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  1. Yep, it's happening to me too. Funny thing; I never had this issue when the game first launched.
  2. The item durability feature almost seems like a compromise between the two camps(item durability vs. no item durability), but not really in a good way. It seems kind of pointless and inconsequential, except as a moneysink. From 100% to 1% durability: No problem! 0% durability: Oh, you just lost a durability point? Here, now your weapon/armour is suddenly only half as good.
  3. I voted for classes and subraces, mostly because I really would like to be able to play as an avariel again. :D
  4. I'm also waiting for a news of a DRM-free version before pledging any money. Obsidian, please make it happen!
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