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  1. I don't know if 4$ million is enough. But i think most "triple A games" budget goes to: - CGI. Lots of them. - Expensive game engines and Middlewares. - Sub contracting (other compannies works). - Famous people. Famous actors for voices, musicians like Hans Zimmer. - "Executives" which takes lots of money and does nothing except talking to media sites like IGN saying "I think my game is one of the best experiences in last years". - Marketing. I guess a proper AAA game will spend more than 4$ million in propaganda. - Bad planning. - New resources (hardware) - Bad human resources man
  2. Really, at least for me, is more about lexicon. I can perfectly understand any spanish speaker around the world. It really isn't that different as some people posted in that thread. Some words are diferent, or have different meanings. For me, the most significative difference, is the use of "you" (in spainsh there's many words to represent it), and slang used. The structore/syntax changes when the use of "you" is different, but it can be understood perfectly. I think many people from Spain dislike latin spanish due to the use of "you". The differences are higher in spoken spanish than
  3. It's a nice idea. It reminds me Lord of the Rings (the books). I'm able to naturally understand 2 languages (i mean understand a language without thinking about translations); spanish and catalan. I first read the Tolkien's book in spanish. Whitout knowing the original english version, i think the spanish version is appropiate. Many yers after, i read the books translated to catalan. This version uses the dialects to differentiate the Middle Earth people (south catalan to Gondor, western to Rohan, "academic catalan" to elves). At first, my feeling about the translation was negative. Wh
  4. It just only means the end of the way (or the beginning). It's just a symbol. A ****** misterious, unknown, and too far away symbol...
  5. Damage dealing spells are nice. But i always prefer special spells such: - Mesmerize - Creature domination - Creature conjuration - Dispel magic - Reflect magic
  6. I think the most important is the quality. And i guess Zits will bring a lot of it, regardless the world's size.
  7. Maybe, im wrong. But i think all will be done. If 2,8 million stretch goal isn't reached, tell will anounce Zeits as an Eternity worker anyway. The same for mega-dungeon; if Obsidian has in mind 15 levels, they will add 15 levels to the dungeon, despite the funder numbers.
  8. Eternity plus anything. Maybe "Eternity: Souls of *nameofthecontinent", or "Souls of Eternity". Seems logical, in case Obsidian wish to make a saga. And it's very popular betweeen us. I don't like "Project", but the complete name soons good: "Project Eternity" +1
  9. Obsidian must stand on their ideas. I want their creativity, not another Lord of the Rings copy. It also applies to gameplay, there's already a lot of computer games based on D&D. If they start to make changes in the game based on fans feedback, i will retire mi funds hehehe.
  10. Please, no console version. Is not against consoles. I's about development resources. Anyway, this game will not require a powerful computer to play, this not Crysis or The Witcher 2. So, you can play it in the same computer you are using to post in this forum.
  11. Thanks for the translations! Also thanks for "We are also looking for ways of translating the game for our fans all over the rest of the world."
  12. Yes, i agree. I wish EFIGS localisation. But it's preferable modding options than direct localisations, so fans can made them! Of course, it will allow more content added by users. I don't care about multiplayer, unless it implies vary the single player experience.
  13. It must use 3 design criterion: - Easy of use. - It must be informative, but not obtrusive. - Tha graphics used must be according the game's atmosphere.
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