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  1. Got my Cards and Soundtrack already and shirt, mousepad and postcards from the collectors Edition are on the way and should have arrived today. But sofar did not get them so I am guess it will be here on Saturday. No sign of the Collectors book yet but at least I did get the mail from Paradox (got it today) that my Collectors Edition of the Game in on the way. (from Germany)
  2. Nope did not get my signed CE eigther sofar not even a "your goods are on the way" mail. But hey at least I got my cardgame and CD Soundtrack today . But than again judging from the mail today I gonna get the CE with the printed CD inside so I guess that is at least something positiv.
  3. Great review as always from him. Gotto admit I am pretty much a fan of him anyway but he is right with everything. Even so I will say that I liked the story a lot and it drew me in very well. Other than that so he is spot on from my point of view. Not really he did put Divinity Original Sin at place 3 on his Top 10 List for best games of 2014.
  4. I will go with GOG there is not even a single doubt on my mind on that one. Simply because I think games like this are meant to be bought on GOG. They are games on on oldschool genre and they just need to stand next to all the other classics of that period. And while I am in no way against Steam (using it for over 7 years now and have a nice collection) I am using Steam mostly for AAA games that are from the present and indiegames or simply games that are not on GOG at the moment (EU IV would be a good example of that). But sooner or later I gonna get a copy on Steam aswell if it goes on disc
  5. Joe might have started out as a reviewer that was mostly reviewing XBox games but that has changed a lot since a couple of years now. So I do get how people get the impression of "hey ain't that the loud mouthed console guy that is olny review Tripple A games". But thoes times has long been gone and he did grow up not olny as a reviewer (he is way more professional now that he was say in like 2011) but he also is reviewing all sort of games down to the lesser known indie pc games. As for him comparing it to DD and DAI that was not him drawing that comparison but it was other Joe (the guy he li
  6. As fun and indepth as the strategy guide seems to be, the thing I would be much more interested in would be a physical version of the Almanac. Any chance we will ever get such a thing?
  7. If it actually is like that I am for the first time ever officially disappointed. So the cover art says something about Volume one. And unless something has not changed in a big way than from all I can remember the book from the CE is olny one book and not split up into volumes. So I guess there will be at least some sort of difference and if it is just in the qualtity and size of the Collectors Book. At least that is what I dearly hope cause I been upgrading my pledge mainly for that book (even so the signed copy was a nice added bonus of course but it was mainly for the Collectors Book).
  8. Actually, the fact that it's small gives me hope the Collector's book is a separate thing. Need some clarification, though. Totally agree with the both of you. It be great to get an "official statement" on on that situation. So I been doing a little digging and did come up with something from the KS site that been in some FAQ there: So for me it more sounds more like the physical version of the Almanac than the Collectors Book, plus the cover looks like the pic they put in for the digital almanac on their KS site. But than of course that is just a wild guess of mine. I surely hope
  9. To be fair so I did put out my most optimistic guess. If I would give my realistic choice I prolly say end April early May. Reason beeing that I think olny very few people really can play one big RPG after another without getting burned out with them. I am a big rpg and strategy fan but even I can't just play both of them without getting in some mindless fun shooter action or a couple of good creative indie games in between them.
  10. Glad they did decide to give it a couple more months before they going to release it. Now my best bet would be that they prolly release it by eigther end of March or early to mid April. Releasing it Januar would be not enough time to really give it a quality polish (or at least that is what I would think). And releasing it Feburary well thats were The Witcher 3 will be getting all the attention (considering that the Witcher 3 is at the very top of a lot of peoples most anticipated game list I think that is a fair assumption).
  11. So he does. Doesn't make anything he says less retarded though. The notion alone that Obsidian has limitless time for development makes me grimace. Gotto agree with Quadrone there. On top of that the examples given by ctn2003 for not needing to care about other releases do all have a major flaw. All those games he mentioned back than had about the same budget behind them or at the very least were not worlds apart from each other in that respect. PoE and said DA3 are just not comparable. Yes PoE was one of the most successfull Kickstarter games ever (and still is) but I would not be supri
  12. Sounds like the same problem I am having. Are you playing the german or any non english version? If so changing the language from german to english did help for me. Dunno why that is but it seems to be a problem thats just for eighter the german version or the non english ones in general (note I did not try spanish or the others so I have no clue about the other languages).
  13. Hmm I can't see a single word that would somehow limit it to olny a part of the soundtrack. When you write "enhancing the whole game" for and that talk about the soundtrack in the next sentence than its hard for me to see how you could read it in any other way than using live instrumentation for all of the soundtrack hence "the whole game". So thats just MHO and to be honest I can be sometimes a bit of a stickler for words so it could very well be that I sometimes take things too serious and for granted .
  14. Personally I like what we have sofar but sure live music is always better. That said if I correct and not mixing things up wasn't live instrumentation part of the final 4 Million stretch goal? Quote from the Kickstarter site: So for me that means we gonna get a live music soundtrack.
  15. Alright I am a little late to the party but better late than never. So here are my very first impressions be it the good, the bad or the ugly stuff. Before that so I would like to give my general thoughts on it. Now I started with an original pledge at the 35$ tier by the end of the Kickstarter I was at the normal boxed copy tier with some addons and during the time of the backer updates I got more and more excited of what I saw so I did go 2 more steps up. This did end yesterday with me getting myself the (at least for me it is very much a luxury and big investment) 250 $ signed CE edition. N
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