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  1. Livestream "check" Chained to a desk by Feargus "check" Tim Cain regurly taunting him "check"
  2. Well done Obsidian. I think the start was a bit slow and indecisive, but they picked up the ball and ran with it and how they ran I really hope i dont die before the game is done. I will have to be extra careful next 18 months and stay healthy.
  3. Once every 2nd week should be ok and it doesnt have to be the same guy doing it everytime. Rotate for example between MCA, Josh, adam, Tim and Feargus? I hope all these obsidian guys that helped promote the kickstarter can continue to keep in touch with the backers during the production. Lot of cool and funny personalities working at obsidian
  4. When the game is done and the time comes to sell it. They should use him alot for marketing purposes.
  5. Since the world map for eternity kinda looks like western europe. An island to the west populated by redhaired freckled monsters screaming oi or innit would be an appropriate setting.
  6. We get an extra senior developer/writer. Who just happens to be good on worldbuilding/creating lore. I see it as a winwin situation for all of us and nice for the obsidian team that can bring back one of their guys. The only downside of it is that this kickstarter doesnt seem to allocate extra resourses for sound and music. A really really important aspect of a game.
  7. Gothenburg, Sweden. The infinity games were quite popular her in the old days. Bet there are lots of fellow swedes here.
  8. Shouldnt better AI be an option? If the fighting sucks with stupid mobs and bad pathing. it kinda make the game boring no matter how many tactical options you have for your party..
  9. +no political correctness. I play games to have fun and not to be conditioned into a sheep. +too much romance. Im not playing a dating game and have no interst in playing one. BG II had it on a ok level. +a too linear gamestructure overall. Corridor games are usually boring.( a megadungewon is another thing) +Quest arrows and your target marked in a minimap or persons with markers floating over their heads. +Boring and useless crafting-harvesting system. A timesink should matter and be fun. +No popculture refernces to modern tv shows or movies. I rather see them from old school games tha
  10. Im a bit with you and its refreshing that not all fans on this site are acting like the disciples from the consumer sect apple. All praise the holy lightening contact coming to deliver us from slow and clumpsy connections. The moment i feel sect vibes im out of here.
  11. I like this idea. Organic is cool. Im tired of dusty dry tombs. I kinda imagine some old ruins, tunnels where "something" outworldly has nested in the deepest levels spreding its influence/minions through the dungeonsystem, maybe even affecting the upper world, making it a reason for a brave team of adventurers heading deep down into the unknown facing untold horrors. It would be cool with organic materials Imprinting on the old structures already there. So you can get get both mechanical and organic traps. Totally wrong genre, but something like the aliens movie where the queen has set u
  12. Just Eternity. Drop the "project". Add som clever subtitle that is related to the storyline for each installment of the series. BTW eternity is kinda the opposite of oblivion
  13. I rather put more money into this game , and I dont like their timing cannabilizing on the last stretch of this campaign for the same type of backers. We need some new blood in the gaming industry instead of all the old timers trying to cash in on vague projects. (Even Eternity was a too vague ín the beginning). So instead of jumping onto this kickstarter I just pledged for another game. That it got a Might and Magic feel, a working model with some neat ideas helped a long way to convince me. Dont forget the little guys.....
  14. I want something new that hasnt been overdone in fantasy settings. Fine we all want our tolkiensh dwarves, elves and humans etc. What i personally would like is some kind of non-humanoid race that have other desires and ways to reason than humans. You can make really coollooking alien races, but if they act like carbon copies of humans its bleeh, not interesting enough. reptilian, insectoid of dinosarians etc. Doesnt really care as long as they act in a typically non-human way.
  15. I think this game will be great, but i see a worrying trend. Trying to do too much and incorporate too many ideras. Things like this tend to add to the bugginess. They need a captain that runs a tight ship. Im old enough to remember that games like fallout, arcanum and toee were quite buggy at release.( i bought them all on the release days:). I even had a gamebreaking bug in planescape. I didnt finish the game until years later beacuse the bug had put me off playing it. Thats why im not a really big fan of that game. So. Save upp a few 100Ks to test the game properly and skip on some
  16. Modding tools and imroved support for overall modding. I think that would add a lot to the project and be good to everyone involded in the long run. players, developers and createurs. Since we help fund this game this is a great way to give back to the funders. Maybe a megadungeon? I like a lot of variety in my games and this could be a great optional sidequest.
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