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  1. I am absolutely in-love with the music. Especially the main theme: Justin Bell did a stellar job of crafting a beautiful score that fits the game perfectly.
  2. So, any possibility of a major update tomorrow then?
  3. I used to fall into the minimalist camp when it came to the UI, but looking at how pretty the conversation UI looks, I might just change my mind. The wichts sound absolutely depressing; I like it Hope you guys will stick to non-traditional creatures rather than the boring orcs and goblins of every other fantasy RPG.
  4. This is not an easy problem to solve. Either the game has too drastically limit the amount of gold you get from adventuring, or make all purchases exceedingly expensive. Shops need to have things that the player will want to buy even in late game, while at the same time the player doesn't feel that exploring for loot becomes meaningless.
  5. Perhaps a system where the player has to pay a regular wage to some of his/her party members to keep them happy. This will apply particularly to mercenaries employed from the adventurers hall.
  6. What are these differences? Physically these differences are where hair grows on them. Wild Orlans are covered with a coat of hair on every inch of their bodies, including the face. On the other hand Hearth Orlans have tufts of hair the ears, but otherwise the face is covered with hair much like a typical human. The Orlan detective concept depicts a Hearth Orlan. Oh look, I found a wild Orlan
  7. I have to admit, I like Failedlegend's sugestion regarding the placement of the spells bar. I am not a huge fan of the "wrap around the screen" idea for the UI as it seriously distracts from the environment and, as Josh mentioned, is less efficient. Just my very humble view.
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