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  1. Could be interesting, but most likely will be mishandled and lead to alot of anger. Most developers side-skirt the issue for a reason.
  2. Bioware games just have meaningless choices. All roads leading to the same destination is cheaper from a developers point of view, lame for any replayability. Personally I'm all for gray choices, since I'm a Witcher fan. Not because its 'deep' or 'edgy' like many of you condescendingly state, its because its interesting. I actually spend more time on the choice, mulling it over and I can come to regret the choice later or be thankful it turned out well. Obvious good/evil choices just mean I choose based on my players alignment, rather than the choice, giving no real thought. Good/ev
  3. I would rather have classes, and instead have stat distribution and skill investments determine how your characters play out. eg pump loads into strength so you can wear heavy armour and use heavy weapons - you now have a warrior. Pump some into intelligence so can use magical buffs, and now you have a paladin. I cannot see that happening though.
  4. I wish it could change, or at least refocus away from dwarves and elves. Make playable dryads, harpies or minotaurs.
  5. Erk I can think of nothing worse than beta testing a story driven RPG. Will spoil the story many times over as they gradually refine it and tweak it.
  6. I prefer characters to have a preference, unique trees and skills. While you choose the skills, it should always feel like they are a separate entity. Basically don't give them exact same skills as players (eg DAO), give some variety (eg DA2 and bit in KOTOR2). I also liked how DA2 characters all had unique outfits you were stuck with, since it made them all rather iconic, but I know most people hated it.
  7. I would prefer a diverse array of spell types. Maybe some spells require components, maybe some entire schools require you to sleep while others allow for just a cooldown. Maybe certain classes operate differently than others in regards to spells. Keep things diverse, basically. One answer to everything is boring.
  8. I like to see new, original races or races that have not been overused in fantasy. Orcs, Elves and Dwarves are far too overused. Getting sick of them. Need more Dryads, Harpies and Minotaurs as playable races.
  9. Good article. I've always wanted companions that react more to the player. We've gotten too used to being forced to take along psychopaths, which strangely never betray you if you constantly berate them. Surely every companion should have the chance to betray the player if your goals are not similar, just as they have the opportunity to help the player if they do.
  10. 23 The Witcher 1+2 KOTOR 1+2 Dragon Age Origins Skyrim I would play BG and Planescape if they weren't so old/ugly. One day I will. Oldest probably played was NWN.
  11. lol besides Expert mode, I cannot see myself doing any of those. The Witcher 2's insane (permadeath) mode drove me nuts. Will be something to see if someone manages to finish with all 3.
  12. I think romances are usually extremely under developed in RPGs. Sometimes they just feel like player ego-stroking. Or just going for a home run. I would prefer any romance be heavily intertwined in the narrative of the story. For that reason it likely would have to be only a couple of characters as 'options', or even only one character (as was seen in KOTOR1). For a relatively short RPG, I would think romance should not progress very far unless it skips forward in time occasionally. Perhaps it would be better to have the romance pre-existing in the story, if the writers feel player dialog
  13. Humour is good. You need positive emotions in any tale to contrast with the depressing stuff - it empowers both. Just don't break immersion by joking about something no one would in real life. Not everything needs to be a joke.
  14. Really like this update. I hope you are planning on giving XP out based on quest completion, rather than actions (killing, sneaking, talking, etc). That seems to work best I think, as it regulates the XP income and prevents the player getting in the position where they can never develop a skill path because it was not used early in the game - and thus became so poor its a liability to try to improve.
  15. Binary morality is stupid. Most of all because its usually comical. There should be a range of gray choices, each affecting a different group differently. The player must choose whose livelihood they value most. The Witcher 2, and somewhat the original, nailed this. You should not get devil horns, a halo, access to better powers, or whatever based on your alignment. Your choices should affect relationships with others based on the choice itself and their opinions of it, not the alignment of said choice.
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