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  1. I think some sort of shade race like the OP mentioned would be cool. With the godish race maybe something like Hound Archons?
  2. My favorite was Carsomyr in BG2 from Firkraag, so glad I was playing a Paladin
  3. I like more practical designs for the most part, but the really good items need to be awesome, not just power wise but look really cool as well.
  4. As long as the races are interesting and fit really well in the story of the world I don't think it matters if they are more standard. Since it is their own IP maybe they can include reasons for non-standard races, but if doesn't fit I would rather not have them. Having them for the sake of them being non-standard isn't a good reason.
  5. If more games supported in Linux I would totally use it. Microsoft is a group of complete a$$hats. They don't came about PC gaming at all (Games for Windows Live FML). They would rather you play it XBOX so they can get a cut. With Win 8 it is getting even worse with their retarded store and "Metro" UI. Having a second completely free option is awesome. I wouldn't be surprised if more companies don't start exploring Linux versions.
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