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  1. Being able to save manually is by far the more important, but quicksave is a welcome convenience. (I used the word "quicksave" because it implies manual saving and is a little faster to type. ) I agree with this as well. It feels wrong to gimp the PC version of a game just to minimize code differences between the PC and console builds so that the code's a little easier to maintain. So far, I haven't described why I'm asking about this feature, but I see there are some "what is an RPG?" questions, so maybe now's a good time. I like to explore game worlds. I'll spend many hours
  2. Exactly what I wanted to say. I´m gay myself and I haven´t been offended in any way by this. To be honest, I see it exactly as others here: that some anonymous intenret crowd started yelling and you backed up. Not cool, Obsidian. You haven´t lost customer in me, because I think you worked hard and delivered a splendid game; but will you buckle just because somebody will start moralizing a complicated and morally complex game? Isn´t that exactly what we backed? Please, just hold on, don´t let them beat you so easily.
  3. I hope I have formatted it in a proper manner and everything is comprehensible. Played version 257 bb. Menu: - when cycling through options at a start menu, names of each categories (Graphics, sound) will disappear when clicking on anything except Auot-Pause or controls - also, in controls, when you scroll down through them, dents, which separates them, will appear later. - In autopause, I could not find option to pause after end of the round - where is it? Game itself: - if you leave game running longer and you are not playing it (pressing windows button on a keyboard and doing somethi
  4. Thanks fro answer; now at least I know there is nothing wrong on my side. Meanwhile I was waiting for somebody to respond, I remembered there was another door near the flooded part, through which I came here (yes, I came through tannery), and through there lied a way across. Still, hooks would be my preferred way across.
  5. Hello fellow backers, I have problem crossing the fallen bridge in Dyrford Ruins - I know that I should you the hooks with ropes, but how? When I click on that wooden ramp, there is just dialogue hint, regardless whether that character which interacts with the ramp has the hook in inventory or not. I cannot put it into weapon slows, nor into quick item slots. What am I missing?
  6. It´s very nice to see some info about documentary´s progress, i was wondering what is up with that Thanks for the update!
  7. Nice, honest and interesting update. I´ve feared some people might complain "oh, this is the stuff we already know," but I never really saw somebody to flesh out making of game so clearly and honestly. Definitely informative, I´ve enjoyed that.
  8. Q&A are interesting, but why don´t you ask your fans here, on Kickstarter, or on forums? Why only Reddit users? I, for one, didn´t even knew you were doing such an event :/ Nonetheless, I like the answers. My only question is: why it a problem to do Unity moddable game? No tools available? You´d have to create TDK yourselves?
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