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  1. Not sure if one of these answers applies to me... if I dont level up and I travel to the Mountain of Gardorns where I encounter the Lich who then blinks his left eye and I fall over dead... DAMN THATS AWESOME!... same token I spend 100 hours and I am full light power and have the will of the gods in my hammer... I want to walk in to that same Mountain and smack the lich with my shoe and have it cower to my will... Stop making the rats 2 levels below me at every point in the game... and I mean how is it possible that EVERY turn I make I just happen to go to the RIGHT area where the mobs now are a little bit harder... maybe I want to level up and then go decimate the poor little fishing vilage! Maybe I want to take my 5 good NPC's with me to a SUPER HIGH level area at lvl 5 and kill them all off and then finish with ONLY EVIL ONES!!!.... oh the possibilites!
  2. I would have to agree to this thread! It would be great to impliment a class line of quests or secret unlockable quests for Thief/Assassians. If you chose to play a thief you gain 1/4 xp from encounters (killing) but gain x4 xp for sneaking past guards and turning all the lights out. whats this... more xp for unlocking the doors... HI GROUP! come in! I have disabled the traps... knocked out the guards... blacked out the lights... No one outside will see what is going on.... yay bonus XP for the PC! same thing for a Raging Barbarian though... x2 xp for raging and killing the group in front of you when the thief is outside looking for the back door! Not sure if there is time for this but setting this up would actually give bonus to playing the class the way the class was meant.
  3. My question is... Will there be "Epics" in the game? No I dont mean purple items that drop from monsters... No i dont me a high level quest reward. I am talking about the weapons you use and work with that unlock and become more powerful. Here are my examples. Father dies, gives me a long sword... at level 5 I notice the ruby gem is missing... I quest to find a flawless ruby... oh my! it is enchanted with fire... Longsword +1 fire damage... I am in the cave of the Thunder Lords of the Obsidian empire... Why is there a painting of my father?... with a sword that looks just like mine?... the sword seems to have a shimmer to it that it no longer has... Whats this... a new quest, let me find the maker of the sword... After many long hours and zones and towns I have found him, the sword uses your "Soul" to gain in power... The more "Intact" your soul is the stronger the sword is...+5 damage max...??? We can do this all day long, but I guess this is not really a question and more of a plea... give us something to go after!!! I dont want to load and reload 100 times to kill the Necromancer Ravin Ous time and time again WAITING on his "EPIC" Dagger of ogre slaying. Yeah thats fun... but so are SUPER rediculously LONG quests and chains that take a starting weapons to be The Thundering Hammer of Pixie Making! Just incase you like pixies and killed them all... now you can make new ones. Ravinous
  4. This is a long standing D&D train of thought and I for one LOVE IT! I mean really and farmer out there is going to be able to pick up a standard COMMON sword and slash to death the Copreal Ghost of Ravin Ous! I think not! It will take the +3 Magical Longsword of Fire to damage me.. I mean him! But really guys, certain monsters SHOULD be above the laws of standard weapons! We see this all the time and just give it different names! I mean maybe a cool CO OP mode would also you to have Soul Damaging weapons to hurt the other player! Yeah i know, far fetched, but you can make some really neat things this way. Maybe there is a mob out there with super regen and there is a spell that can be enchanted on your weapon to block healing... no of this is possible without the use of resistances! Bring it on! I will, for one, start my collection of weapons early!
  5. Undead yes. All Undead evil... No. Maybe the horrific thing we viewed was some of the horrifing things that happen to the souls of the people / beings once they died... Why then can we not have sad in need of saving undead spirts... I mean YES I want to smite that evil lich in the caves of wonder... but I mean really... that poor Lich was just chillin in the cave with these EVIL living things of Light raided his home, killed his family, and then cursed him in the name of some unknown being... I mean really! Kick their arse Mr. Lich! There are so many ways to twist things and make them new! Lets shed some new light on this whole undead steriotype. I would LOVE to see something new, an undead city where you learn the powers of Necromancy. A civilazation with laws and governments from your Skelly Rats to Zombie LORDS! Thxs
  6. Guns... well that is a "loaded" question. If they are balanced! I mean giving a goblin the rapid fire RPG at lvl 5 that does 800 damage per rocket vrs my party where magic missle is my best atk with 2d6 damage is broken! If you spend the time to balance hand held weapons / Single shot bows cross bows / magic AND / guns then BRING IT ON... If this is just going to break the classes that pick them up dont waste your time. Also, be careful not to "HURT" the player using the gun, if this break my char(s) when using guns they why put one on. Will be hard to add into the game but if done right will be awesome to see!
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