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  1. I'd get him a digital copy that way he'll have the game. but he really does like boxed games. and perhaps an early game impression makes him buy the boxed version himself. and by the way ... he has more money than me ;-)
  2. what about making orlans cat-like? haven't they even mentioned that orlans will have furry ears? O.o
  3. raised pledge again by 17, so that i could add on the newly announced cards + birthday present for my brother: what do you think is better, early beta access or digital copy?
  4. Become a member ... otherwise you will be banned ... meh .. not exactly, but almost
  5. and you don't care if your game has one or two big cities? whic would add a lot of play time
  6. I wanted to say, that i have raised my pledge the second time now. this time by 10 dollar and i want you to join me. we all want this city to be done and i think upping your already existing pledge by 10 is doable thing. so everyone who is willing to do the same, just pledge at least 10 dollar (honestly!) and write in this thread that you have done so. the more, the better. if we get a good amount of people the 3,5 mill will be realistic. Perhaps this thread could be pinned, or at least upped. So pledge up, everyone! :D
  7. didn't know that our danish neighbours have such excellent german skills edit: double post sry ...
  8. i actually like the translation of fantasy rpg. Fantasie-Rollenspiel is kind of cute :D
  9. That portrait, at least to me, looks slightly inspired by the Icewind Dale style. I like it. Sure, and that supports the idea that we could have multiple artists creating portraits that share a basic style or feel to provide more variety and choice without things seeming too mix-n-matched. Indeed, as was the case with IWD I and II portraits, they were different, but shared a somewhat similar style. The idea: Have multiple portraits for each companion by different artists and build the capability to change portraits directly into the character or inventory screen. For example, after we recruit Sagani, we would be able to open the character or inventory screen and choose between the portrait released in Update 3, Kieran Yanner's take on Sagani, Justin Sweet's take on Sagani, etc. Each character could have a folder within the portrait directory where alternate player-added portraits could be placed to be selectable from the interface. To allow the player character, custom characters created at the Adventurer's Hall, and mod-added characters the same functionality, the feature could be programmed to check the portrait directory for a folder named after the currently selected character. If one is not found, it could default to the portraits available in the main portrait directory. If it would prohibitively expensive to create multiple portraits for each companion (or if funds are simply better spent on something else), would it be feasible to implement this feature but not the additional portraits (so that we can add custom portraits and be able to switch between them in-game)? The IE games allowed portrait additions and overrides, and this doesn't seem as if it would be much more complex... ? Thoughts? I rather would like to have only painted portrait which is kind of animited while talking / taking damage/ dying
  10. Rollenspiel not with s in that case Joking aside, they won't get upset. Don't worry, they appreaciate feedback. :D thank you. i think it's nice to see that I did a mistake myself .. ^^
  11. i recently discovered, that now the kickstarter page offers a link which leads to the german translation of the obsidian website. i don't want to nit-pick, because my english isn' the best as well, but i think an official website and so i should be correct. i just looked over it for only 1 minute and have already found several mistakes/ oddities. http://eternity.obsidian.net/de/ Just examples: 1. "Bevorzugst per PayPal zu spenden?" Correct: Bevorzugst du per PayPal zu spenden? 2. "DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE KOPIE DES SPIELS." it's not translated proberly; Correct: Digitale, downloadbare Kopie des Spiels. 3. "Project Eternity ist ein neues, isometrisches, party-based Computer-Rollenspiel, das dich in eine von Obsidian Entertainment entwickelte Fantasiewelt versetzt." Correct: Project Eternity ist ein neues, isometrisches, party/gruppen-basiertes Computer Rollenspiel [...] 4. "Die Positionierung der Gruppenmitglieder und Auswahl der richtigen Fähigkeiten hat deutliche Auswirkungen auf den Kamperfolg." Correct: Die Positionierung der Gruppenmitglieder und Auswahl der richtigen Fähigkeiten hat deutliche Auswirkungen auf den Kampferfolg. And that's just a few, I also found comma mistakes. I mean you can't be serious about that. I really hope that the german translation of the actual game will be done more carefully. Please don't get angry about me, because I am pointing on mistakes ... i just want to help.
  12. I just love the idea of both! I mean, an Italian city state could of course also have a coast line, but it sounds like it's either/or... a city by the coast, or by water in general, has the opportunity to be a much richer environment. I suppose, if it's a big city, it ,must have access to water, in some way. If we're following real world rules. I'd love to see a city modelled after Venice. you really are into the italian idea.. are you italian or is it your favorite holiday location? :-P
  13. i like both .... but a big city with a fantastic seaside. that could be awesome
  14. you could be right ... i will wait for the first concept art and lore.
  15. sounds like a surfer race from hawaii ... -.- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aumakua
  16. Adam Brennecke: We've talked here about contacting Vance and Justin but we haven't had a chance yet.
  17. yes ... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts
  18. i think i totally missed an information: which class does cadegund actually have?
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