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  1. Hmmm, godlike... Sounds overpowered, so it's natural that they have some kind of drawback (or not so powerful abilities as we may think). It'd be cool for godlikes to become more "in touch" with their unique traits as they level up, but I'm sure you guys have already thought of that (it's Obsidian after all!!!). Something that I can't possibly stress (and beg) enough for, even though this might not be the best place to do so, is this: PLEASE make dialogue as extremely diverse as it is humanly possible. Especially concerning different races. For example, Baldur's Gate had some good dialogue all around (SoA in particular) but Planescape Torment is what you should aspire to! As a godlike, I'd like to hear unique reactions from ALL members of my race, even if they're negative (I don't know, as far as lore is concerned, whether some godlikes dislike/favor others, e.g. fire vs water etc.). What I mean is, I want to FEEL like a godlike, not just have a couple of different animations and a title on my character sheet. That, of course, goes for all races. Now, I could blabber on about what I want to see in the game, but in all seriousness... I personally have more than high expectations for this game. Project Eternity must be better than Baldur's Gate 2 or Planescape Torment. The bar is set very high.With the creators of so many excellent games,a few million dollars at your disposal and the clear support of all the people in this forum and the Kickstarter funders, Obsidian must deliver the ultimate RPG experience so far.... For anything less than that we have Bethesda and CD Project. I hope I'm not offending anyone, as I do not imply you're going to deliver something mediocre. But me, I will not settle for a simply good effort. I want to play the best game of my life, and I'm expecting that from you guys because you are the most likely people to create it. Am I expecting too much? I hope not
  2. Here's a suggestion, based on something I've had on my mind for quite some time while playing Infinity Engine games. True, doors have three basic functions: open, close, lock. But when, for example, a minotaur is charging the group and they all hide behind a locked door, there are two possible outcomes. Either the minotaur stays behind the door completely baffled (pathfinding around the door is equally ridiculous) or he makes a check against the lock to "open" the door. This is what is expected in a game that comes out in 2014 (battles stopping because of doors are a thing of the past XD ). However, since you guys are doing such good work already and seem intent on delivering a great game, not just a good one, consider this: instead of "opening" a door, certain creatures can BREAK them. The minotaur in the example above makes his check against the door (which, if very large and heavy, won't budge), and if he's successful the door breaks into pieces in a spectacular 21st century animation! This could serve particularly well in sequences where the group is being chased, and a monster is breaking through several doors, aiming to break some bones next. Of course, this might be a foolish suggestion since I have no idea of the limitations that might exist on the graphics engine etc. etc. I just think it would look --and feel-- much, much better
  3. Purpose, Mr. Anderson! It is purpose that created us, it is purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, drives us, binds us. It is purpose that defines us. Purpose!!! You couldn't resist, could you? Nope XD It was too hard to resist!
  4. Purpose, Mr. Anderson! It is purpose that created us, it is purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, drives us, binds us. It is purpose that defines us. Purpose!!!
  5. I don't even play D&D anymore XD As a DM, I quickly realised that the character creation system is too restrictive and completely altered it. But I also did that with skills, attributes, battle mechanics, spells, etc. etc. So, in fact, I'm not playing D&D with my friends anymore. We play something entirely different!
  6. Many thanks! I'm definitely not in a stage where I can write "well". I find it much easier to express my ideas through music and pictures rather than words... But your suggestions are very important to me, thanks again!
  7. Project Eternity. Last hope of the true RPGs.

  8. Hi everyone. I just saw the new Resident Evil movie and searched for the song playing at the start of the submarine scene. After listening to it several times, I wrote something based on my own P&P storyline, trying to make the story and the song fit together. So, instructions: 1) Open this in a new tab: https://www.youtube....fAHFyK33boxW0mQ 2) Press play and read! That's all! Please tell me what you think of this, as I strive to become better in writing fantasy stuff (probably never gonna happen). . . . . . Silence. Too much time spent in solitude made him welcome the absence of sounds, pathetic reminders of life and its joys. Meditating alone, he could feel the wet floor against his feet, the damp walls dripping with tiny drops of water and blood, the bones of the dead under the stone, the joy and sick anticipation of the bloodthirsty crowd above the ceiling. He couldn't hear them but he could feel them. And that annoyed him even more. He slowly got up and grabbed his spear. The weapon briefly shined, slightly illuminating the dark room and revealing his face. Scars and white hair don't agree with you, she had once said. Now she was dead. And a part of him had died with her. It was time to extract his revenge. The hour had finally arrived for them to pay in blood. He exited the room and walked past the monstrous guards. They watched him with their blood red eyes, afraid to talk or touch him. They knew that he was there on his own will. They knew he was not to be bothered. He started climbing the stairs, holding nothing but his spear, wearing nothing but a ragged pair of pants. The crowd had started cheering again. Mindless sheep that had come to watch men die. Their primitive needs would be sated that day. More than they could possibly imagine. The guards opened the gate. The Arena unfolded once more in front of his grey eyes. The sand. The spiked walls. The oblivious crowd. The dark sky. And, the sons of bitches who killed her. He walked steadily towards the center. His enemy this time was unimportant. He would fall in one strike. Their guards were powerless compared to him. And as for his targets... Their arrogance armed his hand and strengthened his resolve. Their blood would sate his thirst for revenge. Nothing less. Running, no longer in silence. Today the silence would be broken. Today he would welcome the only sound of life he anticipated eagerly: the sound of life drifting away in pain and anguish. He impaled his enemy, breaking through his shield and armor. No stopping. No hesitation. He had to make the jump. Guards surrounded him. Not enough to stop him. Dodging their blows, he was now closer than ever. His spear started shining brighter and brighter. It wanted justice. It craved for revenge as well. His anger allowed him to make the jump. Flying through the air, he saw them in front of him. Terrified, paralyzed, unable to act. Just like her years ago. No more silence.
  9. If they decide to implement finishing moves to the game, they must first make sure there are lots of them. If we see the same moves again and again, we're bound to get bored at some point (Skyrim, *ahem*). So this feature should include at least 7 or 8 different moves for each type of weapon (crushing, piercing, etc.). I know this might be tiresome and possibly expensive, but why bother with finishing moves if they're only going to annoy you after 8 hours of gameplay?
  10. I'm 18 years old. My favourite passtime is disagreeing with my short-sighted friends over which is better: BG or Dragon Age. Oh, well...
  11. A villain who has a meaningful purpose. Not someone who "just wants to see the world burn". We've had more than enough of them!
  12. A well-organised, regularly updated wiki is essential for an RPG like this! Let's hope there's plenty of stuff to fill it with.
  13. First of all, this is my first comment here and let me just say before anything else: I'm excited beyond any measure about this. If there is even one tiny possibility that I can relive the magic of Bladur's Gate and Planescape Torment in a new video game, I'll cling to that hope like a starving monkey on a banana tree branch. So, romance in RPGs. It HAS to be there. Allow me to explain. The most important aspect of an RPG, what newer games often fail to achieve and the "oldies" possessed in abundance, is quite simple really. It is the ROLE playing part. The feeling that this character is actually you in an alternate universe. Yes, he/she might be 4 inches tall and 30 years older than you, but it is up to the developer to make you feel like you can "import" your personality into any character in the game. So, how can anyone feel like they're roleplaying if there is no romance in the game? It is such an important aspect of our real lives that it just cannot be ignored, even when considering an alternate universe. But this is not the matter in question here! The question is, how "much" romance are we talking about? Well... That depends on the general level of maturity the game aspires to achieve. The following is a scale of romance maturity: No romance -- (Icewind Dale, Baldur's Gate 1) = The absence of any love story doesn't subtract from the overal quality but, let's be honest, romance wasn't even on the table back then! Numerous advancements in RPG gaming have rendered this option obsolete. Insignificant romance -- (Skyrim, Fallout 2) = A shallow marriage is not considered romance. Skyrim's marriage system is for laughs. You meet someone, you start "dating" and get married in three days. Nope. Nice try, but still nope. On the other hand we have Fallout 2. The game didn't have a serious romance mechanic, but who can forget Leslie Anne and Angela Bishop or the Golden Globes studios? Well, I know I can't, partly because I have Google as my ally! Seriously, though, little distractions like these made the Wasteland vibrant and interesting. If the game aims for a generally mature, dark setting, such options should always be present. Bioware romance -- (Baldur's Gate 2, Mass Effect) = Pretty obvious. It's the kind of romance procedure that we're used to in every Bioware game since the turn of the century. Character meets girl/guy, character builds an enduring relationship throughout the game with girl/guy, maybe does a quest for them, even chose them over some other guy/girl, have sex with them and be happy. I know I made it sound too shallow when it absolutely isn't, especially in BG 2. Besides, it's always been fun. Witcher romance -- (duh) = You gotta give the guys at CD Project some credit. What they did was unprecedented in Western RPGs, and it wasn't bad. I know many of you find the romance overly explicit and maybe offensive but it fits perfectly with the dark, cruel, medieval world of the Witcher. In this game, I can see a unique opportunity for something different. Romance and sex, for one, should be two entirely different things. The player should be able to have casual sex with some people, like prostitutes, village girls, sexy rogues, succubi etc, etc. BUT should only be able to pursue a full romance with a handful of people. This must obviously include most companions and maybe a few NPCs (like a duchess, whom the player intensively courts throughout the game or a princess to abscond with, etc.). One original aspect that could add flavour to the romance system is the following: a player should be able to romance someone, complete the circle of their relationship (break-up, death in battle) and then romance someone else. As far as I know, that doesn't happen in many video games. As for how explicit the actual romancing should be, that's up to the developers. My proposition would be something like the card system in the first Witcher, or anything that can be COLLECTED. Never underestimate the importance of collectibles. Gotta catch 'em all is a serious syndrome and a synonym of replayability in many cases. Congratulations and thank you if you read the whole thing. Once again, I'm very glad to be here!
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