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  1. I´m in favor of ther classic ie loot system. too lazy to click, pick up and identify stuff?-->noo awzome loooot
  2. Well... Altered States was romantic too... Well, if this is the case...:-D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss2PSyeO6MY&feature=related
  3. Ths should definitely replace the official romalnce therad, I´m feeling totally **** up just by watching this, no acid, thc whatsoever. Eternal gratitude...
  4. Yeah, because Obsidian annonced P:E as a Minecraft x Sims clone... www.floorplaner.com You´re welcome
  5. Looking at the target audience for this game (25+ year nerds) I might get an idea who is asking for translations....
  6. A pala should be struck with erectile dysfunction if he tries to touch an evil piece of armor. Perhaps a solution to the annoying romance problem...
  7. Now Kickstarting Project Empathy - A Next-Gen Modern Party-Based RPG (and we DO mean "party"!) Your party will consist of one thousand characters of every race, gender, religion, sexual preference, height, weight, psychosis, smell, taste and shoe size! Will I be able to ****/romance all of them at the same time?
  8. Mr. Slave already exists in Obsidian´s South Park. Why add one in PE? On the other hand you could combine romances and slavery and play the pimp, would be an interesting concept...
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