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  1. I voted yes, despite the fact that I probably won't add any more funds myself. My hopes is for the addition of stretch goals to bring in completely new backers that might have followed the project for a while.
  2. Morte (PST) Dakkon (PST) Fall-From-Grace (PST) Viconia (BG) Coran (BG) Morrigan (DA)
  3. Orlan & Aumauan design & lore Druid class description Character development
  4. Sabotin, I love your concept of a druid! So far, I've never played a game that actually manage to make the druid an interesting class, but I hope the devs have a good plan for the PE druids. About shapeshifting, I don't feel shapeshifting is needed for a druid class (where does the concept of druids being able to shapeshift even come from to begin with? Is it d&d that came up with this or is there any actual mythological background to the idea?), but if they implement druid shapeshifting, I hope they focus more on the roleplaying aspects of shapeshifting and less on the different forms bei
  5. I love playing sneaky characters, but I find the generic rogue class a bit boring and uncreative. I´d rather the devs removed the class, redistributed some of its classical skills (lockpicking, trap disarming, backstabbing, stealth) among the other classes (or just have any character being able to choose the skills), then add one or two classes with more specific roles, like assassin, bounty hunter, scout, et c. The devs have already made their choice however, so I´m just keeping my fingers crossed that they do something original with the PE rogue class.
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