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  1. I put it on par with the original Baldur's Gate. There's some good stuff, and there's stuff that needs some work. It gives a lot of hope for a sequel. The combat is almost directly lifted from the Baldur's Gate series, all the way down to the sometimes frustrating pathing.
  2. It's fine for me. I started on hard, but I find the challenge enjoyable with appropriate difficulty spikes.
  3. This thread has gone all kinds of intersting places. Those sales are great, especially given how many people got a copy 'for free' by backing the game through Kickstarter. These are the kind of games that have long legs, and I can imagine with word of mouth and reviews this game breaking a million in sales this calendar year. Even if it didn't, it has certainly done well enought to warrant a sequel. Good news all around (save for weird tangents taking place in this thread).
  4. I agree with many that's fine to get the physical goods before the physical game, as I'll likely be playing a digital copy anyway. I just like the idea of owning a physical copy. I do feel a little bad for the people who are waiting on the physical copy of the game to play, however wouldn't they wait a similar time in either scenario?
  5. I'd like the ability for my character to decide after a particularly grueling and emotionally draining trial that maybe there are better people to handle the difficult situations of the world, and that nice town he saw a couple of weeks back could probably use a nice hotel 'n' pub. Maybe he would even get a chance to try out his idea for a thin bread covered in cheese and leftovers as a twice monthly treat; Something that he would name after his childhood friend, Lisa Pisa. Then, after months of trying to gain the trust of the local villagers and finally starting to earn a steady profit, a young adventurer would come in, full of energy and confidence, they would lock eyes, and have a moment. Then you could finally reroll your character as this new guy. Nah, I'm kidding. I'm loving how this game is turning out so far. Looking forward to it.
  6. I don't have my badge now. And my "of the Obsidian Order" is now missing, for some reason.
  7. I know I finalized my pledge, yet I don't have my badge. I'm not so much concerned about having the badge as making sure my pledge is okay. EDIT: Huh. And it looks like my "of the Obsidian Order" thing is now gone, as well. That's not good.
  8. I think everyone loved Minsc, but it's important to remember that the character wasn't great because he was quirky, but because he was well written. Kind of like Edwin Odesseiron. There are plenty of examples of the subtly evil and backstabbing wizard trope running around in fantasy settings, and I can't stand most of them. Edwin I find to be an exception due to his great writing. Even though he wanted to kill Dynaheir and tormented Minsc relentlessly about it, I kept him around because he entertained me and he seemed to actually have my back as long as our goals aligned. I think when someone tries to create someone 'like Minsc,' it's pretty easy to fall into the trap of creating a character that's quirky and super annoying in a 'Penguin of DOOM!' kind of way. Not that I don't trust the team to create great writing; I just don't think they should force in areas where it won't fit.
  9. I like the duality concept of gods. Such as, the god of war is also the god of friendly competition. Or the god of platonic love is also the god of lust. The god of wisdom is also the god of debauchery. Stuff like that. Failing that, I would find it hilarious to have Jeff, the god of biscuits. (Some people might get the reference.)
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