. That said if I correct and not mixing things up wasn't live instrumentation part of the final 4 Million stretch goal? Quote from the Kickstarter site: So for me that means we gonna get a live music soundtrack.
  15. Alright I am a little late to the party but better late than never. So here are my very first impressions be it the good, the bad or the ugly stuff. Before that so I would like to give my general thoughts on it. Now I started with an original pledge at the 35$ tier by the end of the Kickstarter I was at the normal boxed copy tier with some addons and during the time of the backer updates I got more and more excited of what I saw so I did go 2 more steps up. This did end yesterday with me getting myself the (at least for me it is very much a luxury and big investment) 250 $ signed CE edition. Now the numbers really do not matter all that much here but the fact that they did convince me to upgrade again and again cause of what information they given us does matter a lot. I am not the kinda guy that gets hyped easyly. In fact this is just the second time a game got me that excited (considering that I have been pretty much a gamer for a bit over 20 years now thats saying something). So to say that my expectations have been as high as they can get would prolly be putting it very mildly. Long story short, I did not regret putting in all the money and hopes for even one second. From the second I was dropped into the demo I got that very calming and reassuring feeling that this game is and will be everything I was hoping and thinking it would be and than some. I can't pinpoint it exactly why I feel like this but it just looks, sounds and feels very right. With that in mind on to the tough stuff. The Bad: - The Combat: The thing that struck and did annoy me right away and the most was that it was just all over the place. I was playing a ranger for my first two tries and so my party did consist of 6 members in total. On the very first encounter with the beetles I had I think 5 Beetles coming at me. The chances of trying to place your own people strategical are very small indeed cause at least I had a hard time trying to get some order in the chaos. Now that might be partially due to the mentioned pathfinding issues but I hardly think that this is the olny reason for it. And of course the difficutly level is way too high now even on normal or easy but that is merely a thing of blancing out a couple of stats. - Zooming in in Battle: While I like the fact that you even can zoom in I also have to admit that it is nowhere near enough. Espcially in combat it is really bothering me. It is chaotic enough as it is anyway (at least in MHO) but when you play on a 1080 p resolution or higher it gets really fiddly to quickly select a char on the field itself which would help a lot when it comes to quickly replacing your chars. Sure you can do it via the your character icons but I think doing it by just clicking the char you want on the field would make things more easy and even a little quicker (even so not by much prolly) - The Ugly: - The Combat: Aside from beeing bad for your tactical play in combat I also think the chaos in fights with more than say 2 or 3 enemies just does not look good. I looks like a very fast moving mass of people that are doing certain actions without really having a visible aim. I know you can slow things down but even than it just does not look all that great. Zooming in in general: As already mentioned beeing able to zoom in further might help with combat at least in some scenarios but it would even more help to make the game look even better than it is. I am playin at a 1080p resolution on a 24 inch screen but even when I zoom in all the way I still have a hard time seeing the faces of the characters or to be more precise the details of the faces (you know those tiny silly things that makes the difference between persons). And I am almost certain that the artists did put a lot of care into those details just like they did with all the other art assets. Now it is not like you cannot see anything at all but you have to look very closely and carefully if you wanna see the small details. For me that is just very sad cause the rest of the game looks amazing and I am sure my char does aswell but at least for the face and the more smaller details on the armor are very hard to spot from the zoom range you have now in the game IMHO. - Minor things: Some of the icons for certain skills are pretty hard to decipher. I could not for my live of mine tell you what kinda animal it is that the very first ranger icon is trying to depict. Turned out to be an antelope but my guesses have been pretty much ranging from eagle to dear to some sorta strange fantasy creature. Oh and I really hope we do get a lot more charactor icons for the final game to choose from cause at least for me it was rather hard find one that was at least somewhat close to my actual character. The Good: - The Graphics: I just love them. They look amazing. The sheer amount and attention to all the little details are just phenomenal. And from what I seen sofar everything seem to fit perfectly in the world you are playing in. You never did get that odd feeling after having looked at an item or anything that it somehow does just not fit in with the rest of it and the world in general. Now for some that might be nitpicking but I think those little things are exactly what can make how much you can immerse yourself into the world or not. Now of course that Demo gives olny a small part of the world to see but somehow I cannot imagine that if they put that much attention and love to detail "just a small meaningless village" that will not do the same thing with the big important loactions aswell. - The Audio: Again it ties in perfectly with what you see on the screen and sets the mood in just the right way. Be it the music or just the sound effects. Even in combat most of the skills I tried that already had a sound effect felt great for almost all of them (very few did lack a little bit omph to make the impact feel well but sofar those have been few far and between). Again adding greatly to the immersion of the game. - The Writing: Now I am playing the german language version so I can olny report on that one so I would imagine that the english one beeing their natural language is as least as good if not better. The writing sofar feels like it just fits with the various chars. The working class folks talking a bit more straight forward and a little more vulgar at times, while the upperclass (like Lord Harond) is talking more sophisticated but also more snobbish when talking about the working class. While all of that might sound rather cliche in the first place it still fits the chars because in the middle ages most people actually been like that. Also I like how their emotions that they feeling at the time when you talk to them seem to be pretty good reflected in the dialogue. - The Combat and Minor things: Again while the combat needs a lot of work I think what they already did figure out for most part is how the skills do feel like. Now mind you not all of them but at least for me it seems the majority of skills we can use now are done pretty well. I also like that you can or will not have certain choices on the dialogue depending on your stats. That does make things feel more realistic (even so I would hope that there is an option to turn off the skills that are shown behind the dialogue options).Also I really like the music and sound effect on the character creation screen and when you start the game (the olny thing that bugs me there is the constant bird chirping) as it gets me in a good mood for some reason. Well so that was my 2 cents for the very first impressions I did get from playing the beta for the first time. Again I know I am a little late but yeah I still wanted to give them. I am sure I will come up with more feedback when I been playing the game a little more but overall like I already said at the start I am very happy with what I seen sofar.
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