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  1. Got my Collector's Edition earlier this week, only for Od Nua to have lost his head and bits of his torso on the way. Everything else was in fine shape but I kind of figured the statue was going to be busted as soon as I picked up the box and could hear something rattling around. Oh well, it happens I guess.
  2. So long as I can preload the thing before its released, then I'm content. Although, I was hoping most of the other extras would be available for perusing before the game released.
  3. Yeah, thats about it. Which is why I really want to see some art from other artists too. Or at least more art in different styles. I understand that its early and all so I'm more than willing to give it some more time but I do hope that some of the designs get a little more life injected into them. I'm guessing by having more color and some actual backgrounds (like the one Dwarven ranger painting) would help impressions. But even beyond that, I want the characters to have some character. You look at somebody like Iorveth in The Witcher 2 and his whole look tells a story, while looking
  4. For instance, see the Project Eternity thread over at Neogaf freaking about the concept art. Granted, I would like to see more colorful and diverse styles of concept art from some different artists. The concept art and portraits that have been released for Wasteland 2 have been amazing. With time, I'd like to see more stuff like that for Project Eternity, as opposed to the black and white, character on blank backdrop drawings.
  5. I'd prefer some romances or friendships in the game. I don't care about having the typical recent BioWare style romances of "Talk a couple times, have end of the world sex before final quest/mission" though. Romances, if they're done, should be about having another avenue for the companions and world to be able to react to the player character. If my PC is trying to romance somebody, maybe they'll be into it or maybe they won't. Same with if I'm trying to make friends or enemies with an NPC. All that should do is provide differing avenues of character development for the NPCs based on how my P
  6. Dynamic weather and day/night cycles would be great. The more details like that they can add to make the game more atmospheric the better.
  7. Maybe something like a timeline of the lore of the world on one side and information on the various classes and so forth on the other. I actually found that exact fold out for AoE the other day. Its like a nice laminated cardboard. Pretty cool.
  8. I would guess having meaningful consequences to choices spanning sequels will be made much more manageable given the minimal voice acting and the likely lack of many modern cinematics. I'm guessing most conversations and "cutscenes" such as they are, will play out from the fixed POV like the Infinity Engine games, which probably makes that sort of content way easier to create. As far as what sort of things I'd like to transfer over, it depends. If its the same player character going across games and if the same companions are coming along, then whatever relationship or reputation the playe
  9. I think I read in the comments section for one of the updates that Feargus mentioned the case for the normal physical edition would likely be a normal type DVD case. But what about the Collector's Edition? Any chance the Collector's Edition (or regular physical edition for that matter) could have a Steelbook case? I'm just a sucker for steelbook cases and would gladly up my pledge to get one
  10. Really dug the music in the update! Kind of reminded me a bit of the music from BG2 around , which is some of my favorite from Baldur's Gate.
  11. Yes, Justin Sweet would be great for portraits and art. I've always loved his work.
  12. The nice thing with the UI in the BG games was that it didn't intrude on the actual view of gameplay. You had the border around the gameplay window that had all your information and no minimaps or portraits obfuscating the actual gameplay.
  13. If they had multiple versions of portraits for the main companions or NPCs to show different emotions, that would be pretty cool. Not really necessary, but it could be a nice touch and one that I don't think would be super expensive to implement.
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