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  1. New game modes? Meh. I'm unlikely to try them. A godlike race? If that's going to be the sixth one, which seems to be the case, then that's good.
  2. I actually don't care how my wizard is going to be dressed as long as it looks good. But, considering the game is going to be isometric, it's unlikely that I can adore what characters will wear. Ah, well, at least I know I'm going to immensely enjoy Dragon Age 3 for awesome dresses if for nothing else.
  3. Pearl Harbor is a real place so it should not be translated. Please study how to translate (there are a lot of manuals) before talking. And that's what's wrong with prescriptive approach to linguistics: it's completely arbitrary. There's just no point in making a distinction between real and fictional as it is the same entity, but no, we must have another rule that makes no sense just for the sake of having it.
  4. Still, he managed to be the most helpful incarnation except maybe the first one. That's funny, as I'm crazy about sociopathic men. Seeing what Practical Incarnation did, hearing his words, watching his thought pattern I couldn't help but understand fully well why Deionarra fell for him, even if for different reasons.
  5. Well, you are wrong, and it's obvious that you don't know much about translating, so let me say a few words on this behalf. You see, there is a term charactonym used in linguistics. It means that the name of the character is given by intent and with some purpose. The brightest example is probably Bilbo Baggins. J. R. R. Tolkien stated himslef that the language of the Middle-Earth is not English, and that's why translators have to translate his name. As a result Bilbo became "Торбинс" (Torbins) in Russian, where "torb" means some kind of bag. And so on and so forth, there are tons of other examples in different books. What I mean is you have to translate wisely. Your example - Michael - doesn't have anything to do with charactonyms as it is a usual name. While Bilbo, and Mr. M'Choakumchild from "Hard Times" (translated into Russian as "Чадомор", "Chadomor", where "chado" means "child" and "mor" means torturing) were named for a reason. The same goes with the name of the places. "Pearl Coast" is like that for a reason, even if the reason is that it just sounds poetically, and that's why translators should probably translate it. Unless guys from Obsidian are against, of course. Translating names is the cancer of translation. This should not be done under any circumstances. If a character's name has a meaning, then it's better to note that outside the context of text — yes, it's not ideal, but translation can't be ideal by its very nature. Also, do you know how "Pearl Harbor" is translated to Russian? "Пёрл-Харбор" ("Pyorl-Harbor"), not "Жемчужная гавань" ("Zhemchuzhnaya Gavan").
  6. If you want to up the scales needed for progression without slowing the progression itself — well, what's the point? Do you just feel it's not epic enough without big numbers?
  7. The only way I'd be okay with identification if it hid features that have sensible reason to be hidden. For example, an unidentified magic wand is useless as you don't know how to use it, but a flaming sword should always deal fire damage regardless of if you know its properties or not. Otherwise it's just silly: what, does said sword need your permission to be what it is? I think not (unless it's sentient and literally needs you to order it to be such, which would be amusing).
  8. I liked him. He's smart, confident, charismatic, he'd done for you more than any other incarnation ever did, and I'd love to have him as a romance option an ally. Pity it had to be either me or him.
  9. If I had to plea, I'd plea to not include barbarians. Anything but that. Just hearing about conanesque stuff make me nauseous. Yes, one of the best protagonists in the history of ever TNO was also mostly naked, but he wasn't resembling anything of what a barbarian is. So, nakedness is okay as long as it's not about chainmail bikinis, but no to that whole brute stuff.
  10. I'm of "less legendary, more personal" persuasion. Sharp sticks of dragon slaying +3 are nice, but I prefer equipment which has its own character, either figuratively or literally, like Igness's (if that was her name) magic teeth which you could give to Morte and which were alive and had personality, or the Blade of Immortal, which was crafted specifically for you and had unique properties that had an impact on the story. Also, things like Ravel's nose picking tools are fun and it would be nice if they were included as well.
  11. I want Eternity to go away with gameplay and present a continuous streak of choices made after reading walls upon walls of text. And the lead designer to be Tetsuya Nomura. Oh yeah.
  12. It seems people either can't read or can't lurk. Or both. It has been explicitly stated that Eternity will not have karma meter, so all your worries are for naught.
  13. Edair couldn't look any more generic even if he tried his darnedest to be so. Oh well, I hope he will be interesting in all the other ways.
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