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  1. I'm running the Tamriel Rebuilt mod. As you can see in the map in the upper right of the picture above, I am not in Vvardenfell nor Solstheim, I'm on the mainland of Tamriel, specifically the city of Andothren. What this mod aims to do is restore the original vision of TES III: Morrowind, which was the entirety of Morrowind, not just Vvardenfell (and later Solstheim in the Bloodmoon expansion). The game wound up getting scaled down, as games often are, and this mod tries to scale it back up. The project has been in development for nearly 20 years and is still in development today. They currently have roughly half of mainland Morrowind implemented, which is still A LOT and quite impressive for people working in their spare time. There are also other mods in development that implement other provinces into TES III: Morrowind, but I'm not running any of those. In theory, the entirety of Tamriel will one day be playable in this game... One day in 2092. If you are wondering how you reach the mainland, they've added a few Travel NPCs to existing locations. A couple to docks, letting you travel by boat, and a couple to Mage Guilds who will teleport you. Below is the dock just north of Vivec. In the vanilla game there would only be one NPC there: I'm not sure if this mod has restored House Indoril and/or House Dres. In the vanilla game a major plot point is the sixth house, yet there are only three great houses in the game, which may have you wondering about houses four and five. As you may have guessed already, those are Indoril and Dres, and they were originally going to be joinable, have quests, and allow you to rise through the ranks, just like Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni. Like mainland Morrowind, they were a victim of the scaling down. I doubt they're implemented, I would think that would be prominently advertised in the mod description, but who knows? There are supposed to be hundreds of new quests and items, though. I got a quest already when I got robbed of 500 gold when sleeping at an inn in Andothren. After a bit of digging, I found out that it was a well known petty thief and I'm going to track her down, but not until after I fully explore the city (she's known to hide out in nearby Dwemer ruins). Anyway, I'm impressed so far and I'll report back as to the quality of the writing, art, quests, etc. God bless these people still working on mods for a 22 year old game.
  2. Something I really appreciate about Morrowind is that I'm hardly ever changing my gear. It's standard practice in modern game design to constantly bombard the player with incrementally better gear. I guess the thought process is that if the player doesn't get a new better sword every 5 minutes they won't be "engaged"? Do developers think that every gamer has ADHD or something? I've been rolling with the same suit of bonemold armor I got in Balmora at level 2 and I'm level 8 now. I only just recently swapped out the steel mace I got in Seyda Neen at the very start of the game for a mildly enchanted mace. Honestly, it's refreshing. Anyway, I quickly rose through the ranks of House Redoran to house cousin and I got one of the councilors to sponsor me, I just need to wait a bit before he gives me further duties. I should probably check back in with the Blades at some point, but I'm all the way up in Gnisis, so it will have to wait until I get my ass back to Balmora. I do have matters to attend to in Vivec, so I'll hit Balmora on the way when I make that trip. I mean, I could take a silt strider to get there instantly, but I still have some parts of west gash and bitter coast to explore, so I'd rather hoof it. Side-note: This is the only game I can think of where the best money making mechanic is sleeping. I'm sure it wasn't intended to work like that, but it does nonetheless. Every 3 to 5 times I go to sleep I get rudely interrupted by an inept assassin, for reasons not yet clear to my character (of course, I know why). I easily dispatch said assassin, strip 'em naked (#metoo), then sell off the rather valuable dart they always have on 'em, and the rest of their gear fetches a decent price too. Thanks, inept assassins, for keeping my coin pouch nice and heavy. I appreciate it.
  3. I'm sure it was, it's just the moment they began announcing it, my eyes glazed over, I pictured another AssCreed except with time dagger in my head, and I went to take a piss, figuring that was as good a time as ever, so I never actually saw most of the reveal.
  4. Maybe in the future. At the moment it could give you additional seasons of NuTrek Discovery.
  5. Wouldn't the right thing to do be to wear a chainmail bikini yourself? You know, for solidarity. I expect photographic evidence of your support for gender equality. And now for something completely different... It has come to my attention that the new Prince of Persia is a metroidvania, and supposedly a rather good one. When it was announced I paid no attention and immediately moved on, which is on me. In my defense, Ubisoft has conditioned me to expect a specific type of game, on account of the fact that they've been making essentially the same exact game, albeit with a different coat of paint, over and over and over and over and over again for well over a decade. Now I'm suddenly interested. Some of my favorite games ever are metroidvanias. Games like Super Metroid, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, and La-Mulana 2, just to name a few. If the new PoP is as good as rumored, I'll definitely play it at some point.
  6. I guess I'll cheer for the Lions going forward, they're the only team left I like even a little bit. I'm not a Lions fan, or anything, but they're kind of the feel good Cinderellla-ish story just because it's been so rare the last couple of decades that they've been anything but dog$#!+. I can't see them beating the Niners, but it would be nice if they made it to the NFC Championship.
  7. If I lived in Vvardenfell I would be really tempted to get a pet scrib, those little buggers are the cutest. Unfortunately, eventually that scrib would presumably turn into a decidedly less cute kwama. Now, there's maybe some kind of spell I could cast to keep it in its larval scrib state and stop it from becoming a kwama, but whatever the Tamriel third era equivalent of PETA is might come after me, also I would feel bad because that's ****ed up. Now, if I could speak with the scrib and the scrib, let's call her Peggy the Scrib; if I could speak with Peggy and she told me "I like being a scrib and adorably thumping the ground with my butt. It would be great if you had a spell or potion that could keep me in this state and stop me from becoming a kwama." In that case I would be perfectly fine with using such a spell or potion and Tamriel PETA could **** right off, but I'm not sure if that's possible.
  8. I'm not saying that Bibi & Co. let those people die on purpose on Oct 7th, but I certainly wouldn't put it past them.
  9. Oh yeah, the 49ers are going to smoke you, which will make this Cowboys loss all the more embarrassing. The Niners would have won The Big Game last season had Giant Veiny Throbbing Brock not gotten hurt.
  10. It's definitely Satan.
  11. If there's one positive to take away from this, and I'm reaching here, is that it's been plainly and obviously revealed to the rest of the world, anyone not tightly shutting their eyes, covering their ears, and yelling "LALALALALA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" that is, what many of us already knew, and that's Bibi is a horrific monster. I would be willing to bet a large percentage of my savings that he had Rabin murdered decades ago.
  12. I mean, if this means McCarthy gets fired then at least there's a silver lining. Given our recent track record with coaches, there's no guarantee the next coach will be any better, but our ceiling with McCarthy is divisional round at best, soooooo... Side-note: I stopped watching less than halfway through the second quarter. I just looked at the score and it seems I made the right choice deciding to play Morrowind instead. Side-side-note: Did the Green Bay Packers make some kind of deal with Satan? Y'all had back to back long-tenured hall of fame franchise QBs and now... It's too early to call Jordan Love a franchise QB, but he's certainly at the very least a good legitimate starter. What the ****? Y'all can't even go 1 ****ing season with a $#!+ QB? Since Aikman, I had to suffer through Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde, and the desiccated corpse of Drew Bledsoe before we got to Romo, and Romo was good, but he would also savagely murder our team 3 times a year by throwing back-breaking interceptions.
  13. My wacky cheeseburger pizza boat creation: It's ugly, but delicious. Not much to it: pizza dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and ground beef. I made it that shape so that I could pile the beef higher.
  14. Well, the time has come. Muh Boys had a great season, but it's time for our annual playoff collapse, and, fittingly, at the hands of the Packers. Edit: And, there it is, we're already down 14-0, as expected. Good luck in the playoffs going forward @Bartimaeus
  15. I'm going to be there in Greensboro to watch the Horsemen beat him down one last time.
  16. Are you sure you're not a southerner?
  17. I can, and have, in fact, say the same thing about Murica. It seems to not just be the US and Germany either. I mean, I can say the US beyond a shadow of a doubt, because I live here and I've witnessed it with my own eyes time and again, but it seems to be most of western and central Europe too. I can't say if it's a coordinated effort, but when it's simultaneously happening in Murica, Canada, and most of western and central Europe... My spidey senses are going off. Back to the matter at hand, I have no horse in this race. I have no allegiance nor enmity to neither Israel nor Palestine. What I care bout is, in order of importance: 1) The killing stops 2) Justice is served
  18. My House Redoran duties have taken me to the quaint fishing village of Ald Velothi in the northernmost part of West Gash. Not the most beautiful day, but I can't control the weather and who knows when I'll visit a location this remote again, so I might as well take a picture from the top of the watchtower. My base of operations for the forseeable future, as a member of House Redoran, Ald'ruhn, as taken from the silt strider platform:
  19. I finished Starfield and have zero desire to do NG+ any time soon (possibly ever), so, after a break of a couple of months playing The Talos Principle 2 and Starfield, I'm back to Morrowind. Usually when I put a game down, the chances of me returning to it after a prolonged period of time are pretty low, but with Morrowind the chances are nearly 100% because it's a game I dearly love and it's still a joy to play, cliff racers notwithstanding. I even had perfect memory of where I left off, again, because I love the game and it stays in my mind. Oh Bethesda, you were really great once upon a time. Anyway, I'm still relatively early in the game. I recently joined House Redoran and I'm doing busy work for them to increase my rank. While on the way back from an assignment, I made the mistake of agreeing to escort this haughty c**t to the Ghostgate shrine and it was cliff racer central on the way, and all for a measly 100 gold. Then I had to hoof it back through more cliff racers to get to Ald'ruhn again. That's what I get for being a nice guy. I have 2 weeks until Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth comes out. I doubt I'll beat Morrowind by then, but who knows?
  20. I'm really surprised at how the Houston Strouds are lighting up Cleveland. The Browns have arguably the best defense in the league. Edit: Unsurprisingly, the Chiefs easily won the Deep Freeze Bowl in KC. So far we're 0 for 2 as far as competitive games go. Hopefully tomorrow is better.
  21. Dread Delusion It's still in early access and far from complete, so I just pop in periodically to see how it's doing. I'll start from the beginning when it fully releases, whenever that is. Still, it gives me the warm and fuzzy Morrowind vibes, on account of how weird and alien the world looks, it's worth it to me for that alone.
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